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Did you see yesterday's vlog?? Great energy in this one...and a little doga for the mix. Worth a cheeky watch today to get you going x x x link in bio #vlog #motivation #inspiration #whatsonnewcastle #newcastle #nefollowers

My #wcw is a celebration of all of these strong ass females that I am blessed to have in my life. There are so many more missing from this picture too. The people you choose to surround yourself with can shape the person you are and lead you down different paths. I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by women that build other women up and support each other. My life would be incredibly difficult without the women you see in these pictures. Mothers, sisters, daughters, career women, stay at home moms, business owners. It’s all in there. And I am a damn lucky girl to have these amazing women in my life. #wcw #empowereachother #bossbabes #hotmommas #appreciation

Before you can even think about creating a budget, you need to calculate all the income that is coming in. From your salary to the tips, commissions, side hustles, passive income, e.t.c  #blazersandbaby

Know your worth. 👍
And Your Capability❤
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Our Mastermind Members are having some absolutely wonderful breakthroughs & we couldn’t be happier for them!⠀⠀⠀
The ladies are seeing major results in their businesses with the help of the both of us with our monthly strategy calls & implementing the things they learn in the learning bundles from our guest experts.⠀⠀⠀
We want to urge you never to stop working for your true purpose because once you hit the zone; you’re unstoppable.⠀⠀⠀
So this is a shout-out to our Mastermind Members to say how proud we are of you all & we are loving watching your growth & development 🙌🏼💕⠀⠀⠀
For more information on becoming a member, check out the link in our bio 🙌🏼⠀⠀⠀

Beauties here’s your #wellnesswednesday #womancrushwednesday #truthbomb 🔥☄️ SELF CARE IS THE ULTIMATE INVESTMENT 👄💜 which is why you should join us on January 31st in the Wellbeing Zone. #linkinbio 👀
I believe that to be able to achieve all that we desire, we need to be on top form and in my experience that means that we need to be able to take a holistic view of ourselves and our lives... mind body and spirit: our Wellbeing Experts @therapieroquesoneil @novareidofficial @the_mindy_gill will support you to consider your current state of wellbeing and enable you to see where you can make small but long lasting improvements... it‘s not about a new you, it’s about an optimised you for 2018!
The Wellbeing Zone will remind you of the importance of the themes of nourish, nurture, support and boost ... this event will remind you that self-care is never selfish!
NOURISH... from what you put into your body to what you put into your mind
NURTURE... how to nurture yourself inside and out
SUPPORT... emotional, spiritual and physical
BOOST... ways of boosting your physical and spiritual health. 💜Message me for your special 1 day only #wellnesswednesday 20% off discount code🤩😘💜 #wowbeauty #womancrusheveryday #investinyourself #womenempowerment #instadaily #30plusblogs #inclusionmatters

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There are better and higher ways to do whatever it is you are doing.
Be opened to explore. Research. Learn from others,but do better. Make mistakes... It doesn't have to work the first time.
Have a great day.❤
PS: Don't forget to secure your seat at the CUSTOMER SERVICE and INSTAGRAM MARKETING masterclass coming up on the 3rd of Feb? Come and learn from the pros in a Seven hours class.
Start 2018 on a bang💣.
Limited space available.

Masterclass fee :20k

To register, pay into this account:
GTBank, 0005800079 ,Tricia Ikponmwonba.
And call Zainab on this number : 07031087800.

Tag a business owner in Kaduna.

The SHANTI dress is so form fitting!
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Valentine's Day shop is OPEN!!! This new key chain set is available + you can add additional heart ❤️ charms!!

Are you ready to let go of fears and limits this year, and live empowered, thriving, and free?
One of the problems I see is that so many people want this - but only a few do the work.

Happiness is yours if you decide to choose it.

Not every day will be easy, but armed with the right tools you'll learn to enjoy your experience so much more.
On Saturday 17th March I'll be back on stage at Hay House Ignite in London, alongside @rebeccathoughts @iammelwells @sandynewbigging @laurenmedium @jessicahuiembe
I'll be guiding you through the steps you can take to create purposeful, powerful, and meaningful positive change, and start to live your happiest life right Now.
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Can't wait to start planning the next step and putting it all together!! ❤️
#wednesdayfeels #humpday #hailinnsrail #renting #dressrental #ourdresses #bossbabes #bossgirls #ouradventure

**date correction** Feb 6! 🍸🇬🇧 Join us at one of the coolest bars in town for another exclusive networking happy hour. 👯‍♀️✨ The Sipping Room is known for its cozy vibe and delicious cocktails right at the edge of the water on Canary Wharf - and it’s only 10 minutes away from the Affiliate World Europe venue. 😉
We have a special area reserved just for us - please RSVP by saying you are going to this event (link in bio!) to be added to the guest list. ✅
Looking forward to seeing you all there! 💗 #womeninadtech #womeninadtechmeetup #networking #happyhour #bossbabes #girlboss #bandogirlgang #dowhatyoulove #womeninbiz #womenintech #londonevents #thesippingroom #ase2018 #adtech

I have to repost this for the Angel number 🙈🙈😇😇😇☁️
I was starting to feel a bit blah cos I have no idea how I will reach my goals by the end of the month (financial and work which is 444!!). I then remembered what it was like to just feel happy and not to even care about such things whether they happen or not, And to just concentrate on feeling happy. And then somehow everything you are wanting comes to you anyway, when you're in that state of mind. .
Then the @manifestationbabe page came up in my feed with this and I see the 444 🙈🙈😊 in the Tarot 4s are related to finances, security, stability and financial wealth. 💶💶
#divinetiming #synchronicity #angelnumbers #angelsigns #444 #messagesfromheaven #doreenvirtue #messagesfromabove #vibrationaluniverse #vibrationalenergy

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