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#tbt to when I was at the Singapore Botanic Gardens: It's helpful to see plants side by side so you can differentiate them: on the left is Philodendron bipinnatifidum (common name: Philodendron selloum) and on the right is Monstera deliciosa (common names: split-leaf philodendron---this one causes some confusion because the other plant is both "split-leafed& #34; and a true philodendron, swiss cheese plant---I'd prefer to give this common name to Monstera obliqua). Personal naming preference: I'll call the first one P. selloum only because 'bipinnatifidum& #39; is a mouthful; Monstera deliciosa is just Monstera deliciosa.

Really should be doing some exercise instead of thinking about pizza 🍕- need to get the motivation back. Send help 🙏🏼

#tbt to the evolution of our Winter Garden. From its groundbreaking in 2009 to Free Fun Friday in 2015. #botanicalgardens #gardening #garden

new blog post up featuring @faywithlove 🌸🌵link in bio 💫
photos by: @zachrobich

When you stumble upon a botanical garden and an empty beautiful space, naturally you flow in whatever form inspires you ✨video sped up 2xs #flow


So relaxing.. 😍😎🍃🌱🌺🌿🌸🌼☀️💙🌱🌴 #selbygardens #botanicalgardens

dusk at the botans 🌿

Spot of color in the middle of the grey, beautiful in its own way. #photography #travel #nature #arizona #desert #botanicalgardens

Desert Botanical Gardens Phoenix Arizona, just outside Papago Park. #photography #travel #nature #arizona #desert #botanicalgardens

Inspired by beautiful green forests and waterfalls #morningwalks #waterfalls #inspired @gottalovenz #botanicalgardens

Congratulations to the happy couple...#weddingofficiants #botanicalgardens

What beauty can be found in nature.
I just love this stunning bloom and hope one day to be able to do justice with it in watercolour.
The whiteness of the petals reminds me of my Southern Ice Porcelain clay and why I love working with it so much.
What do you love working with?

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