@petosagan : "I have a lot of hard work to do and I hope my legs are not at the top, because I need some improvement before the Tour de France." |#PeterSagan #BORAhansgrohe | 📸 @karenm.edwards

@velo_info : You are 30 years old, until how old do you want to continue your career?
@cesare_benedetti : Yes I will be 31 in August. I would like to continue for another five years but I know that it's not easy. It's hard to be confirm always at the highest level and in the level of the riders is getting higher and higher, it's a battle every year to find a contract for the next one for many riders. I hope passion and health will support me for few more years.
VI : What are your ambitions and those of your team for the end of the season?
CB : Tour of Slovenia was the last race of the first half of my season, at the moment I'm having an easy week to recharge the batteries to prepare the second part of 2018. A big goal of the team is surely the Tour de France with Peter and Rafał looking for stages, green jersey and a good place in the final GC. After the Tour the season is still long and the team has on the target many races, every race is important to the team. Personally I'll come back racing in Tour de Pologne. Poland is my second home so that I'm extremely happy to take part in that race and I'm motivated to work good for my teammates.
VI : Who is the rider who impresses you the most in your team, and in the pack? Why ?
CB : This year I was really impressed by Sam Bennett. In this year's Giro he was the fastest man at the sprint, in my opinion, but what impressed me the most were his climbing skills. He's been often better than other sprinters at climbing but this year he's just flying over the hills, he's having a superlative 2018. I finished Giro just 3 weeks ago and I am still impressed by Froomie's solo ride during the 19th stage, that was something extraordinary in such a awfully tough stage.
VI : What is the moment that has struck you most during your career? Why?
CB : I often remember the second part of 2015 season as I was fighting for a contract I was able to go over my limits sometime and this caused a step up in my cycling life and in my body as well. I did a great Lombardia in that year and I'll carry with me the feelings of that day for a long time.
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Od Wandei przez Bretanię i bruki północnej Francji, przez szczyty Alp i podjazdy w Pirenejach aż do Paryża !!! 🌻🌻🌻
Na stronie Le Tour de France dostępne są już profile i mapy trasy tegorocznej "Wielkiej Pętli" 🏆🇨🇵️🏁
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