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Haven’t maxed bench in well over a year and a half and I definitely don’t feel 100% today but here’s a victory I’m proud of. 150 is the heaviest I’ve ever gotten and still climbing, thanks so much @king_con_16 for coaching me from 1500 miles away ! I can’t wait to see what the future holds! #MommaAintRaisedNoBitch #BoulderLifting

Finally signed up for the ONLY powerlifting/strongman gym in the area. And it’s only a mile from my house. I don’t know why it took me so long to actually join... but glad I did. Everything I need is here and there’s even kilo plates! It’s the little things in life, like finding a legit lifting gym that makes me happy. Thanks @_awriteradventurerawp for introducing me to this place! @boulderlifting
Did some light bench work today, with feet up for 5x5 then comp bench for 5x5. Felt pretty solid! And then just some deadlift work. #womenwholift #powerliftingwomen #lifeisheavygetstronger #eatliftrepeat #squatbenchdeadlift #feelingstrong #powerliftinggym #boulderlifting #💪 #gwpl

Tried out a new gym tonight while on a work trip. I made so many stupid mistakes (like pinching my fingers multiple times in weights), but I had so much fun. I ended up being the only one in there for the last half of my workout, and that was pretty great 🏋😊 #gym #gymlife #WeightLoss #WeightLifting #deadlifts #boulder #colorado #calluses #girlswhopowerlift #powerlifter #powerliftinggirls #deads #boulderlifting #liftinggym

Got to do a little bit of #extracredit #BoulderLifting thanks to @njstrongestman this Saturday at @eastweststrength, thanks man!!

Starting to train the Olympic lifts. But I had to sneak in some big 3 work.
405 x 6 @6.5 shown. E1RM 540.
Feburary can't come soon enough
#boulderlifting #usaplcolorado

Strongman training takes me to weird places. Met some frat boy at Walmart to pick up a keg to train for my load medley coming up at @ironwarriorgympowerlifting in December.
Wondering when @roguefitness Will start stocking empty kegs just for strongman so I don't have to do this back alley shit ever again lol.
#boulderlifting #strongmantraining #noshoulderingallowed

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