#tbt to one of my favorite brand design + website projects: LIONESS. A leadership and change agency for women rising. A sacred space for your feminine leadership to be powerful, messy, vulnerable, seen, light and dark all at once. .
”I cannot recommend Steph highly enough! In addition to being an amazing designer, she is a true partner. Steph worked with me to help me express my vision and brand in a way that surpassed my own dreams. She stayed with me every step of the way to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. I actually can’t imagine my life without her and plan on working with her as long as I can! If you are looking for a brand partner to help you realize your vision, Steph is your woman. There’s no one else I would recommend like Steph. She is one of a kind."

I got to meet someone who truly inspires and motivates the hell out of me!

Convention 2018 in NOLA will go down as the year I hugged @romineustadt , she signed my book, we took a photo together, and we shared a few words.
What I love about Romi’s book is that she gives you an action to do! Yes!! Shouldn’t all self development books do that?! Otherwise I would for sure be just reading the book and NEVER taking action.
I listened to this book twice on audio and currently I’m reading the actual book with a highlighter in one hand and a pen and paper in the other!
If you’re a hard working entrepreneur, I highly suggest this book to Y-O-U! Let’s go do the work girls!! 💪🏼😘

HANGING THIS MORNING WITH THE AMAZING @socalwinediva !! #wineandcoffee #coffeeladies #bossladies

Obsessed with the embroidery on this dress🖤 Olivia paired this dress with some black cowboy boots & we LOVE this combo!! Tap to shop this look or #linkinbio
#sassafrasbg #sassafrasgirlgang

We build #BOSSLADIES 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️
Join the @addictedtofaces BEAUTY TOUR🚨
‼️Washington, D.C.‼️
T R A I N I N G . D A T E S

Microblading + Shading Training $2100
Thursday, Sept. 27th & 28th

Classic Eyelash Extensions Training $550
Saturday, Sept. 29th
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Next step: Click on the link in bio for additional information or you can also schedule a call & consult with an instructor.

‼️We are in the business of #buildingbossladies


Music by @djmars404 & @djtyboogie1
We have a FEW sections left...so get yours NOW! The forecast is 89° and Sunny for This Saturday, September 22!!!!! BROUGHT TO YOU BY:
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I love that saying that you are a product of the 5 people you spend the most time with! True💯🙌 Type “YES” If You AGREE‼️🙌 👑

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Black & White. .
As a mom whose little one is drooling enough to fill a pool! I see so much value in these practical fashion accessories!
I love neutral colors for bibs because I don’t have to think about matching what he’s already wearing.
All 3 of these bibs are still in my shop (link in bio) so go check them out. 🐭🖤🐼

It’s GIVEAWAY time, friends 🎁🤩
In exactly one month, I’ll be presenting at my mentor @jennykem’s event SEEN HEARD PAID LIVE in Brooklyn, New York and I’d love to pay it forward by giving away 2 General Admission tickets to conscious game changers who’re ready for their next big biz BREAKTHROUGH 💥
I’ve been working with Jen for the last 3 years and I know like I know, that this will be a life changing event for every single person in the room 🔥🚀 .
Don’t know who @jennykem is?! 🤷‍♀️
She’s the strategic mastermind behind the many many transformational brands you admire, from Lisa Nichols @lisa2motivate to @iamsteveharveytv to @askryanlevesque to name a few and she can quite literally “smell” the money. In this case...
Jen’s also one of the most real, loving & generous women I’ve ever met and there’s no event as rich in value, diversity & fun as @jennykem’s event and that’s exactly why I’d love to share this experience with more people in the community.
To enter:
1️⃣ Like this photo
2️⃣ Follow @maria_volovik & @jennykem
3️⃣ Tag at least 3 purpose-driven people in the comments and tell me what would “getting seen, heard AND paid to be YOU” mean to you.
Easy peasy 😉😘
Winners will be announced on Monday, September 24. Tickets are $700+ USD in value each. Does not include flights or accommodations.
If you’re been waiting for a sign, this is it 👌
If you’ve been wishing for a miracle, this is it ✌️
If you’ve been praying for an opportunity, THIS IS IT 👊
Good luck, friends!

This. Stand tall. 🔥✌️🦄 #thebfflife®

I’ve been seeing butterflies. No joke… Like every. single. day.
It took me months to understand why this was happening to me.
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Oh how I’ve missed this LaMegadon #powerfulwomenunite #bossladies

OMG Yes this absolutely does count! I worked out! Did you? #WineMatters

#poshprettysavvy ・・・
"I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup." - Demi Moore
. #poshprettyandsavvy ・・・
"I have had a great experience with using the TeMana products. Before using this system, I had red, splotchy, really dry skin. I had a dry spot on one of my cheeks, and I had acne. I feel like those have all gone down significantly! My red dry patch is almost all gone. My skin has cleared up. And I feel like my skin has evened out in tone. My face is so much more moisturized and my makeup goes on better after using the TeMana products."
- Chelsea S. Do you know about Jackie Lee's 14 Day Challenge?

Jackie herself is issuing a challenge for others to follow her personal skincare routine. The challenge itself is simple: just follow Jackie's skincare routine for two weeks and share your results.

Check out this blog and then go to https://bitly.com/jackielee14 where you can buy the Jackie Lee TeMana Secret Skin Pack and then register yourself at https://morinda.com/jackielee14.

We're so excited to see your amazing results!

Here's what's inside Jackie's prized TeMana skincare pack:

①. TeMana Noni Brightening Cleanser
②. TeMana Noni Brightening Toner
③. TeMana Noni Brightening Serum
④. TeMana Noni Brightening Night Cream

And when you purchase that pack, you'll get TeMana Noni Brightening Facial Masks ($72 value) free!

To start Jackie's 14-day challenge... ① Purchase the 14-day challenge pack 👉 https://www.morinda.com/4460112
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③ Join our private Facebook Group 👉 https://facebook.com/JackieLee14)
④ Use the products for 14 days

Submit your before and after pictures for your free prize!

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