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Shop Bossettehair now!!💎Bundles ,frontals, closures and custom Wig units and apparel 💕In store and online. 2323 S Voss Rd Ste 150D. www.BossetteHair.com

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All styles and textures included in #WeavyWednesday special!
12-22" $65
24-30" $75
Luxury virgin hair for Boss Women💎 Shop now! 281-247-0777 #Bossette #Bossettehair

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Just a few years ago i used to be called big girl, bad built, out of shape etc... , so now I appreciate every aspect of my body..its my body if i want to show it off im gonna show it off , if i want to cover it up ill cover it up .. no other opinion matters to me bc i do what i want at the end of the day 😌 ....on that note hair from @bossettehair for Boss Women Only 👸🏽💅🏽 get it today #bossettehair #getyouagirlwithrealedges 😝 i was in the process of removing my nails 😩💀💀

#bluntcutbob by @theyenvy_real 💇🏽 hair provided by @bossettehair Luxury hair for Boss Women💎 Shop Super Bowl special‼️ All bundles $65 this week only✨ Weekend is almost here. Don't miss out! Hair on hand! 📞281-247-0777 #Bossette #Bossettehair #BossWomenOnly #superbowl2017

Bossette Hair is for boss women👑Bundles, Frontals, Closures, and Apparel on hand and online! ✨Get yours today! 📞281-247-0777 #Bossettehair #BossWomenOnly #houstonhair

Luxury hair for boss women. S/o @thebrookeshow rockin her Bossette bundles! 💁🏽Shop now! Weavy Wednesday special available In-Store only📍2323 S. Voss Rd #Bossette #Bossettehair

Want to change your look? Shop Bossette custom units! 😍 Above shows Kinky Curl. Any style can be used! Starting at just $350❗️Place your orders today! 📲281-247-0777 #Bossette #Bossettehair #customunits

Bossette Hair is for Boss Women👑 Pull up and get your bundles today 📍2323 S. Voss Rd, Suite 150d, Houston Tx #Bossette #BossetteHair #HappyTuesday #Bossette #ForBossWomen #bundles


Upgrade your wig collection. Shop Bossette! Switch it up daily 😜Any style of hair can be used. Choose U-part, Closure, or Frontal wigs✨Great price! Call to place order📞281-247-0777

We hope everyone had a great weekend✨ It's a new week! Remember to keep your eye on the prize. Stay motivated and have a Bossette day! 💜

Bossette Hair is for Boss Women💅🏾 Get your bundles and apparel In-Store & Online! www.BossetteHair.com

Bossette Frontals are available In Store & Online🙌🏾 All natural black styles and lengths are the same price! Limited time. Get yours today📍2323 S. Voss Rd

Shop Our different textures to fit your needs. Available online & Instore.💕Pull up now 🚗
2323 S Voss Rd suite125H

Shop Bossette 360 Frontals😍 Now available in all styles! Natural hairline around your entire head. Gives you more versatility ✨Available In Store. Come shop! 📍2323 S. Voss Rd

Gold or Silver✨Which do you prefer?? Shop now for your desired look! 💁🏽In-Store & Online.

Shop Bossette for true luxury💎 Bundles, Frontals, Closures, and more! S/o @yobitchespraiseme 🤳🏽Shop now! In-Store & Online 281-247-0777

Bundles, Frontals, Custom units, apparel, and more! Shop Bossette and bring out the Boss Woman in you 💎Hair and merch available In-Store & Online📍2323 S. Voss Rd, Suite 125h

Dreams and ideas are nothing without action✨ Get up and go get it! Grind hard. Let nothing stop you! Have a Bossette day💕

Get Some Color with our 613 Blonde Bundles💁🏼 Try different lengths for a full layered look! Available in store and online

Purchase Bossette Kinky Curl for a more exotic look. Soft and gives you natural volume. 😍Don't worry about blending. We have Frontals and Closures to match. ✨Shop now!

True Luxury hair, affordable price! 2nd install of Bossette 613 Hair with the matching frontal😻 S/o @monibeestudios for the work💆🏽 Shop In-Store & Online!

Luxury Frontals, affordable price🙌🏾 Shop Bossette! All natural black textures, styles, and lengths are the same price. Limited time! Get yours today💁🏽 281-247-0777

Bossette Hair is for Boss Women💅🏾 Bundles, Frontals, Custom units, and more! Shop true luxury in-store and online📍2323 S. Voss Rd

Luxury hair for Boss Women💎 Bundles can be colored when done properly. S/o @_chardeezy_ 😻 Available In-Store & Online. www.BossetteHair.com

Boss Women Wednesday💅🏾 12-22" $65 | 24-30" $75 Pull up at 2323 S. Voss Rd and shop with us. 💁🏽You have until 7:30pm to catch this special!!

Boss Women Wednesday! 💕All natural black styles are included in today's special! 12-22" $65 • 24-30" $75 Don't miss out! In-Store Only!📍2323 S. Voss Rd, Suite 125. Open until 7:30pm!

Boss Women Wednesday is in full effect! 💎Today's deal: 12-22" $65 • 24-30" $75 Valid In-Store only‼️Pull up to 2323 S. Voss Rd. & Shop with us!

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