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Throwback to one of my favorite pictures with @danielrama_ 😊
Don't miss his all levels handstand workshop this weekend in Boulder! Sunday from 12-3pm. Link in my bio to sign up ✌️ come practice next to me! 📷 @bentleycreativeagency I'm wearing @aloyoga

Trimming a larger bonsai pot 🌳Check out the huge ribbon of clay near the begining. 😊
Music: @soundsbycoop

Él es el culpable de todo. Yo era un chico de mar y el windsurf, el wakeboard, el skate, el skimboard y la vela eran mis actividades preferidas. Tenía 12 años y aparecieron unos pies de gato y una cuerda, y Alejandro, un chico de un par de cursos por encima mío. Era el año 89 y comenzábamos a escalar, a aprender de este deporte joven y que poco a poco iba popularizándose. La Mussara, Siurana, Llaberia y la Riba fueron nuestras escuelas. Deseaba que llegara el fin de semana para que mi padre nos llevara a la montaña. Todavía puedo oler los bocadillos que preparaba mi madre y su olor mezclado con el magnesio de mis manos. Hoy, después de 25 años he vuelto a ver a Alex escalar, mientras sus hijos y Alma se pintaban con la pintura de dedos. Hoy, por un momento, he pensado que el Festival Inspira no tendría sentido si no fuera como soy y no hubiera vivido la infancia que viví, rodeado de personas apasionadas por el deporte y la naturaleza. Estoy deseando que empiece, por fin, el mejor fin de semana del año.

Swipe 👉🏼 to see more....Big Rocks and what these 2 Skids could do...after running both of these, they both have Pro's & Con's...both have plenty of Power for their size!!! Want to know what I thought? Ask away...
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Sorry about the 1st pic... @instagram won't let you re-size the pics when you do multiple pics on a post 😐...something they need to fix!!! 🤔

Summer 2011 I was out on Maui with my cousin who lives there for the second summer in a row. We had a blast hitch hiking Hana, sleeping on red sands, sun bathing on little beach, and just eating all the warm banana bread and pineapples. -
We hiked up country a bit one day to a waterfall. There were some other people there and I noticed a group of guys had scaled up the wall to the top to jump off. I didn't hesitate to begin my ascent. I was almost to the top of the 40ft cliff when the slippery surface and cascading water didn't leave enough room for me to grab a good hold. I tumbled down and knocked my head on the way.
A man jumped in and pulled me to shore and I seized up. I'm sure I frightened my cousin enough that she almost passed out, as my eyes rolled back into my head and I shook momentarily. -
I feel like I can remember her scream but it was far away, I was floating somewhere else. -
The whole experience was over quickly and I came to but they had already called 911 in the process. The next thing I knew I was being medevac'd over the jungle to the nearest hospital. -
Apparently down below it had started to pour rain and our swimming hole was filling up fast. Fire fighters had climbed up with a rope, attaching it to trees for support to safely get everyone out of what was quickly becoming a mud slide. -
I got a CAT scan and seemed all good, thankfully, but I haven't been nearly as keen to climb, especially rocks, since that incident. Heights in general have given me more hesitation since I've witnessed what a fall can do. -
Being brave is one thing but being completely devoid of fear can be dangerous. I've thought a lot about that in my life as I believe I was fearless for a large part of my younger years. -
These days I appreciate the moment of pause I've acquired to access a situation. I feel stronger and more confident having a better concept of my own strengths and weaknesses. And fear, well a little of that isn't so bad after all... -
#climbon -

Finally got on one of the moving climbing wall things! It was pretty tough, specially because this was my 3rd minute of this... My arms were pumped! #positive365 #positivity #vibes #motivation #inspiration #determination #fit #fitness #health #healthy #muscle #strength #body #calisthenics #rockclimbing #climb #boulder #bouldering #strength #endurance #lasvegas #live #life #love


A look at how the social entrepreneur community can borrow and build from The Boulder Thesis and make it our own. Link in bio.

✒️Una copa más
no hará daño
para reconocer
con el alma sangrando;
que hay príncipes,
que siempre
fueron sapos.
🦋Para escuchar "Príncipes sapos" completo sigue el link de mi biografía que te llevará a mi cuenta de #Soundcloud (Music&Poetry) 🎵
🦋Vamos a nutrirnos desde el amor con lo que sabemos es lo mejor para nosotros mismos.
Vamos a nutrir nuestro corazón lo que que amamos, amándonos y habitándonos en luz.
🦋New Moon 🌚♋️ blessings!
ᴅ ᴀ ɴ ɪ 🌛✨
#MusaEveryWhere 🌍 #Boulder #poem #poet #poesia #poems #love #nature #writing #writers #poetsofinstagram #muse

Clouds are not fucking around today #boulder #photography #cuboulder

Cotton candy vibes.
#oms #xOxMxSx

ON SALE NOW Johnny Clegg - The Final Journey with Jesse Clegg on Nov. 2nd! Get ticket at bouldertheater.com! #johnnyclegg #thefinaljourney #jesseclegg #bouldertheater #boulder

First ever #runcommute! That was super fun, definitely have to build that into my normal routine. .
#boulder #running #grandtraverse2017 @territoryrunco @sandiegostateuniversity

Oh my Crested Butte 😍😍😍 by @redline_gallery_cb 🌷

Got that Boston swag on this chilly day! #boston #bostonredsox #swag #favoriteteam #boulder #colorado

Lettuce live in awareness of our own quality of presence. When Luna and I arrived back from our trip we couldn't help but admire these beds. We were tired, shifted in all directions and mostly groundless. This photo reminds me of my own ability to see the bright greens and deep purples, and feel that radiance and in turn feel my own. There's been a clearing recently with lots of movement to back it up, but although the times were sticky, I was never stuck. #boulder #lettuce #garden #farm #learning

ON SALE NOW Jumpsuit Records presents The Polish Ambassador on 12/29-12/30! Grab tickets at bouldertheater.com! 
12/29 - The Polish Ambassador & The Diplomatic Scandal with Wildlight Live, Grandfather Gold
12/30 - The Polish Ambassador vs Ample Mammal with saQI, Scott Nice
12/31 - The Polish Ambassador & Friends with Ayla Nereo Live Band, Ryan Herr
#polishambassador #nye #boulder #bouldertheater 🇵🇱

How cute is she? Don't let her fool you, though... she kicks serious butt and takes names. Come take a class with this badass, your body will thank you. And I love how she matches the studio perfectly in her adorable @outdoorvoices outfit!
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Swing Night, No Name

#sonya7 #boulder #blackandwhite

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