In honor of #NationalAviationDay I am going with a throwback image to last years Family Day event at Pratt & Whitney where @leeshamaff and I dressed up as Amelia Earhardt and Charles Lindbergh and modeled for the families in attendance.

There's so much beauty in being different, today I chose to stand out by rocking this Arabian Kimono Abaya and how Fab does it look with all its simplicity and guess what it's not far off the current trend of kimono styles... .... #beautysimplified #noglam #youreverydaygirl #standout #fabulouslytrendy #simplebeauty #simplestyling #trendy #trendyfashion #lovekimono #kimonostyle #abayafashion #turnup #standout #bedifferent #differentlybeautiful #unapologetically #gorgeousgirl #anytimeanyplace #borntodothis #itsinmynature #itsinmydna #beautifullyunfinished #alwayslit🔥 💋💞

“Fought to my knees, every night and I pray
Asking Lord let ‘em hear like I've something to say
There's a fear right there and it's coming new way
Don't let it stop you from living for what you were made
It's not a dream; it's a destiny, blessed to see
When the whole world listens to this mess in me
There's a message inside what you get from me
A little life, little love that's a recipe
So when the world's crushing down and you feel the weight on your shoulders
Try to pick it up but you're steady stacking up boulders
Every day's a gift, never miss it getting older
Blessing and a struggle know that you're just on the road to a life
You were born to live, so I wake up every day and just give it
What I'm born to give
Everything in me and nothing less
While this heart's still beating up inside my chest

This my day, this is my night
This is my pain, this is my life
This is what I was born to do, I was born to do
Every new day, every new night
Every new stage, every new fight
This is what I was born to do, I was born to do .” #me #sanfrancisco #bay #song #quotes #motivation #borntodothis #holiday #memories #america #usa #travel #traveling #traveler #shot

Run For Wine 5k Race Weekend Day 1 complete!

Over 60 bibs picked up at Whirl Away today starting right at 10am and going until 1:10pm with lots of shoppers! HUGE thank you to my friends Kristen and Heather for volunteering their time to help me! And of course to my hubby who took my daughter and Kristen's daughter to hit golf balls.

I dropped my wine glasses off at the vineyard, I marked my course, I confirmed all of my vendors and then "Sparke Fitness" took my family out to lunch!

Now I'm off to go get in my own run and mentally prepare for my big day. I'm SOOO damn excited for tomorrow!

#Repost @thefacechart with @get_repost
Beautiful @kattpanicmakeup 💖💕💖💕 #thefacechart #Repost @kattpanicmakeup
Testing the waters on my new @thefacechart booklet! I love how it actually holds cosmetics. Stay tuned for the completed look on this face later this week ( once I'm happy with it!)
#lovewhatido #borntodothis #promua #professionalmakeupartist #facechart #art #cosmetics #beauty #makeuplook #design #kattpanic #kattpanicmakeup #lethbridge #lethbridgemakeup #yql #yyc

Trust. Breathe. Birth. You've got all that it takes Mumma!
Remember: Positive Affirmations help you to BIRTH QUICKER with LESS PAIN as they increase your feeling of safety, decrease your adrenolin which increases the flow of Oxyticin (better contractions) AND endorphins (pain relief)!! Isnt that cool?

Here's a quick TBF of our upcoming horror short we shot last week. Thanks, @cheyennebphillips, @PabloFigueroa for your awesome commitment and professionalism, and the rest of the awesome kick-ass crew who came together last minute to make this happen. @clovis_ong, @35Film, @chinalatinax, @alevixen, @oliviahorvathincbts, @Jen.film, and @DanFrenkel.
#itsawrap #horrofilms #SanteriaTheRealHorrorFilm #Teamwork #Comingsoon #BornToDoThis #Storyteller #BreakingTheMold. #MakingOurMark #Fidelandia #Actorslife #TheFeatureIsComingSoon

What I had
Is what I lost
So, I thought!!
Moving swiftly in time
Wondering when u were mine
I lived to laugh
But my heart cried
Cried for attention
The attention that I needed
Needed only from u
Now I see the sunshine
Something that can't be taken away or for granted
Because it's all mine
From the glow of my beautiful brown skin
I begin to feel myself
Beautiful, authentic and round
In love with this skin that's chocolate and brown
My dark body on lock
That keeps the boys guns cocked
Crayola couldn't find the color
The color of me
Just look in the box and u will see
I represent all the colors
With beautiful brown eyes u see
Just look in the mirror
And it may be
It's not only u
Birth from the clay in Africa
Shining dark and bright
From a sea of Beautiful colors that u see
But it's also ME!!! @japeziyajones77
By: Calvin L. Jones

#poet #love #cousin #borntodothis
#angeloflight #heslovepeaceandjoy
#spokenwords #gifted

Two and a half weeks retention time for refill

Ladies refills are extremely important two and a half weeks to 3 weeks even though the glue could last one to two months it's definitely not recommended for the sake of your natural lashes


DARK MOON RISING Editorial Shoot published in ScorpioJin 🌘 with #Makeup by #JCI graduate @michaelfelsmakeup 🌙✨ ————————————————————
Photo/Stylist: @ellagracebell
Assistant: @hannahearhartphotography
Model: @lucy__jeanne of @lizbellagency
Wardrobe: @thebitchcanstitch
HMUA: @michaelfelsmakeup ✨🖤 #BornToDoThis #JCInstitute #MakeupSchool

Flashback Friday to the Mount Washington Road Race and shout-out to my friend and Boston Marathon Race Director Dave McGillivray, who I saw at the top and who also happens to manage this race as well.

He was kind enough to have a meeting with me back in February and "coach" me so to speak on putting on my own on road race. Together he helped me create a long check list of what needed to be done and where to start.

It's hard to believe that it's been 6 months since our meeting and that my race weekend is here! Everything he's told me to expect has been spot on - including to expect the unexpected!

The planning process has been a journey and it's definitely had a few challenges but no joke people, I'm in love with it!

There a million moving parts to putting on a race, especially what I envisioned for this event, but somehow I think I thrive on making it all happen and come together.

A venue, a permit, wine glasses, t-shirts, police detail, vendors, sponsors, volunteers, safety cone setup, timing & registration, porta potties... just to name a few.

I'm nervous as hell but I'm so ready to do this and I'm SO excited! And most importantly I'm grateful for the amazing tribe of people who are supporting me.

So here we go! Less than 48 hours until I send 200 runners off on my inaugural Run for Wine 5k! And at the finish line they'll have a post-race party with free food, a commemorative wine glass filled with wine (or their choice of beverage if something else is preferred), free massages and music!

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