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🍑 🍑 🍑 this was the workout I did on Tuesday night with my trainer 💦, check it:
A1) lying leg curls x 12-15
A2) decline deadlifts x 6-8 (5 sets)
B1) reverse hyper x 12-15
B2) hip thrust x 6-8 (4 sets)
C1) good mornings x 12-15
C2) BB lunges x 30 (3 sets)
I’ve got the 48 hour doms now 🔥🔥🔥 let me know if you try it!
Training quads tomorrow and I’m freakin excited that it’s Friday eve!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Thanks for filming & killing me @jason_tencate #happyfridayeve wearing @mcactivewearmelbourne leggings & @skinssportswear crop 💕💕💕 #allpink #workthebooty

Day 20 Booty Workout
It's harder than it looks, try it!!! #cardib #bootyworkout #bootyworkoutvideo

Raising the bottom game! Bridge with leg extension to strengthen back, gluts and hamstrings. A lovely lengthened move to counter act a morning at the desk!#cheltenhampilates#cheltenhampilatesandyoga#healthyliving#fitnesscheltenham#bootyworkoutvideo

Och så en liten snutt från några av dagens övningar. Utöver dessa bestod passet av goblet squats och Bulgarian split squat 😚

Oon sitä mieltä, että vaikka perusliikkeet toimii parhaiten treenin pohjana, on silti välillä kiva kikkailla ja kokeilla jotain ihan muuta. 😎✌🏼Tästä hieman variaatiota omaan #bootyworkout settiin! Toi viimenen oli aika kova 🍑 #fitfriday #bootyworkout #bootyworkoutvideo #workoutinspiration #smithmachine

Full instructional leg day video should be up on the YouTube channel tomorrow 🤗🔥 -Cable squats 4x10 -Leg Press 4x8 Super set with banded side walks (this ones killer 😩) Song: Major Lazer-Run Up

Good job to all Ma amazing ladies who made the effort and came to my class down @worldgymburleigh this morning at 6:00am...
Had a blast showing you all how to use the @kinetic_bands_australia correctly and adding in a little weights to increase the burn 🍑🍑🔥🔥

Booty Workout med Mimi ❤


Took these booty-progress pictures once the workout was over.
I love taking progress pictures ❤💪
You stay more focused on your goals when you see the results for yourself. .shall post a before and after picture soon
Keep working hard y'all! 😌💪
Cuz a missed gym sesh is one where you've deprived your body to get stronger than it is at present. .so don't skip workouts and you shall see your hard work paying off!! 😊💪❤

Okay this video is from so long ago (like the middle of summer) and I'm just posting it now because I haven't been in the gym in daysssss (exams are always #1 priority 📚) and I miss working out & relieving stress!
Thankfully, I have time to go to the gym tomorrow morning so hopefully I can get back into my routine ‼️ 🤗
This is one of my FAV leg/booty workouts - split squats!!!! I usually do 3/4 sets of 8 reps per side holding 20-25 lb weights with each hand. I also sometimes do these on the Smith machine too, whatever you are more comfortable with! Great for targeting your glutes!!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Important note: allow your front leg to stretch out far enough away from the bench so that your knee does not go over your toe when you hit the deep lunge!

A few exercises from my glute workout today 🍑 👊🏼💪🏼

I find it difficult to record at the gym. Sorry If the angle is bad or I cut off my head. Lol. One of my accessory circuits after my squats today. Move 1: sumo landmine deadlifts 10 reps with 2 45 pound plates. Move 2: box jumps, 12 reps. Move 3: one minute of lateral feet taps. 4 rounds

A quick session for the #booty🍑 .
Honestly, I am still trying to do the videos, I am very distracted knowing there is a recording ongoing . But I'll get there 😂
I am sharing these because , I too love getting inspired by other gym freaks here on Instagram , coz let's face it , working out often gets boring and you cannot progress with your muscle growth by doing the same exercises over and over again .

