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Day 27 | Wiley - Grime Wave (2008)

For an album called 'Grime Wave', this one's pretty far from grime. Sure, it has its moments, such as tracks like Local Lad or features from dons like Flowdan, but otherwise I find this release to be pretty weak.

I'm all for weird beats and experimenting, because when it works, it's amazing. But Wiley's effort on this album is evidently lacklustre. There's so much filler and non-worthy material on this album. I distinctly remember downloading this album thinking it's gonna be amazing - after all, it's called 'Grime Wave', right? I was so, so wrong.

I had debated including weaker albums or mixtapes on this list, thinking that they might not be worthwhile, but I think it's important to touch on these, too, as they're clearly a part of what made grime what it is today. I can't pretend like Wiley didn't put out some shit tunes - even if he's one of the best, it's proof that grime is constantly evolving and growing up.

But yeah, this album also had a pretty hard act to follow - its predecessor, Playtime Is Over, is one of the best grime albums of all time in my opinion, and prior to Grime Wave, Wiley had put out some questionable material.

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Day 26 | Eskiboy - Tunnel Vision Volume 6 (2008)

The last entry in the Tunnel Vision series is such a weird one. I think that it's quite the departure from the usual style of the TV mixtapes.

If you only listened to a handful of songs - like Don't Be No Hero, Marijuana or Manga's Freestyle - you'd think this is a solid mixtape, but it's chock-full of filler and songs that have almost no redeeming qualities.
This mixtape finds Wiley using his weakest flows - some of which aren't actually flows, there are parts where he's straight up chatting on songs, which is nice once, but when it happens more than that, it becomes a problem.

And man, how are you gonna have a song called 'Frontline' and make it that boring and having nothing to do with grime?
The only highlights of this tape are Frisco's verse on Marijuana and his dubs for Dizzee... proper funny stuff there, otherwise there's really not a point in rinsing this mixtape that much.



Day 25 | Eskiboy - Umbrella Vol. 1 (2008)

After two dubious intros you finally get to hear what this mixtape consists of. Hard tunes, hard instrumentals and some very good features.

My favourites off this tape are Taliban - because it's such a timeless tune, that instrumental always gets me gassed, and Play With Fire. Apart from the chorus that's a bit repetitive, it's a dumb hard track. Plus anything that has Wiley, Riko and Flowdan on it has incredible potential.

However, it still has some low points. Class of 07 is pretty horrible if you ask me, and there's a bit too much filler on it. Still, it's better than some mixtapes he's put out.

Oh and the cover is seriously certi.

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