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First time to visit Borough Market in London. Great food here! We tried the oysters, mussels, donuts, meat pie, cheesy toast, juice, etc. 😋😋😋😋😋
#London #boroughmarket

Loving seeing you guys enjoying yourselves in the Market today - and there's still more to come! @aclutton is in the #demokitchen, on her second cookery demo of the day (smoked halibut, potato and apple stack and toffee apples still to come - yum), our Apple peeling competition is at 3.15 and the Lions Part will be performing and stripping the Corn Queene at 3.45 (both Market Hall)! 🍏🍂 #appleday

Sunday roast (pumpkin + tomatoes + crispy kale + feta + almonds). Have a good one. 💛 #sunday #seasonal #squash

Like I said, PASTRY MECCA. 🍩🍩🍩

Autumn at @boroughmarket 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁
Shot the christmas spread for the Market Life magazine and it’s going to be very festive! Congrats also to the Borough Market team because the magazine is up for an award again!!


Eat, Drink, & Be Scary with our fang-tastic @rabitos Royales #halloweentreats.
These spook-tacular orange coloured chocolate figs are a delicious treat for both kids & adults.🎃👻🎃👻 Available in our #hildrethstreet and #boroughmarket shops: http://bit.ly/2dOHQ50

0ctober Plenty...(in association with Borough Market's Apple Day.)
The Globe Theatre. Southwark.
This annual harvest festival is a yearly event organised by a Shakespearean theatre group..like minded actors who create seasonal festivals, with an emphasis on the folkloric traditions, (yet with a contemporary spin) of Britain and all within an urban environment.
Their wonderful performances involve local community groups, artists mummers, poets... with a natural affiliation to the local Borough Market and a wonderful charitable organisation called Roots and Shoots - that supports young people with learning disabilities and works to provide them with requisite life skills. A very significant, local contribution and a cause, very close to my heart.
It is a festival also, to celebrate Mother Nature, abundance, give thanks to the earth for the bounty we share and especially the market holder's and farners who work tirelessly to bring crops to market.
Last January, I was bestowed the honour of being crowned 'Queen Pea' by the company and the Mayor of Southwark and therefore, was invited to partake until I relinquish my vegatable crown in a couple of months. My sceptre was a parsnip and my orb.. a turnip. It's been wonderful and there: Mrs. Greenwood.... my alter ego; (a sprit of Nature that I channelled) named after a poem by the visionary poet and artist: William Blake , was over the moon, for it all happened under the kiss in the shadow of Shakespeare's Globe. I teach English literature and language, so this was dream I had never realised I had dreamt, but, came true anyway.
"Morning and evening
Maids heard the goblins cry:
'Come buy our orchard fruits,
Come buy, come buy." Christina Rossetti. Goblin Market

I can think of no better, nor perfect place than The Greenwoods to hold court but, in the Agora.
All that fresh produce and nature at full throttle.
Markets have always been sites of great magic. The odd hours they keep, an almost secretive camaraderie, storytellers, bards, itinerant pedlars, goblins and minstrels all gather in such liminal places and for this year...I have too.

Exploring 🍲 🍴☕ 🇬🇧
#BoroughMarket #London #DayOut #Food

MACE BLADES are the outer casing of nutmegs. They have the same flavour, but are less intense, more delicate. They add a light and refreshing spice to dairy based dishes such as creamy pasta sauces potato gratin, fish pie custards and even in mash. Only a small amount is needed due to its pungency. Crush it in a pestle and mortar and you're good to go! #mace #blade #nutmeg #spices #fish #potato #gratin #pies #mash #pasta #carbonara #cream #creamy #custard #boroughmarket #westfieldstratford

Happiest place on Earth with some of the freshest produce 🙌
It isn't a trip to London if my first and last stop aren't at Borough Market. This place is so much fun and they have something for everyone.

Borough Market, London
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Padella you did not disappoint😍

Favourite place, favourite girl #boroughmarket #london #londonbridge

The most wonderful time of the year... 🎃 💥 🎄 .
#halloween #christmas #autumn #goodtimes #autumn #boroughmarket #outandabout #seasons #festive

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