Try this quick workout -
Each exercise runs 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps .
I might not be delivering amazing videos yet , BUT , I am delivering you a proper BUM BURRRNNN😍🙈 (you're welcome )
#bootyfordays #bootyworkout #bootyworkoutvideo #workoutmotivation #workoutvidoes #fitgirl #fitnessjourney #fitgirls_inspire #fitgirlsguide #bööty #legworkout #legworkout #flyefitmacken #fitnessmodel #fitgirls #shelifts #shesquats #gymshark #gymsharkleggings #fitnesstips

Yay for another booty building workout🙌🙆. So here it goes for you guys.
⛭sumo deadlifts 4x6.
☽hip thrusts 5x8.
⚛split squats 3x12.
⚨SL squats 3x10.
☨RB jump squats 3x8.
♀staggered stance rdl's 3x12.
☽abbuctor machine- 8 reps seated forward, 8 leaned back, 8 seated upright.
⚨cable kickbacks 3x15.
☨seated hamcurls 2xamrap. As many as you can do, drop the weight again as many as you can do. ..
Lemme know whatcha think 👇👇👇. .
#legday #tbt #bootyworkout #thethrustisamust #bootyworkoutvideo

Here's some of my favorite exercises for shoulders+biceps!.
I get compliments often on my shoulders😊. It sure makes me feel good!! Training shoulders has become one of my favorite days and I just love the pump. Thanks to @ergogenix Ergo Pre for getting me through this workout! Well, not done yet👊🏼. On the stairs now!! 💪🏼💪🏼.

It is Monday!! Let's start fresh👌. These are 3 Effective Supersets that will help you to build and shape those booties my ladies. Incorporating Supersets in your workouts are a very good way to build muscles and stay lean. Who does not to look good in their jeans with that little pop behind?😂😂😂 Well just Train Hard and eat gooddd and everyyyything will be 👌👌👌. Superset 1: 10 reps and 12 reps.
Superset 2: 10 reps and 12 reps.
Superset 3: 8 reps and 8 reps each side.
Bonus: Resistance band warm up 🔥🔥. . . .

Here's a few awesome exercises for your next back day. These will get your heart rate uuuuup! I love adding in circuit style workouts. I feel like I get more bang for my buck as I am sweating the full 2 hours I am here!!.
•Lat pull down. Pause at the bottom and then a 4 second count up. Hard but burns so good!.
•Single arm cable row. Allow for your arm to fully extend to get that stretch, then concentrate on pulling that elbow back while keeping it close to your side.
•Cable deadlift to row. I wanted to work my booty a little, duuuuuh. Try it!

"Fight Stance Squats"👊🏼💪🏼with RDL.....Split Squat but angle your back toe slightly AND BOOM 💥 All NALGA🔥🔥🔥🔥 I LOVE THESE !! By angling my toe all the burn switches to my HAMSTRING AND BOOTY specifically that "BUTThigh" instead of my QUADS❤️
Don't knock it till you try it and be kind TAG A FRIEND❤️ #doitforthenalgas #shesquats #ladybeastduran #bootyworkoutvideo #squatsaturday #fitnessmotivation

If you haven't figured it out yet I loooooove training glutes! Make sure to keep your core tight on dis one! 😝🤓 #workoutvideo #bootyworkoutvideo #workoutvideos #fitness #weighttraining #lifting #gymislife

2 exercises of the day! I have been adding more circuits to my workouts! And I am loving all the extra sweat💦!.
•Single leg @bosu_fitness hip thrust. These are my fav fav fav rn! You don't always have to lift heavy to build a booty🍑.
•Bosu banded plank position (say that 5 times fast😜) mountain climbers with rotation. lol. What a great explanation and an even better exercise!! Hands close-r together and feet wide!. @fitsimplify .
Toss these into your next workout, and thank me later😊.

Just published my second fitness video! Watch this to work those butt muscles and check out www.lilliandora.com/booty-crusher/ for more info! #butt #buttworkout #buttworkouts #booty🍑 #bootyworkouts #bootyworkout #bootyworkoutvideo #bootyworkoutvideos #bootyworkoutvids #fitness #lilliandorablog

Lateral raises to work the shoulders are workin the outer glutes instead! Activated the glues with my resistance band and then hit these. Ass is on 🔥!! 15 minutes on the stairs and then I'm done!! #fitness #workoutvideo #bootyworkoutvideo #workoutvideos #lafitness #lateralraisemachine #heavylifting #minneapolis

Booty &&a Ab workout!
Short sets, long reps && short breaks!!! 💪🏾💪🏾
I worked up a sweat with this workout!
#booty🍑 #bootyworkout #bootyworkoutvideo #video #workoutmotivation #workout #tryittoday #tagsforlikes #tagafriend #tagyourworkoutpartner

Alright, drenched in sweat from this! Grab the landmind bar and get ready to build that booty!.
•Vid1&2 Landmind squats.
•Vid3&4 Landmine sumo squats.
•Vid 5 Landmine stiff leg deadlifts. Notice my position change on this one! Daaaaa bombbbbbb!!!💯.

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