Finally shared my testimony. It’s was a long overdue but the time was right ❤️
#BornToBeBlessed #BreadOfLife #IBelongToJesus #Saved #Testimony #NoTurningBack

When I decided to follow my heart and listen to my intuition on becoming a life coach for women who wants to align with their greatness from the inside out to create, live, and love their best life while becoming their greatest version and starting my own brand line I was scared, nervous, and in two companies that I wasn’t fully happy with. I was able to serve people and help them to a certain point in life and made good money but I was secretly miserable🙈. Deciding to be a life coach aligned with everything I always wanted to be “a teacher, counselor, and influencer”this felt right...this was ME!

3 reasons WHY I’m sharing my story with you. •

1: I was so afraid of being judged by others and others being mad at me because they didn’t understand my true happiness and vision that I didn’t want to say anything but I HAD TO and I DID. I found my courage, I stood up for what I know I was destined to be, I danced with my fear of no longer being a people pleaser. •

2: I learned happiness is an inside job and I had to align with my happiness from the inside out to be fully fulfilled with my greatness so I am able to not only be happy but SERVE to my unlimited potential, serve with my cup full, and be all that I can be! •

3: You have to believe in your vision, your idea, your voice, your truth because it’s through ideas, visions, big dream, and someone who has the courage to put action behind the vision and idea that will create amazing things!

I could of easily pushed my thoughts, feelings, vision and intuition to the side but I wouldn’t be living my best life, I wouldn’t have this journey that stretched my growth, I wouldn’t have helped women accomplish their goals and align with their greatness from the inside out to create, live, and love their best life while becoming their greatest version. •

You have the power within to make a choice to look beyond what’s in front of you and align with your greatness from the inside out to create, live, and love your best life!
Key Note: dance with your fear and have the courage to turn your dreams, goals, and ideas into your reality💕

You were born to be blessed and to bless others! You were born to turn your imagination into reality. You were born to DREAM BIG and always live your best life. Most of the world isn't truly living their best life because they stopped dreaming, imagining, and being a creative soul! But today I share with you YOUR DREAMS are meant t turn into reality and you can live your best life regardless what you were born into, regardless what the naysayers have to say, regardless of your environment regardless if you don't know the ”how”. YOU CAN!

Happy birthday Mayapada Hospital.. Jaya selalu,
Aku mengucap syukur kepada Allah.. Bagi gw, bukan hanya di sekolah atau kampus tempat menimba ilmu.
Tapi di Mayapada Hospital tempat gw banyak mengerti hal yg gak gw dapet di kuliah-an dan tempat menimba banyak ilmu.. Tuhan memberkati mu "my second home"..
Bangga menjadi keluarga Mayapada Hospital.. #happybirthday

☝You Yes Youuu 👆
U was born on 09-09-09 😎
So.... my fav no must be 999👏
Cool.... !!!! 999 posts 😯😄
As per 4-6-18 on 7.56pm 😆😆 #999#favoritenumber#cool#amazing

We’re all ready to sleep in the tent tonight! I used to have “camp outs” with my older brother @elijah04 and my cousin @ac_pennix ... now I get to enjoy it with the Stinky Bink, Levi Josef! I’m beyond grateful for these moments and thankful that God felt I was good enough to have him as my little bro, as my family.
#familytime #campout #tentnight #borntobeblessed #happyhappyhappy #chooseJOY #chooseCHRIST 5.27.18

What is blessed ?
The power of God's delegated authority

Today marks FOUR YEARS of SOBRIETY! One of my proudest achievements. Thank you Lord for helping me throughout this journey, it couldn’t have been possible without the love of my saviour. A big shoutout to all my friends and family for being supportive of my decision ❤️ It’s been 4years, let’s make it 5 ❤️🤩
#SoberLife #ThankYouJesus #SayingNoToAlcohol #Sober #Sobriety #Teetotaler #NoToBooze #BeingSober #IBelongToJesus #BornToBeBlessed

Selamat ulang tahun bang.. Tuhan Yesus memberkati hidup abang.. #birthday

Today Heaven has released a MIRACLE with your Name on it!! So be on the look out because God has just decreed beauty for ashes and double for all your trouble!! Yes, your season has definitely shifted!! It's your time again!! #NoMoreLines #HisLoveEnduresForever #iBelieveInMiracles #JesusMyOpenDoor #GratefulHeart #BornToBeBlessed @RamsonMumba @EstrellaMumba

No filter needed for this lifestyle just pure love💚.
Work from home parents as well as homeschooling parents! •

We weren’t raised this way we made choice to LIVE THIS WAY🤗. #blessed🙏🏽

Jeremiah 32:27 Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?... I prophesy to you today that everything that has been said to be impossible for you up to this point shall become the easy stuff of your life!! Therefore, let me be the first one to welcome you to the realm of possibility!! #HisLoveEnduresForever #BeautyForAshes #DontAskForSmallDreams #BornToMakeADifference #BornToBeBlessed #TheBestIsYetToCome #GoingToHigherGround #YouCantFakeResults #iLoveHouston @RamsonMumba @EstrellaMumba

Jay he is young black and famous you heard spread the word NO BURN NO EARN NO PAIN NO GAIN #FITFORLIFE #BORNTOBEBLESSED #DESTINEDTOWIN #AMEN



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