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Saturday night in. Finally finished the F1 ferrari car. This took about 7 nights. Pretty interesting build! #letitgowithlego #boondocklife

Earnhardt hammering some slobs #themobsquad #theopenertv #boondocklife

Some puppy love for Valentine's Day. Two little females came in to find a boyfriend and all they got was a taste of my SD.
#FOXPRO #SpecializedDynamics #BoondockLife #GforceOutdoors

Hey! New post up about our first moochdocking experience with our friends @beginningfromthismorning Link in profile #boondocklife #airstreamlife #nopaymay

Did a little boondocking at a Love's truck stop in Harrisonville, Missouri for our first night of the trek back to Charleston from Kansas. Topping 'er off and grabbing breakfast then it's on to Branson!! #boondocklife #airstreamlife #thisisthelife

We have a new Olympic sport. This one is called "Water jug swing". I'd give myself a 6 out of 10. I could clean up my form a bit. #rio2016 #boondocklife

My man Nick just completed his slam today hammering this stud Rio congrats man glad I was able to take part in the hunt here at 🦃#executiveoutdooradventures @theopenertv with @repostapp.
Grand slam of turkeys in the books for Nick. #theopenertv #boondocklife #boomboomboom #executiveoutdooradventures

Just me, practicing my Bouchey Smoochie! Haha

I think I'm pretty good at building brands. Been inthe business of creating desire since 1997. But i'm also pretty good at building lego. Lol. Batman Tumbler almost done. #letitgowithlego #boondocklife


We saw a mama and baby deer this morning on our way to school!! Things like that make it worthwhile to drive an hour to get to civilization lol 😂 #nature #boondocklife #turkeyscratcharkansas

Bye bye Bend.

She's out!

After 5 minutes of trying to pry it out with a pry bar, this is our solution.

Pulled on to the highway from the dirt road we are boondocking off of, and as soon as we hit the pavement we fill bump a bump a bump a bump. Pull over and this is what we find.

Yogi bear came for a little evening visit. Walked right past our "bear in area" sign we put up last month lol 🐻🌲 @ryan_zo6 #blackbear #cutebutnotcuddly #thrashingdownourtrail #cruisingdownourdriveway #countryliving #bearsofinstagram #boondocklife

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