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Why are we taught to be so afraid of our sexuality. Our sexuality is part of who we are and if we are going to accept and love ourselves then we need to accept and love that too.
We are...
Slut shamed.
Fetish shamed.
Judged for our sexual preference.
Judged for liking our bodies.
Judged for masturbating.
Shamed for our choice of sexual partner.
Shamed for enjoying sex.
Shamed for NOT enjoying sex.
Judged for talking about sex.
Not properly taught it at some religious schools.
Shamed for pregnancy.
Shamed for abortion.
It’s none of your business what someone chooses to do with their body. Their body their fucking rules. As long as it’s consenting from all involved then enjoy and explore yourself!!!
No shame in the sex game 🙏

There was a time I hated tight long dresses, now it's the only thing I wear 😂😁
Dress: @fashionnova

What a beautiful day to be outside here in Wellington 🌹🌴🌳🌺 High waisted leggings by @lotusleggings Bra from: @rainbowshops

I have terrible lighting in my bedroom but enjoy this pic of me loving life, rolling around in a sweater and undies, embracing all aspects of my body. Also, featuring @mollyosullivan_ feet hehe 💕🌮🍑
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So I've been informed that today is #bodyconfidence day?😍I get questions every day asking how I learned to love myself and body, how to ignore hateful rude comments or people's negative thoughts about me etc. and I am going to tell you something you don't want to hear, which is self love and body confidence is not a perfect formula. I don't have all the answers, and all I can give you are tips and tricks I have used, and tell you it all starts with you. Every ounce of confidence I have comes from me, not from validation from men, friends, people on the internet, or my job. It all comes from ME. If you base your self love or worth on the thoughts of others, or even advice of others, you'll never be fulfilled and you'll always be searching.At the end of the day body love is a journey to discovering your true self, not just the vessel you are living in. A few things to think about are, are the people you are following online helping you love yourself and progress in your bopo journey?Or are you spending your days comparing yourself to photoshopped/facetuned images of people who may or may not have altered bodies etc and filling your self with self hatred?Are you surrounding yourself with people that make you feel positive and good about yourself irl?Are you speaking kindly to yourself, writing a daily gratitude list, journaling your thoughts, and writing positive self affirmations daily?
Are you trying to work to understand your worth comes from God, and no one else? And you are beautiful and perfect just the way He made you?This journey is tough, but it is beautiful. Sometimes we must break in order to put ourselves back together to be what we were meant to be.I know so many of us can relate to that statement.You are worthy of loving yourself entirely, and seeing your value inside and out. My journey has been difficult and is still on going. I have good days and bad, and I love to share that with y'all so you can see what's REAL. I always love the quote"How cool is it that the same God made mountains and oceans and galaxies looked at you and thought we needed one of you too" you are not created to be anyone else but YOU ❤️ #perfectlyme

i have been in a slump lately but i'm finally starting to feel better i hope you feel better too. ✨ entire outfit from @ftfsnaps (use code: "erikalipps" on top of the sale they are already having!! literally like $9 boots!) #ftf #ftfselfie

(TW: rape & binary language)

The past days I have been invited to comment on the #MeToo movement on several national news/tele stations, but since I moved to another country and can't participate, I figured I would give my opinion briefly here instead:

I'm not surprised it has gone viral, bc men's violence against women is extremely normalised, accepted and expected everywhere in this World. Lots of men don't even believe this happens or that they personally perpetuate or do rape culture daily. Last week a peer that knows my work literally said following w such confidence: "I think women should be careful when they call something rape. I really agree on what one of Trump's guys said: When is it rape and when is it just regret?" SoMe campaigns like #MeToo can't fix the issue, but they do make men's violence very visible and can help change sexual assault from being viewed as an INDIVIDUAL and PERSONAL issue, to the COLLECTIVE and SYSTEMIC and GLOBAL issue, it is.

w campaigns like these, we need to remember, that the focus and action is still put on the survivors, as survivors 'need to' come forward and share - not the perpetrators. Its about time we focus on the people actually committing these violations, taking a good look at why we as society produce and socialise a group people (men) who feel entitled to harm another group (women) again & again.

