Maximus & Valentine hiked the pillbox today which is over 500 ft elevation gain (and very steep), 100% on their own, no carrying or whining. ⛰ I already knew that Valentine was a mountain goat but now I know that Max is as well. 🐐

#didntseeanyotherkidsonthetrail #thepillbox #hawaii #hiking #oahu #visithawaii #borntohike #optoutside #lifeisgood #momlife

Pozorovanie majestátnych 5000 - oviek #georgia🇬🇪 #ushguli #sakartvelo #borntohike #hiking as soon as possible i'm gonna be there again

Hiking with Trever to Chimney Tops! #borntohike #adventuretime #blessedlife🙏

Hiking to Chimney Tops! #adventuretime #borntohike

My passion for hiking took me to the Chimney Tops today! It's all about finding exercise that keeps you motivated and hiking is an adventure for me! #cosmospageant #cosmosunitedstates #mselitecosmos #mselitecosmosus #borntohike

Hiked to Chimney Tops today with my sweetheart Trever. We made it before the rain came. #borntohike #blessedlife🙏 #adventuretime

No words required ...😍😍😍

Monday’s/ Hiking with kids... the struggle is real.
There comes a time in life where you realize it's time to change things up. This little flashback happened to us in Yosemite. Lillian was officially out of the @ospreypacks Kid Carrier and was to hike on her own. The phrase "You're only as strong as your weakest link" hit us hard at this beautiful place. We're hiking with a 3 year old now. This picture was taken while hiking the short 1/2 mile from our campsite to the SHUTTLE that takes you to Yosemite Falls Trailhead. I will be honest...I was extremely frustrated. It was all I could do to get her to the shuttle stop so I could just get me a nice ice cold Diet Coke and calm down, and realize We're not going on any hikes here.
We realized 3 things.
1. Time to invest in good hiking shoes. Once back to camp I realized my poor little girl has blisters between her toes from her sandals. I felt like a horrible mom!
2. The kids needs to be conditioned. Time to start small and work our way up. She just needs time and evidently I need patience.
3. We were always go go go -off to the big hikes and over looks with amazing views, but playing in the dirt and around the camp is actually really fun! Unfortunately we had to learn this in such a majestic place... can’t hike them all...

I always feel so much safer when he comes with me on hikes!! Love this boy!! #aslan #goldensofinstragram #hikingbuddy #borntohike #bouldercolorado

Being in the mountains with my loved ones always makes me happy ❤️
This time we enjoyed the last summer days in the beautiful area of #schroecken in #vorarlberg. Picture taken on top of the #hoeferspitze, 2131m.
Special tribute belongs to @maryxberlin for managing her first mountain very bravely! 💪🏻

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.
Keep trying, keep trusting, keep believing, keep growing, Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever. Jeffrey R Holland. 😊

When the waterfall flows into your lap .

#hikingboots #borntohike #highland #waterfall

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