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I've seen so many different things made from cake or chocolate while putting on events with talented bakers but this choc pacemaker had me in stitches! It's for a really serious cardiac conference but our trend has caught on and the profs have got a sense of humour! - amazing ❤👊
#pacemaker #chocolate #chocolatepacemaker #bostonscientific

You've been good to me so far BSC. Thanks to everyone who has lent a hand in building this great company, for teaching me how to be a part of it, and here is to continuing down a path to strive for a better tomorrow. Great week at our offices in Minneapolis. #bostonscientific #CRM #myjobiskindacool

Tearing apart your heart, one chamber at a time 💔 #InterventionalCardiology #BostonScientific

Newest addition to the finance department. 🤓 #BostonScientific #GoGetttta

Alon and Dymitry busting out this bad boy during Alon's final surgery as a resident! #lithoVue #bostonscientific #gobigorgihome

Living in Minneapolis for the summer is even sweeter with a downtown view! #intern #BostonScientific 🏙

First day in the corporate world.😁
#bostonscientific #xinternship

Here's the link to a video I did for Boston Scientific telling my story and experience with implantable defibrillators including the one I currently have implanted and am so grateful for, the #emblemsicd #SICD #BostonScientific #heartdisease #hypertrophiccardiomyopathy https://youtu.be/YpBux7p014w

Thanks to #BostonScientific Latin America, I got to spend 3 days in the Dominican Republic this week. Bonus: an extra day diving reefs and wrecks with the friendly and professional folks at Neptuno Dive out in Boca Chica. At one moment in the "Aquarium" reef, I looked up to realize Ricardo (left) and I were surrounded by at least a thousand moon jellyfish. Backlit, they appeared like raindrops on a windshield during a sun shower. #justanotherdayattheoffice #paidvacation #mybrainisjustajellyfishintheoceanofmyhead


#jumpfordystonia for more #dystoniaawareness at @eaneurology in Amsterdam! Thanks to the Boston Scientific team for their support! Last chance to come and jump with us tomorrow! #ean2017 #ean #neurology #dystoniaawareness #jumpfordystonia #bostonscientific

3 minutes of sleep. I am WAY over not being able to use my dominant arm above the elbow. I'm like a menopausal T Rex. And not sleeping on my stomach? Over that too. Like if "over it" were continents, I'd be Asia. I'm glad I'm not dead 'n all but a friggin' nap and opening a bag of pretzels without MacGuyvering a device made from garden tools and a pulley system would be swell.

I'm 4 weeks in, today. It still feels weird when Sparky kicks in and beats for my slacker ticker. Like a tiny, wee man is in there tapping lightly on my sternum. I envision him British. With a monocle. The incision site is still tender. I have all kinds of bizarre pangs and my energy level compared to a few months ago bites. See: "Nap" above... Two more weeks of downtime before I can raise my arm above my waist and not risk ripping my leads out of my heart. Which, by the way, are *screwed* in. One tiny wine corkscrew and one tiny jewel thief grappling hook. I miss being able to pick up my dog and have him sleep in my lap every morning while I drink stevia coffee with disgust, the most.

But it's also 4 weeks of no near-fainting, 4 weeks of a clear head, 4 weeks of no heart racing to catch up with dips into the 30s and 40s, 4 weeks of being able to complete a sentence without someone finishing my thought for me, 4 weeks of not texting my husband at work to "check on me in 15 minutes" every time I took a shower, 4 weeks of not leaving my doors unlocked to make sure the paramedics can easily get in, and never setting my phone down so I can have the best shot at calling 911 when "the big one" hits, fear. I did all of that for months.

So what's 2 more weeks?! I'm sure I still have a right armpit though at this point, it's pure conjecture...

I support BSC Knights Basketball Team #myteam #bscknights #bostonscientific 🏀🏀🏀

Summer Party #bostonscientific

The joy that those lights give me is beyond measure. When you're married to a cardiac kid, you treasure every single device that helps you keep them alive and well. Thank you @boston_scientific_mena!! #bostonscientific #latitude #heart #pacemakerstrong #pacemaker #DukeMedical

Out with the old, in with the new. They gave my old device back to me... Paid in full. :) #stjude #bostonscientific #myheartrunsonbatteries

Another success story with Vertiflex Superion! Studies showing it continues to provide 79% relief of stenosis pain and neurogenic claudication at 5 years. #drmannygage #askfordrgage #vertiflex #vertiflexsuperion #chronicpain #chronicpainwarrior #chronicpainmanagement #lumbarstenosis #backpain #chronicbackpain #painmanagement #spine #neuro

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