The new hashtag #HimThough is now calling men out instead & swifts focus, in order to make men realise that they need to take action and responsibility - not us survivors. We should never feel obligated or risking something by coming forward - which sadly is the case today.

I am privileged, as it costs me nothing saying #MeToo, as I have been outspoken about rape culture & the sexual assaults men have done to my body for years.
But SHIT - seeing so many friends using the hashtag, reposting texts & formulating stuff I have been writing about for years, fighting for years, talked about for years MAKES ME PROUD. I didn't create this movement, but I have mobilised & helped many becoming AWARE. So S/O to other who activists & advocates: Our resilience, vulnerability & power DO move things.

Te han dicho que son feas, que deberías hacer todo lo posible por eliminarlas, y desgraciadamente te lo has creído 😔 Ni te has parado a pensar que ese odio es lo que mueve el dinero que ellos ganan a tu costa, contigo intentando eliminar tus complejos a golpe de productos y tratamientos imposibles ☠️ Ahora mira esta imagen: de verdad ves algo feo en ella? Las estrías son vida, y la vida es SIEMPRE bien 💞 foto de @vandeaarde 🦄


So I’m sitting here thinking about my trip to Montreal. It was such a wonderful trip! I got to see my BFF, and take my first trip with my boyfriend. Bit of which were amazing! But I’ve been thinking on the flight. This is a picture of my free swag the flight attendants gave us, since we were chill and had the very worst seat in the plane. The female flight attendant was so lovely and kind to us. All of us back row folks were laughing and chatting with them and the flight attendant says “If you think these seats are bad just wait until you use the toilet! Trust me, it’s the smallest thing you’ve ever seen!” We all laughed and being 5’10” and a 22/24 I hoped I wouldn’t have to use it. But 2 hours in I had to go! So I climb over my boyfriend and our row buddy and make my way to the bathroom. I step in. Turn around. Shut the door. And then I realize just got small this place is. I struggled to get my pants down and when I sit, my body literally takes up every inch there is to spare! Gross!!!! I finish my business and struggle to move at all. Get my pants up and I’m out. Just then it dawned on me. Even though I struggled I still had the size privilege that I could use it! Had I been much bigger than I am? No way! And in this small way I understood the real struggle some people go through just to enjoy basic things, like flying and traveling. Yeah, it’s a pain to sit in a seat and have my knees jammed the whole flight and my hips being cut into by the seat. But, I still could do it! When we talk about fat acceptance and body positivity we need to make sure everyone is part of the conversation! Not just our journey. Steph and I really want to be sure we can tell everyone’s fat story. But, we also recognize the privilege our “Socially acceptable fat” bodies afford us. So I guess, just remember and think about those who need this fight ever more than you do. Include and love everyone! ❌❤️❌❤️ Becky

My my my how time flies. The pic on the left was in June of 2008 when I graduated cosmetology school...finally! A 12 month course took me 18 because I struggled so much with anxiety and depression (still do 😑) and missed so much school. The pic on the right was from this last weekend when I took my dad and uncle to the Lebanese American festival! I have never had a drink with my dad until Saturday and we ended up having such a good time! I may or may not have had wayyyyy to many drinks and woke up in my mom's bed 😂😣 #dontjudge .
I remember really disliking that picture on the left because I towered over my dad in height and width. I didn't feel cute or feminine in any sense back then. Then I see the pic on the right and think "I look so average next to my dad, maybe even a little smaller?" And "Maybe I don't have my mom's huge head after all?🤔" jk I still do but it's not so enormous next to my dad's peanut head. No matter what my size and thoughts on my appearance are, I can see how proud my dad is of me in both photos. In pic 1 proud because I accomplished something I worked so hard for and pic 2 proud because I'm finally living life to the fullest, being a responsible grown woman(pre drinks😂), wanting to embrace my heritage🇱🇧, and everything in between. Life is such an amazing journey and it's far more than our weight, or job title, or financial stability...its about appreciating every high, low, and every medium in between. We can't appreciate our highs if we don't know what low feels like. Feelings can hurt so bad but they can also feel so good. Life is too short. Stop numbing the pain and let yourself feel. You deserve it💖

