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Who doesn't enjoy a heated seat option?

Oprah the chicken has been in several of the posts lately and lots of people have asked if she is house-trained. The short answer is no; but oddly she doesn't really make a mess. I'm not completely sure what makes her different but the other chickens will wander in sometimes and it's bad- my housekeeper threatens to quit 😉. But Oprah is really small, she usually only comes in at night, and she has a habit of only going to the bathroom when she roosts. (Watch out bikini😱.) I just put a paper towel down on her roosting spot and voila.... indoor chicken.

They were gone a long time! The bride and groom, this photo explains why......stunning! #borninabarn #sheridanwyoming #wedding #love Dyann Diercks Photography

Looking at old photos!! My baby Makai

Two #jackasses taking a nap. #borninabarn

Some of our new products we are so excited about! All at the #nashvillefleamarket #homedecor #borninabarn #vintage

Waking up sorta rusty today. #borninabarn

It's a beautiful Monday, my friends ❤️ No restocks this week as we prep for our first Wyoming show: @borninabarnwyo! I have a few pieces left from last week (take a peek in the shop!) plus I'm considering offering a few Throwback slots tomorrow if anyone's interested ☺️ Let me know! 😘
#borninabarn #sheridanwyoming

I love a good shorty which doubles as a scarf when the toddler refuses to be carried. 💛 #borninabarn #handwoven


#flashbackfriday face addition!
Its crazy how much my face changes with my health! I weigh about the same in these photos... but look at the difference!
On the left I was living on kitkats🍫, cranberry vodkas,🥃 pizza, 🍕and ice cream🍦... worked out some but never kept it up for any length of time... maybe bc I was a hamster on a wheel at the gym on the elliptical for hours on end... 🤷 helloooo boring! 🙅

On the right ... I still indulge here and there (having a glass of wine right now! 🍷).. but have commited to health and fitness on the daily and have not only changed my body.. I've become a more confident and motivated person through personal development and working on me. 💁

You are the only you that you have. Take care of yourself... make YOU a priority and treat yourself with respect my MAKING time for you... if it's important to you... you can find the time.. I promise. ❤

I'm here to help 😘

He barfs on floor (after I'm sure eating something super smart like a paper scrap) 😑.. I kick him outside and vow to never let him in again.... I cave bc it's hot out and let him in... he proceeds to love on me and beg to never be booted again... ...ugh.... cats.

Some of our new products we are so excited about! All at the #nashvillefleamarket #homedecor #borninabarn #vintage

We are set up at the Nashville flea market this weekend! Come by and see us and take a look at some of our new products! #homedecor #borninabarn #nashvillefleamarket #vintage #fleamarket

Hanging out with my Chase, watching #bigbang and crocheting a blanket sweater for a friend. My life is so wonderful <3
#crocheting #lacemaking #friends #mcnab #herdingdogsofinstagram #longday #borninabarn #uptolate #heissosleepy #lookatthatface #countrygirl #ruralliving

Holiday is definitely over...🙄😅 @gregdaskeg #borninabarn

⭐Now Hiring⭐

Hey y'all! I'm looking for 5 motivated, positive, goal driven ladies to join my team! 🙋💁
I'll teach you everything you need to know to start helping other people on their health and fitness journey. This is the best business ever! All from the comfort of HOME. 🏡
♡You don't have to be a fitness or health expert! I wasn't and don't claim to be! I help others using tools created my the nation's leading experts in fitness and nutrition. 💪🍏 ♡You don't have to be salesy, carry inventory, or host parties or have a big overhead start up cost.
♡You do not have to have reached your own fitness, weight, or health goals.. in fact. It's BETTER if you are on your journey yourself! ♡With hard work and dedication you can create the lifestyle of your dreams... Hello tropical vacay 🏝 ♡ You will be a part of a team that is part of a network of others who want you to be successful and help you move up in the business. 👭
I'm going to the 🔥top🔥 of the business with or without you.. SO! If you are ready or maybe just curious what this business entails or would like more information >> stop right now and send me a message! 📩

I love a good shorty which doubles as a scarf when the toddler refuses to be carried. 💛 #borninabarn #handwoven

#latergram of me and my old pal the other night. She's gotten pretty sweet in her older years. We've been through a lot together. I hope she lives forever ❤

Anyone else ridiculously excited for the #willandgrace comeback encore? Uh! Best show ever!

Show me your stacks! I pile this coffee table and then devour it through the winter! #sacredspace #borninabarn #sheridanwyo #inspiration #whatareyoureading

Not leaving this bed for a LONG time!#borninabarn #sheridanwyo #sacredspace

Family hike around the farm.. my heart is so full ❤... Daisy learned how to say cheese 🧀😂

Reality. 🔥🔥

Does anyone know if coconut pb is a thing here? My parents brought this back from #Hawaii and I'm officially addicted to it!

I love some weight lifting 💪in my routine because it not only gives shape and definition.. it makes you stronger and torches more calories throughout the day. ❤

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