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We’ve been at home decompressing from our trip for the past couple of days. We’re definitely catching up on our sleep (as much as the kids will allow!). It’s hard to believe our trip is over. We spent over 6 months planning and preparing for it. We’re bummed that we weren’t able to finish the backpacking portion, but we 100% know we made the right decision in stopping it and instead car camping and doing a few day hikes. Plus, we have to leave some challenges for us to do as the kids get older!
In the end we spent almost 3 weeks in or on the border of the wilderness. Biking 65 miles from Grand Rapids to Virginia, MN, Canoeing 31 miles along the Canadian Border from Moose Lake near Ely, MN to Saganaga Lake at the end of the Gunflint trail. Most importantly we all had a blast and made memories to last a lifetime. Rowan learned how to clap, wave, and stood on her own for the first time during the trip. Jack ate his first s’more, saw his first bear and moose skat, and sat on his own in the canoe for up to 6 hours a day. When we got to a hotel on our way home from the trip Jack asked where our sleeping bags were and then said that there was no where to have a fire in the room! -
In the next couple of weeks we’ll be sharing more stories and memories from our trips along with some reviews of the best gear we had along that made it all possible. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll answer them in the comments or make a future post about the topic.

Took college roomie and his boys on their first #boundarywaters canoe trip. #onlyinmn #superiornationalforest

Believe it or not, we know what we're doing.
#boundarywaters #Minnesota #optoutside #babeswithoutboundaries

Today is the LAST DAY to submit a comment to the US Forest Service urging them to protect the #boundarywaters watershed from sulfide-ore copper mining. Please submit a comment today! We spent a whole year in the #wilderness , please take a couple minutes and join us in speaking loudly for the #BWCA ! Link in bio

Steaks over an open fire? Yes please. #boundarywaters

125,935 comments were submitted to the @u.s.forestservice during the public comment period! Thanks to everyone who submitted comments. We appreciate your support of our efforts to protect the #BoundayWaters from sulfide-ore copper mining! .
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Beautiful morning, Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Boundary Waters Adventures!!! Sad to leave this place and will miss the beautiful sunsets. #happyadventures #boundarywaters #sunsets #canoeing #lovelife #mothernaturerocks

Even though Jack is only 3, he’s extremely rough on his shoes. He never stops running and jumping so he definitely puts them through their paces. Canoe trips in the Boundary Waters add an extra challenge as he’s splashing in the water or in a canoe 90% of the day. Previous shoes we’ve used have had issues with smelling really nasty by the end of the trip and give him bad blisters from rubbing against his foot when wet and they’d take forever to dry. Plus they would drive us nuts as they were hard to get on and off.
For this trip we tried a brand of shoe that was new to us: JambuKD. We’re happy to say they worked perfectly on our trip! Jack loved them and always insisted on wearing them even though we bought them a size big. He didn’t get any blisters from them and they actually dried extremely quick. Best of all, when they’d start to smell bad we’d just give them a rinse in clean water and let them dry and then they’d smell great again. We’re definitely sold on these shoes and look forward to trying out some of their other models.

A week away from social media led me to the NE section of #minnesota to the #boundarywaters love coming to this place. Leaving all the nasty ignorance behind. #canoe
#rapids #fishing #walleye #smallmouthbass #northernpike #eddiewouldgo #livelikejay

End-of-summer s'mores.

Northeastern Minnesota sunset. What an absolutely spectacular day.

Something tells me she wasn't very impressed with my solo canoeing skills....🚣🐶🙄

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