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Today's complete leg workout on my IG story ☠️ Bulgarian split squats will always be my favorite leg exercise BUT THEN I ADDED THIS JUMPING VARIATION AND WOW. Hot fire wowza give this tri-set a try 1️⃣ 8 Bulgarian spilt squats on each leg 2️⃣ 8 jumping | the clap is me being extra lmao no clapping necessary here 3️⃣ 10 pulsing RDL's. Repeat for 3 sets.

Song: Catching On | Elephante
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Big Squat Day !! 💯🍑🔥❤️
Worked up to a single at 115kg / 253lb ➡️ Then backed down to 3 Sets of 6 with 95kg / 209lb ➡️ And Finished with 4 Sets of 10 #sanzosquats with 80kg / 176lb 🙏
This workout included the best of both worlds between powerlifting and bodybuilding 🙌 Some heavy low rep work to build strength and lighter high rep movements to build muscle 💪
I have been using knee wraps a lot lately so going back to the sleeves felt tough ! Always more to work on .. gotta keep going !! 😬

~*~ #relaxed VS #flex because it's #flexfriday and we need often are in need of a #realitycheck 🎃 On the left is how I naturally am, with zero effort, 99% of the day in comparisons to the ----> where I'm sucking in, flexing as hard as I can to show abs. Something that I would like to bring to your attention is that ABS DONT BRING YOU HAPPINESS. The reason I started my fitness journey and 'diet' a few years back was because I wanted abs....and I'll tell you that I think it made me more obsessed with how I looked as opposed to feeling just healthy with no aesthetic desire 🙅🏼 So many people are jealous, but what they don't realise are the things that we tell ourselves in our heads...like 'am I good enough without abs' or 'how can I ever now not have abs'. It's detrimental to the mind, and yeah it may look cool, but I don't walk around with flexed #abs all the time and I would honestly rather focus on mental health instead of the physical stuff. Never EVER think that you are any less 'fit' or less 'aesthetically desirable' because you don't have abs, because again, it takes hardcore effort in the nutrition department to maintain this level of leanness and it's mentally draining to say the least 😓 I'm learning to accept that some days I will look shredded, but occasionally (like current feels all week) I will feel fluffy and full of food that I definitely wasn't even hungry for 😫😫 I've struggled a little this week with going overboard with food...legit over 3000 cals a day without control... 😑 Keeping positive though and getting a #coloncleanse tomorrow to detoxify the body! #sorrynotsorry for the information sharing of removing waste products from ma bod 🙊 Happy #friyay 🦄 ~*~ #fridayfeeling #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #fitlife #gymmotivation #gymlife #fitnessblogger #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel #fit #fitfood #mindbodysoul #positivevibes #healthfood #healthandfitness #healthiswealth #realtalk #smile #foodies #abworkout #workoutmotivation #athlete


It's Friday and it's time to get your weekly dose of the @brokentailed Dog!! Fire episode with model @layulyana up right now. Get on it! Just go to the Broken-Tailed Dog IG page tagged in this post, click the link and let me take you into the weekend. .
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Same swimsuit different location with the stunning Jo :)#bootyfordays #photoshoot #model #beautiful #stunning #bikini #beachbody @joanna_lyn_

💎: @yevaleva

Same Bikini, Better Bottom 🍑🖤 2015-2017 -
Read: Sometimes we don't see the little changes our bodies make, but when we look back to where we started to where we've gotten, and where we still have yet to go, i don't know about you but it brings absolute happiness to me and a hunger for more. I know girls like me who spend hours in the gym working on their bodies, trying to perfect every little curve. Those hours turned into days, those days into months, and months into years. And it's proof that hard work and dedication surpass and satisfy us more than anything else in the world that can be easily bought or handed to. And I just want to say, to all the girls going HAM in the gym, YOU GO GIRLS. PROUD OF ALL OF YOU BAD BOOTY BITCHES! Y'ALL THE REAL MVPs! ❤️🖤❤️🖤

Are you guys ready for new #iggyazalea? ! We are totally feeling her new song #mobounce and the video is cute too! Check out this snippet

Your thoughts😎😎😎#TagAFriend

Super red face after my HIIT class, but really loving how this week is going after starting this prep! Really cut back on processed food, and upped my water intake a ton. It makes SUCH a difference! I can't stress enough how important it is to not only focus on macros but also focus on your micronutrients. Iifym is an amazing plan to use because it gives you freedom to eat what you want and still reach your goals, but sometimes it can be abused. Eating ice cream and candy every day, all day might help you lose fat if it fits your macros and you're in a deficit, but your body isn't going to benefit from those foods as much as it would from fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, etc. If you're struggling to see results or if you're feeling sluggish during your cut, try a cleaner prep! Of course I still throw in some processed foods like rice cakes, and on my high carb days I might eat some ice cream, but just cutting those foods down has helped me so much.
I'm also carb cycling this time around, which has always helped me see results quick. If you'd like to see a video explaining carb cycling and how I use this method, let me know! I'm a little behind on YT just because of classes and life, but I have lots of videos coming soon.
Jamaica here I come!
Top: @relentless_defender (discount code: SAMANTHA20)
Leggings: @gymsharkwomen @gymshark (anyone else sit by their computers today for the release? 🙌)
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Enjoying my Skinny tea everywhere #thankyouteami ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
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