Ezie Baby and her brand new bud! 🐷

Andddd here is Ezie Baby... in all her glory. #mississippimudbugs

Just chillin’ in a seat....chewing on some chew... 😎
As HI to Ozzy Pawsbourne. He owns the Daugherty Family in MO. ~Ventus X Letty 2018~

My beautiful lil Ezie Baby... 💛 13 months old

And just like that, lil Ezie Baby is swimming on her own while following her Papa Ventus and Papa Nate around #MississippiMudHole #SweetSummertime

Gambler & Cujo (aka Blaze & Brando) are growing quick! ~Ventus X Letty 2018~

Basically what she tells me a couple of times a day.... #kissit ~ Ezie Baby~

My pretty, pretty boy ~Ventus~ and his wonky ear 🖤

Romi was honored to be included in Braden’s Sr. pics today. Plus her other mom brought her chicken nuggets to ‘work’ for! I can’t wait to see these sweet pictures! 💜

Momma Letty, daughter Ezie Baby, son Bain 💜💛💙 We love running our own lineage here at #boxersofmercy #boxervondevana

Sweet Rosey, that owns the Gianaroli family, was showing off her snoozing skills!
Ventus X Letty

This lil easy baby....my Ezie Baby 💛

Just a little something about us. If my girls have painted nails....we are hitting the courses somewhere in this great U.S.A. #lurecoursing #letsrace #EzieBaby

I’m always surprised & excited at what our trainers throw at us. I couldn’t be MORE PROUD to be part of our #workingdog crew if I tried. ~Ventus doing what he does~
#alwaysprogressing @allegiancecanine

Got my hair did....
Got my nails done....
Just chewing on some chew..
~Brando~ *Reserved* Ventus X Letty

A plethora of fawns gathered on a little bitty towel in the kitchen... Letty and the 4 boys
Then one wakes up.. 😂 #gameon

“Does this tuft of grass make my butt look big..??” ~ Baby Bain (Ventus X Letty)

A BIG thank you to my dear friend @mandytagg and her precious family for including us all at Boxers of Mercy on their list of stops while traveling across country. I have been a huge fan of her pups, @winter_chopper, since they were born. And now I’m even a bigger fan of her human pups, J & H!! 😍I appreciated our time together love... I’m so proud of how far you’ve come in your endeavors! #lovemyfriendsthemost

When you’re just hanging out with your GodMommy.....eating all the treats.... stealing all the lovins & kissies... ~ Blaze ♥️

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