A Várzea forest is a seasonal floodplain forest inundated by whitewater rivers in the Amazon biome. Echoing the titanic expanse and magnificence of this natural spectacle, “Várzea”, a new exhibition by Brazilian artist Marina Rheingantz, fills the gallery space with four monumental canvases of semi-abstracted flood plains, horizon-less topographies, and lush tropical landscapes. Intensely material, almost sculptural, Rheingantz works from the top down. Thick layers of paint are scraped, sanded and prodded to cast mountains, riverbeds and ocean tides where human traces like utility poles, flags, tents and remnants of roads are swept up by the vast and relentless force of nature. At Bortolami through June 2.
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#VirginiaOverton steel trusses, brass, aluminum, copper and steel pipe from 2018, from her current outdoor project ‘Built’ at the @socratespark, Long Island City, NY until September 3rd #socratessculpturepark @bortolamigallery #bortolamigallery

Marina Rheingantz, solo show at Bortolami Gallery, New York. #marinarheingantz #bortolami #bortolamigallery #newyork

#richardaldrich just installed #artwork adds the finishing touch @carolyniramo #bortolamigallery

Marina Rheingantz, Fundo Infinito / Endless, 2017. Extraordinary young painter that shows mature and complex painting at @bortolamigallery #marinarheingantz #psinting #bortolamigallery #canalstreet #friezeweek #friezenewyork2018

Using my husband to give a sense of scale for Marina Rheingantz’s remarkable painting. He’s tall. The painting is taller! One of the best paintings — and husbands — I’ve seen in a long while. The show opened tonight at Bortolami #MarinaRheingantz #painting #BortolamiGallery

"Pisador" by Marina Rheingantz, 2017-2018. Oil on canvas, 78 ¾ x 118 1/8 in. Courtesy of the artist and Bortolami, New York. “Varzea: Marina Rheingantz” opens on April 27 at @bortolamigallery. The exhibition remains on view through June 2, 2018. For the latest "NYC Gallery Scene" column, visit http://goo.gl/PMPQTW.

Coming up — #JuttaKoether ‘Trinity: Present’, the second phase of Jutta Koether/Philadelphia, a project of @bortolamigallery’s Artist/City programming initiative.

The exhibition will take place in a trinity house, miniscule three-story homes that once housed the working class of the city’s more affluent areas and an architectural typology specific to the city of Philadelphia. On view at 1637 Rodman Street, Philadelphia from April 28th – September 8th @artist_city #bortolamigallery #artistcity

Image: Jutta Koether, acrylic in wood panels, liquid glass from 2009

Übertalented Brazilian artist Marina Rheingantz will have the opening of her first solo show in NY at Bortolami gallery next Friday. Rheingantz’s monumental scale paintings reference tapestries, carpets, textiles, forests, mountains, soccer fields, skate parks, excavation sites — any place one might traverse. The result is sublime. The opening night is April 27, from 6 to 8PM. Must see in person — Instagram doesn’t do justice! Image above: “Pisador” 2017-18, oil on canvas #MarinaRheingantz #Painting #BrazilianArt #BortolamiGallery

How we’re keeping cool today, courtesy Virginia Overton 🐟
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