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Susan capturing some amazing photos on a recent trip on the river!
Website: PoublonPhotography.com
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This gorgeous Green Apatite is still in need of a good home! 👽
About the stone:
▫️ Associated Zodiac - Taurus
▫️Element- Water and Earth
▫️Chakras - Heart
▫️Known For - increasing personal power, heart healing
▫️Used For - increasing abundance, expanding knowledge of truth, clearing away confusion, balancing matters of the heart, bringing in financial manifestations, assisting in maintaining a clear and positive mind, combating listlessness, re-awakening enthusiasm, increasing telepathic communications and so much more!

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My weekend is always most fulfilling when I can get get outside. It clears my mind, makes me remember what’s important to me, and above all - makes me happy.

Hope everyone had a happy & fulfilling weekend! What did YOU get up to?

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caught up in the country, the only way I wanna be

I'm really wanting to see this in a septum or daith. Where do you think this beautiful seamless silver piece should go?

Home-baked pizza with all the fixings for the hubby. The crust is #vegan and has hemp seed oil from @official.sensiseeds

Real talk: I find it funny when I see people exercising midday, looking like they are going to die (because it’s so hot out, the sun is squeezing every ounce of hydration from their bodies). And then, of course, I go do the same. Moral of the story: wake up early and sweat. It’s a great and refreshing way to start your day and is WAY less challenging than moving yo’ booty midday. #ThatIsAll

Wishing a happy Father’s Day to all you amazing fathers out there! We can’t thank you enough for all you have done!

First of many 👩🏼‍🌾🌻#sunflowers #signsofsummer #boulderco

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