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This little tiger was snuggled, er, smuggled, across the Otay Border. What a find! (📷: Customs and Border Protection) #otaymesa #otayborder #border #bordercontrol

22 of the sweetest girls came all the way to Nashville to help me celebrate my last single girl hoorah, so if you need me I'll be recovering from the greatest weekend ever!!! Love y'all so much thank you for EVERYTHING! #freansfinalfiesta #bodylikeabackroad #bordercontrol

Sitting here watching the debate with Bae thinking "dang yo let's just move to a farm somewhere hype like Australia or sumthin" Idk, Ya feel? #Farms #PresidentBouttaBeWack #Kangaroos #RIPGreatBarrierReed

#bordercrossingbeta3.0 is currently open at @1mes1artista from 1-5pm, and will be up through May 31st! #comeThrough #cdmx2017 #borderpatrol #bordercontrol

Çamadanı yığıram yavaş yavaş 😃

#Mtv #bordercontrol #pasportcontrol

Finally heading back to the UK 🇬🇧 after a months of travelling #bordercontrol


It's unfortunate that some people are okay with this. We need to stand up for our country and it's citizens first before we help others. #usa #americansfirst #american #americanpride #starspangledbanner #veteran #veterans #bordercontrol #trump

Sitting the Australian Citizenship challenge today - flabbergasted to read this in the reading material "Australians are proud of the fact that their nation did not emerge through revolution or bloodshed, but by negotiation and referendum" 🇦🇺🤔 #australia #humanrights #au #citizen #aboriginal #bordercontrol #immigration #sydney #landrights

Aus gegebenem Anlass: Fährt man von Bremen nach Berlin, kommt man am ehemaligen Grenzpunkt Marienborn vorbei. Einst für die einen unüberwindbares Hindernis, für die anderen Tor in eine fremde Welt. Heute ist Marienborn eine Gedenkstätte. Heute fährt man einfach vorbei. Wie selbstverständlich. Dabei wurde das von Vielen mutig erkämpft. Was geschlossene Grenzen bedeuten, scheinen viele schon wieder vergessen zu haben. Am 24. September bitte wählen gehen!

On our way to Lake Placid.. No, we didn't drive the whole way.. Only from Montreal.. #wasc #airlines #ski #championships #unitedstates #bordercontrol

A collection of some of the random, slightly scary, road signs that greeted us on the journey around. Including the ones at the Palestinian border. #Israel #soldierscrossing #bordercontrol #armybase #palestine

(🇷🇺Русский👇🏼) 🇨🇦 The USA is only a 40 minutes drive away from our home and that's why we go there a few times a year. The smoothness of the process at the border depends almost entirely on the immigration officer you deal with, and his or her mood. A month ago we came across a very rude one but this time our passports weren’t even scanned, the officer just glanced at them. We were asked about our destination, the purpose of our stay and 30 seconds later we were entering America. By comparison, last time we spent an hour and a half at the border! 😩 Interesting fact: it's generally forbidden to bring fruits and vegetables to the USA. If you have bananas, for example, they will throw them away in a special box meant for all "forbidden" products. If you lie and they find your bananas 🍌, you might have to pay a fine and could be in a lot of trouble in the future. I'll let you know soon about the Canadian 🇨🇦 border control officers and how it's important for them that you don't bring anything above the allowed limit, especially... alcohol and cigarettes. Everyone has their own quirks, after all. Are you stressed when you go through passport control?
___🇷🇺 США находятся от нас в 40 минутах езды на машине, и потому ездим мы туда несколько раз в год. Пройдет ли все гладко на границе зависит от иммиграционного офицера и его настроения. Месяц назад с нами были не особо вежливы, а в этот раз даже не сканировали наши паспорта. Спросили цель поездки, куда едем и всё. Занял контроль секунд 30. Для сравнения, в тот раз на все ушло часа полтора. 😩 Интересный факт - для американцев важно, чтобы вы не ввозили фрукты и овощи. То есть с бананами, например, вас туда не впустят. На въезде даже стоит коробка, куда они складывают все изъятые продукты. Если наврёте и они найдут ваши бананы 🍌, рискуете заплатить штраф и иметь в дальнейшем неприятности. Скоро расскажу про особенности канадского 🇨🇦контроля и как для них просто ОЧЕНЬ важно, чтобы вы не провезли больше нормы ... спиртные напитки и сигареты 😜 У каждого свои странности, в общем. А вас стрессирует паспортный контроль? .
#русскаяканада #русскиевканаде #американскаямечта #русскиевамерике #maple_life_border

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great day . I'd like to remind you all that @efe.t.uu_official will be putting out the original demo tracks on YouTube soon. We are just waiting for the demo cover to come in. We are excited to show you our art. Please stay tuned and stay blessed my sick ! #immigration#norte#north#staytuned#blessedarethesick#newrecordcomapny#upandcoming#love#rock#spanishrock#spanish#english#bordercontrol#ice#government

The brief was simple.
Buy each other inconvenient gifts at the beginning of the trip and transport them through #thailand #cambodia and #vietnam and back home to London.

Swipe left to follow the journey
#bordercontrol #KevinwithaC #Sandra #Chang #Mappy #sorrytoeveryonewhosawus

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