Feeling body posi right now. I've always hated my stomach, well that's an understatement. I've actually always felt my stomach held me back from being "normal". I developed anorexia at 18 and a lot of it was due to how ugly I found my stomach. It didn't change anything. At 90 pounds I still hated my stomach and it was still shaped this way. Today, I try my hardest to love it, to realize it doesn't somehow separate me from "normal" or "attractive" women.
#bodypositive #plusmodel #model #effyourbeautystandards #bopo #pretty #girlswithtattoos #girlswithink #gothgirl #tattooed #makeup #plussize #bbw #fatgirls #fatshion #curvygirl #thick #selflove #mua #plus #imnoangel #chubby #selfcare

Matchy matchy. first post. 👿💋❤🥀
Dressing cute and feeling proud of my body and my femininity makes me feel good and helps me build respect for myself. I can tell when I'm feeling more confident because I have the desire to take pictures that show off more of my body.
on a related note i have never understood the men in my past that have told me this means I respect myself less. I don't think I have anything to be ashamed of. .

#maroon #matchingundies #undies #selfie #tattoos #girlswithtattoos #blonde #alt #feminine #fierce #goddess #cute #booty #bralette #empowerment #bodypositive #bopo #bopowarrier #respectyourself #dowhatyouwant #fuckeveryone #endslutshaming

How my soul felt allll day ✨ 💕💐🙌🏻 Received all the support I asked for from the Universe today!! 😊
Taking a night off and tomorrow it’s rise and grind 🤜🏻🤛🏻.

Pretties going out to their new owner today! 💗💗💗

The look you get when you try and touch the last #Lumpia . #donteventry #mine #fatgirl #filipina #artrhapsody #bopo #curves #freckles #mua #motd #eotd #omnomnom

When your husband wants a late snack & makes keto pizza... ❤

Work hard and be nice to people😁
My half hour ish morning sweat sessions help me with both those things 😜☝🏼Wakes my brain up and chills me out to take on whatever my day holds 💓
I adore this strength and agility program. One of the best I've done over the past year and a half with my company fo sho!!!
Day 21 and 22 done and done ✅ Taking a breather tomorrow from weights for some hot yoga with a kind colleague whose letting me use a guest pass🔥🙏🏼

Bulletproof coffee round 1

Today's cuteness

Need you for the old me
Need you for my sanity
Need you to remind me where I come from
Can you remind me of my gravity?

#DontQuoteMe #iQuoteSongs

I’ve been thinking about what it means to be beautiful. The book that I’m reading brought it to my awareness. Last weekend, for the first time in a long time I put a little more effort into curling my hair, putting on make up, and “dressing up” my inner goddess. What beauty really comes down to is- It’s about what makes YOU feel good. What makes you feel confident. How you like to express yourself. There isn’t one way to be beautiful. Every single human being on the planet has their unique beauty. It’s not what Society marks as beautiful. Everyone is born with their unique beauty and that’s that. Most of my life consists of comfy workout clothes and no make up. That’s what I’m naturally drawn to. And yes there’s a time and a place where I dress it up a little. It really doesn’t matter how you choose to show your outer beauty because most importantly it’s how you choose to show your inner beauty. The point to all of this- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL🌸
#bodylove #bopo #bodypositive #selflove #loveyourself #edrecovery #mentalhealthawareness #antidiet #beauty #bedrecovery #anarecovery #moon #luna #selflovejourney #effyourbeautystandards #endthestigma #anxiety #bodyconfidence #embracethesquish #allbodiesaregoodbodies #futuremama #innerbeauty #neda #everybodyisbeautiful #intuitiveeating #orthorexia #depression #haes

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