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Lifter vs show girl... getting ready for a show tonight and realize how much a little paint and some lashes changes me #botharebeautiful #ineededtobeprettier #itsalotogworktryingtobeoneoftgetoughbutprettygirls

Mikor rájössz majdnem 19 év után , hogy milyen helyek vannak a szülővárosodban #sard #winter #girlfriend #botharebeautiful

Sono entrambi belli... molto bello
#verybeautiful .
Igs kesayanganshaarnaz

The girl on the right is beautiful. The girl on the left is beautiful. #sothere #botharebeautiful #nofilter #nomakeup

Ummmm YES @beautynotsize!!! 💪🏼💪🏿👏🏾💥 @beautynotsize "I hate the fact that so many young girls grow up with the idea that something with their body is not right because they have cellulite or stretch marks or because their bodies just have a different shape compared to the girls we mostly see in the magazines. We need to show more reality and diversity in the mainstream media to give the next generation an idea of how to love and accept themselves ✊ I wish one day it will not even be noticed anymore if there is a Plus Size model shown or not, because #botharebeautiful" 💫✨🌙⭐️⚡️🌟🌞💫💥✨ We LOVE spreading, sharing and seeing this body love everywhere. All forms. All colours. All states of being. All rad and worthy of anything and everything. ❤️ #straightcurvefilm

When they let of out of the ED?!?!? .... @aalgari1 #ernurse #botharebeautiful #er #ernursesrock

These are my 'funny' teeth. Funny is the nickname they'd gotten by various people. For many years I did not allow myself to really, truly smile or laugh in order to prevent revealing them to stop being ridiculed . "Your smile isn't photogenic" I was told by my old agent, "if you could only get them straightened, I will get you these $$$$ bookings." With this thought in mind, I went to see a cosmetic dentist who digitally created a "perfect Hollywood smile" for me and gleefully showed me the before and after pictures. For so many years I wanted to look media perfect but suddenly perfection scared me. Here I was, full of self hatred, even more so than before, but somehow the prospect of such a major life changing decision, surgically enhancing my smile, was like a wake up call. This experience ended up being both cathartic and cleansing. I decided not to pursue cosmetically enhancing my smile. Instead, I "trained" myself to smile in ways that would limit how much of my smile I would reveal. And the journey of a 1000 miles began with that first step. Eventually, my smile opened more, became wider and brighter until, one day, I realized that I no longer felt a need to hide my 'funny" teeth at all!
TODAY, I laugh so so much, I even end up being the loudest person at comedy clubs, I walk around NYC smiling to strangers, wide open. My teeth now have seen the light of day and I'm so so happy to embrace them as they are, not perfect and all, but free, and very accepting of many smiles back :) #botharebeautiful PS: oh, and my new agents are accepting and encouraging for me to be happy with all of me! :D @straightcurvefilm #stillbeautiful#straightcurvefilm#loveHasNolabels

#missuniverse UNBELIEVABLE....Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss. Colombia as Miss. Universe 2015 when it was Miss. Philippines. Miss. Colombia was the runner up. My jaw dropped open! I can't believe it....the crown was taken off of her to crown Miss. Philippines. OH MY 🙊#awkward Congratulation to Miss. Philippines. #missphilippines #botharebeautiful.


U R My Everything 😘😘😘
#botharebeautiful 😍

Lifter vs show girl... getting ready for a show tonight and realize how much a little paint and some lashes changes me #botharebeautiful #ineededtobeprettier #itsalotogworktryingtobeoneoftgetoughbutprettygirls

By the same artist as the other one. Both beautiful. I wish I could paint like that. I just wish I could paint. I love this painting too. His work is amazing. I have to look it up to see who it is. Can't remember.
#mamabarroness #philbrookmuseum #sameartist #asthefirstone #botharebeautiful #ilovethemboth💞 #hisartisamazing #wishicouldpaint

New bouquet. Meet old bouquet. #bettertogether #flowersofinstagram #botharebeautiful

The fact that it took me longer to actually post this photo then it did to do my makeup in the second picture is why I’m posting this in the first place. Normally if I’m wearing no makeup I either make sure I have a filter of some sorts or just simply won’t put my face in the picture. When I was recently in Noosa I had a friends Mum tell me “you really don’t need to wear makeup at all, you are so beautiful! Honestly I think you look better without it...” I had to hide my face as I started to cry for two reasons (and I was probably a bit emotional because I’m a woman and that’s what we do from time to time and one of my best friends were about to get married 🤓), 1) because I honestly couldn’t believe that anyone would ever think that I would look “beautiful” especially without makeup on and tell me randomly when we were picking up decorations for my friends wedding and 2) because it made me realise how horrible and nasty I actually am to myself and how deep this self loathing was. The fact that it has taken me 21 years to be able to call myself beautiful and actually mean it both deeply saddens me yet also fills me with joy as I know that there are still so many incredibly stunning woman out there that even though they themselves are absolutely gorgeous they do not believe it. I have so many incredibly beautiful friend that, just like I did and do still at times, put themselves down and say such horrible things about themselves and it blows my mind that they can’t see what I see. Way to often we wait till our friends and family are dressed up before we tell them that how beautiful, gorgeous or amazing they look when really we should be telling, not only others but ourselves that we/they are fucking gorgeous BEFORE we have put the time and energy applying makeup. Imperfections are beauty and in all honesty I think it’s our imperfections that actually make us perfect. We wouldn’t say these nasty things to others so why say it to ourselves?! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Tell yourself it and believe it. 💕🌸 #beautyisintheeyeofthebeholder #bekindtoall #loveyourself #nomakeup #botharebeautiful #learntoloveyourself

Last night ☁️☁️and this morning☀️#cloud #clearsky #botharebeautiful #beautilmorning #enjoythemoment #life

Had a revelation today. I used to feel like I needed a full face of makeup to even be seen by family much less feel comfortable posting a no makeup picture. Now I've learned to love myself in all my natural, just-woken-up glory. I still love doing a full face, but it's for me now, not because I HAVE to for others to love/accept me. #loveyourself #nomakeup #fullfacemakeup #effyourbeautystandards #loveme #botharebeautiful

Sorta spooky how fast Halloween flew by...Must have been magic 👻🎃☠️
#posterlettering #changingthingsup #magical #halloweentime #thisfallweather #botharebeautiful #sadhalloweenisover #butexcitedforchristmas

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