But I'd be lying if I say I'm not feeling gay and crush on her. 🙈💕🙊
@yourgirlchuck © @welovelana__ for OG photo ♥️

Happiest birthday, my girl Chuck! 💕💯🌹
@yourgirlchuck © @heroinbythebeach for OG photo ♥️

Happy birthday to this beautiful and talented girl @yourgirlchuck 🌞
Have a lovely day and lots of love✨

Crushing on both sides!!!!!!! DO YOU HEAR MEEEEE?????? I'M CRUSHING ON BOTH OF THEEEEMMMM!!! 😭💕
@lanadelrey @honeymoon

This, they don't know— yet still they look so beautiful than I would ever be... and I'm happy 'bout it! 😍💕💯
@lanadelrey @honeymoon

Yeah my boyfriend's pretty cool, but he's not as cool as me

18/11/2018 👅
Beautiful people!! 💕
@lanadelrey @honeymoon

Trust no one.

Lana & Chuck shopping in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. @lanadelrey @yourgirlchuck

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