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This was @drewsnaith's first pop-up in #boroughmarket and single handedly he nailed 5 courses for 25 people. We jumped from lamb's tongue nuggets with fermented shrimp mayo, to 3 week aged Old Spot, braised chard and gooseberry miso sauce and finished spectacularly with peach terrine, lemon verbena syrup and raw milk ice cream. All paired with surprisingly different Riesling options chosen by @siepert. What a way to end a weekend!

Traditional Sri Lankan Dosa made with fermented rice and lentils, homemade chutneys and served with an edible rice bowl of Quinoa and chickpea curry @papispickles in @boroughmarket
Literally one of the nicest dosas I've ever had. So delicious and fluffy, I never have time to allow the mixture to ferment so mine never turn out like these 😆 I got a few tips from @papispickles
One of the best things about working at @harpercollinsuk offices is that I get to have lunch in the market! Im eating my way through the stalls before I head back and go through the first book drafts 😬😬😬 so surreal

You can preorder the cookbook in the link and check out the FREE ebook if you haven't downloaded already. Leave a review too 😉 catch you @justbreathelondon tonight if you're going!

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🎋倫敦Borough Market🎋 .
💛Mac&Cheese with Pulled Pork≈$60💛
Pulled pork係手撕豬肉 同樣好滑好有肉汁👍
仲有6種醬汁任加 我試咗5種😂
加sweet chili 最夾😎
點解要緬懷歐洲?! 因為今日第一日實習
Okok!!!! 明天會更好😤😤😤
@da_isinframe.hk 每日直播📡📡📡.

There's something magical about Borough Market in the early morning. We love it's winding streets full of new surprises, the huge array of interesting eats, the beautiful boutiques and of course... all the booze! Just remember it's closed on a Sunday! (Don't make the mistake we did!) Tag a friend who still needs to visit this amazing place.⠀
(📷 by @ekkla) #boroughmarket #goodmorninglondon

Yummy veggie dumplings 😋😋😋😋 I eat twice~ yeah! I love borough market~ will come again 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💕💕💕 #London #boroughmarket #veggiedumplings #yummy

Figs and things - and it’s only after looking at this pic, that i remembered that i had figs on deck, yes (napoleon dynamite style). i’m feeling a bit loopy as i haven’t slept more than 2 hours in the last almost 48 hours. Happy Monday. guys, it’s so grey here today, sooo sooo sooo grey, lol, what’s happening London? where did summer go? I hope you’ve all had wonderful day so far. sending loves and gloomy hugs. Kay xxx #hocsupperclub p.s thank you to all the sweet and thoughtful messages and words yesterday guys! I appreciate it so much.


It's been a while since I've been back to my old stomping ground and even on an overcast day The Shard still wows. Great to see the hustle and bustle around Borough Market too...

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BloodSugarDiet Day 54: Scotch egg and sweet potato fries. We shared this between 2. This is much harder when you're out and about to find good choices. Yummy though #bloodsugardiet #8weekbloodsugardiet #michaelmosley #sugarfree #lchf #lowcarb #lunch #scotchegg #boroughmarket #scotchtails

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