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9 months pregnant! 🤰🙌🏻 Friday Morning "power walk" with 4x 70 second jogs for fun before prenatal yoga! I've been a little MIA on IG since a few weeks ago my dog pulled me really hard & tore something in my lower back making even walking painful 😱 it was a LONG 2.5 weeks of minsdiagnosises, chiropractic appts, & PT visits & REST. But FINALLY recovered earlier this week & started walking again 🙌🏻 Taking it super cautiously now but encouraged to stay active to aid in the recovery process taking it day by day🙏🏼 Baby 👶🏼 is sitting pretty low.1cm dilated & a little effaced at my appt earlier this week! SO Happy I can keep myself moving these last few weeks with walking/exercise again 🏃‍♀️🙌🏻🚶🏼‍♀️never will I ever take the simple act of walking [or running] for granted again 🙏🏼😇

Whether I'm on the road, on a trail, on the track or my favorite place, the beach, I'm happier when I'm running! ❤️
Throw back to the Cocoa Beach Half Marathon. A race I've done the last 2 years!! I love running on the beach, but racing in soft sand can be real tough!! My first year I was 1st Overall, last year I was 2nd Overall. It's coming up soon, but this year the race falls on the same day as one of my Track Shack races. 😑 I'm so sad I have to miss it!! Love the genie bottle medal and awards!! So many races, only one me! 😂 lol!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #newtonrunning #zensah #xendurance #rungum #tifosioptics #rollrecovery #trackshack #nuun #garminfitness #cocoabeach #orlandorunnersclub

Runners be like: hey, I was out there setting the pace! 😅

May the Windy City have your back when you rock the Nike Zoom Fly SP 'Chicago Marathon'. Pic via @24kilatesbcn

“The pain 🔥you feel today is the strength 👊you’ll feel tomorrow”. Cut-down ladder (4000m+3000m+2000m+1000m) with 2 mins in between each(shared splits in miles and km this time 😉). Progressed the pace from marathon pace up to 5k race pace! I'm feeling good, 15 days until race day, NYC 🍎I'm all in!


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Too dark to see my face, but my camera sure picked up that unicorn🦄 & my crazy hair!😆 Ignore the hair & just focus on my very favorite Boston Marathon shirt! That ginormous, reflective unicorn is everything!!💛💙
Friday's are my shorter run days because I need plenty of time to tend to this hair of mine👆🏽 So just an hours worth of running for me! Everything felt really good...the pace, the legs, the weather. I've got a longer run to tackle tomorrow, but then it's full on taper mode!🤗
Happy Friday to you all! I have a pretty chill weekend ahead..fun things, but not crazy like last weekend. A couple ⚽️ games, a 🏈game & a few 🎃🍻's!!

This is not an ad for cryotherapy 😂. I just saw my orthopedic doctor. I am 10 weeks post PRP injection. He looked at my tendon with ultrasound again and we talked about how things are going. I told him running is pretty good, sitting is not. The tendinosis is still there but he's not really worried about that since I'm not getting the pain running anymore. He really zeroed in on the area that hurts when I'm sitting...and alas, it may not be my hamstring tendon at all. It's possible it's my obturator internus (prob spelled that wrong) because of some of the other referred pain I have and I've had issues with that muscle before. I also asked him, "So how much longer can I maybe expect to see results from PRP?" He said, "Up to SIX months." Ummm....wow. Ok so more time it is before another round of PRP is even considered. Next steps are: continued to slowly build mileage and add in pelvic floor physical therapy. Thank goodness for my health insurance LOL. I'm hoping to get outside for a run this weekend and take tomorrow off. Only I could injury my Achilles CPR training. Lol not worried.

