There’s two types of people on coffee break.. 😂 #whenyouseeit
#measuringfenderheight #CTSNATION #BOSS500



Love how the face just hugs my rotor 😍
📸: @luke.j.nielsen

NHRA Southern Nationals. Funny car engine start after rebuild. #boss500 #funnycar

Ollied ur mom #tbt
📸: @k.zmedia

Huge shoutout to my homie @austino.smithers , for today he starts his new journey in Utah for grad school! Proud of you and hope to see you soon! May need to make a trip out to you and bring our good buddy Jack Daniels with 😈

Everything is on order... hopefully I can get it all done before @wekfest_usa 😩😩😩
📸: @jgutz93

@theofficialwcec opener was an awesome time and even brought home some hardware for best euro! But one thing had me stumped majority of the day... who’s greasy paws were all over my car... well folks, F’IT was able to capture this mysterious creature leaving his residue all over my car...
Thanks @itsjasmilefam #cheesecurds

Had to show off some cleavage to get out of this one💃🏻
📸: @itsjasmilefam

A few of my favorite shots this past weekend at @wookiesinthewoods by @129photos !
Sorry for all the posts, but 🙆🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

#wookiesinthewoods #witw

Finally have connection and able to post! Had an awesome time this weekend at @wookiesinthewoods with @the_greatgaspy , @v0lkswagen , and @laurenmerkel ! Next time I will definitely need to take more time off! Now it’s time to go back to the shit weather in Wisconsin 😭
#wookiesinthewoods #WITW #tailofthedragon

It’s crazy to see how much this R has progressed in the past year. There has been so many moments where I wanted to just sell this thing and get out of the scene. I’d like to thank all my friends, @epg_tuned and my fam @vadedmob for the support and motivation. Glad I stuck through with the build and looking forward to seeing what other crazy shit I come up with next😅 stay tuned!
📸: @colin_k98

Quick shoutout to @k.zmedia for driving up to Milwaukee from Chicago yesterday to do a shoot. Thanks for your time man, and I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around more! Also looking forward too seeing how the other pictures turned out 😈


Oh ya, forgot to tell you guys I bagged my R🤤
Huge shoutout to @epg_tuned for helping me out on pricing and installation. Frank has been a huge help on this build and couldn’t thank him enough... well maybe with a barrel of Ketel🍸

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