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Oh La La for Oh La Lash
Here it is! It wouldn’t be me if i didnt give one of my favorite mascaras away 😍
Ive teamed up with @nourzay @mirnaabbas @playingwithfashion & @feel22beauty for my next giveaway.
1- Like this video and tag 5 Friends. No tagging celebrities and double tagging. Spammers will be blocked.
2- Follow me, @samoacosmetics & @feel22beauty
3- Go to @playingwithfashion and repeat again until you get back here to increase your chances.
4- Winner will be announced in one week.
5- Each girl will pick one winner. Each winner will get a Ooh La Lash Mascara, Full set of Ooh La Lips Lipsticks, Mirror and a Travel Makeup Removal Set from Samoa.
So start tagging ladies & gents 😊😊
May the luckiest win ♠️♦️♣️♥️
You can purchase the Oh la lash mascara from @feel22beauty and use my code “Bou7aFeel22” for a 10% off 🛒 HAPPY SHOPPING 🛍
#bou7axsamoa #bou7axfeel22 #giveawaytime

2017 ended with this collaboration ✨
Ooh La Lash my recent favorite mascara from #Samoa ⚠️
I must say this was a collab thats dear to my heart 💙 @bou7afashion ‘s latest collection #ULUML is featured in this video, all of the girls are wearing Bُ حَAْ designs. I’m very honored & proud🤩🎈
Thank you @feel22beauty & @samoacosmetics & ofcourse the beautiful ladies @nourzay @mirnaabbas @playingwithfashion & @sdarine 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️
Hope you like it✨
خلصت سنة ٢٠١٧ ب هيدا الفيديو ل مسكرة الجديدة “Oh La Lash” ⚠️ كلنا لابسين تصاميمي من كولكشن #ULUML
بالتعاون مع @feel22beauty و @samoacosmetics
ان شاء الله يعجبكم ❤️
#bou7a # #BحA #oohlalash #bou7axsamoa

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