Boston, Comrades, Kona .... now whats left? Let the discussion roll 😉. #instapic #instalike #bostonmarathon #ironmankona #comrades #inspiration #changemakers #goodtimes #goodfellas

It’s FRIDAY and I’m super excited to kick off this weekend with a giveaway!!!! 🙌🏼 For those training in all sorts of endurance sports and races this fall, it’s important to understand that cramping should stop where it starts – the nerve. Consumed before, during or after exercise, HOTSHOT provides a significant reduction in muscle cramp frequency and intensity.
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「準備好聽日試防水外套。唔去跑就正衰仔」|| Prepared to test how waterproof is my waterproof jacket in pouring rain tomorrow。Excited to get soaking wet。

resting up tonight. 😴 its a six hour journey to maryland tomorrow! 🚗 then expo, dinner, && sleep! cant believe im running my fifth marathon on sunday!! so crazy && surreal! 😁 i am definitely nervous going into it but i know i have to trust myself && my training. 🏃🏻‍♀️💜 ive totally got this! 💪🏻

Boston, Comrades, Kona .... now whats left? Let the discussion roll 😉. #instapic #instalike #bostonmarathon #ironmankona #comrades #inspiration #changemakers #goodtimes #goodfellas

🌀Typhoon approach.
In the morning before rain, I ran the point practice in two parts. The first, pace run. The second, build-up run.
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Friday night miles as my recovery week continues 💯.
Happy Friday!! 🥂🍾🥂😁

Oh Chicago, how I’ve missed you. Friday night 4 miler topped off with some deep dish🍕#running #runchi #marathontraining #boston2bigsur #runningcoach #rrcacoach #whatrdseat #runhappy #bostonmarathon #bigsurmarathon

Boston Qualifier marathons!!
I've been looking at lists and lists of marathons as I figure out when and where I might run my first BQ 🥇
Some important factors 1) close to Ottawa 🇨🇦, 2) sometime between April and June, and 3) hopefully not too expensive. So far the Cornwall Marathon seems to fit the bill across the board ✅ ✅ ✅ //
Swipe to see more lists. Marathonguide.com shows the top marathons in terms of both total number of BQ's, and highest percentage. Finally there's a list from baa.org showing some good options, straight from the source 🤙🏼
One interesting option to keep in my back pocket is the Last Chance BQ Marathon in Illinois in September. They offer it just before you need to register for the @bostonmarathon in case you've yet to run a qualifying time. Hopefully I don't have to rely on that, but that'll mean some focused training this winter ❄️🏃🏻❄️
Decisions decisions decisions.....
#marathon #bostonmarathon #runottawa #running #decisions

Happy Friday 🙌🏽 Day 60 of Marathon Training in the books 📚I'm doing this for you big bro 🙏🏽

Look at this dope Nike Shield Flash Jacket my boy @cbailey3718 got me for my birthday!
Thankful for dope Nike gear, but more so for catching up with with old friends 👏🏻
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Don't get trapped behind a wall watching your dreams pass by. Jump over that wall and make those dreams a reality. #sandrayaworskiendurancetraining can help you achieve your running goals. We consistently get athletes to Boston. We deliver customized online programs.

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May the Windy City have your back when you rock the Nike Zoom Fly SP 'Chicago Marathon'. Pic via @24kilatesbcn

This watch only shows you a very small pixel of a much larger picture. Yes, I ran a little shy of 4 miles at mid 8 minute pace. It doesn’t tell you that I chose a route that I’d have to wait for stop lights, knowing I’d want to rest when I could. It doesn’t show you that I stopped for pictures to rest a bit more. It doesn’t show you that my legs were tired and lungs just couldn’t quite keep up. It doesn’t show you that I tried to slow down while keeping my RPMs as close to 180 as possible. It doesn’t show you that the road back after postpartum is HARD. I don’t want to sugar coat it and make everyone think I’m just cruising on back to my old self. It’s hard. It’s going to take a long time. And that’s okay because it will be worth it- to find myself again, to feel like myself again, to show my baby boy to face his fears and any shortcomings he may feel he has head on, and that he can conquer the world if he wants to.

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