Sad that we need to do this AGAIN, but thankful that we live in a society where we can! Looking forward to March for Our Lives, Boston. (this pic from the Boston Women's March last year.)
#marchforourlives #letsdothis #marchforourlives2018 #marchingformyfuture #maiakphotography

Join us February 28th at our South Boston Neighborhood Meet-up #wwbos

the feminist vagenda continues

Women came and marched and the sun shone bright. I love my city and my people. #boston #boswomensmarch

One year later... Thinking back to the inspiring messages of equality, justice, and respect at the #boswomensmarch

On this Tuesday we are sharing this #pussyhat by @sugardish - she’s owning the Boston streets at the 1/21/17 #womensmarch. I began following @sugardish post-election, she was coming into the shop to pick up supplies for embroidered patches and then knit hats. Her hatmaking was impressive - she would crank them out day after day. I recognized her from #slutcracker but don’t think I ever said that out loud. Here she is in #smashthepatriarchy leggings and her #genderisover hoodie and LED-lit sneakers - and it is glorious. 📸by @therealwrangler , attitude 💯 Sugar Dish. #theresistanceishandmade #wearewhatwemake #boswomensmarch

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