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“Honestly, am I the only person who’s ever bothered to read Hogwarts: A History?”
Pretty soon I’ll be able to answer Hermione with a resounding “No, you are not the only one!”
I promised you guys photos of this AMAZING new addition to my HP collection, and even though there has been absolutely no sun today, I did manage to get a few good shots! Swipe to see them all. Jack’s (@alarmeighteen) work is BEYOND AMAZING and @warnerbrosentertainment is being foolish for not considering a collaboration with him. I mean, just look at it! I’m extremely thankful that I was able to secure a book from him before they put a stop to his work. Thank you, Jack! It’s even more beautiful than I ever imagined! ✨
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“Sometimes you read a book so special that you want to carry it around with you months after you’ve finished just to stay near it.”

I’ve been thinking about starting a bookish lifestyle blog for a while now. Would anyone be interested in reading it? Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should write about?
I wanted to include book reviews, book events, author interviews + signing but also have photography & editing tips, travel guides (local and international), food/restaurant recommendations, health and wellness posts.
Do you have a blog or have any favourite bloggers?
Some of my favourites are:
Laura @whatshotblog,
Lauren @thisrenegadelove,
Cici @therusticwindow,
Abby @crimebythebook,
Reagen @reagen.reads,
Polly @polly.florence and
Stefie @stefiereads.
Thank you all for inspiring me to start my own blog.
(📷: @bookish.nymph)

Happy Thursday guys! Could this week please just stop for a minute and let me take a breath! Anyone else having a crazy busy week? All I can say is Thank God for coffee! I think I need that written on a mug! ☕️

What are you guys reading? I’m feeling a bit slumpy so I’m not reading a thing. What do you do when you feel a reading slump coming on? Usually I’d pick up an old favourite, but I just can’t find the motivation. .

You have until November 30 to take advantage of my discount code from @danielwellington. Use LIFEANDLITERATURE at checkout to get yourself 15% off your order. Just follow the link via their feed. .

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Hello my beautiful people! HAPPY THANKSGIVIIIIIING!!!!🕺🕺🕺
Finally I have seeeveral days to relax, sleep, READ💛🤓. Tomorrow I will do friendsgiving here and I will cook spanish omolette (you can’t imagine how good my spanish omolettes are😏)
💡What are your plans for thanksgiving? Tell me tell me! 🤓💛
Since summer that I don’t play with photoshop but next semester i have a desktop publishing class so... i said why not now🕺 this picture is me featuring my kitchen🤓
Have a wonderful day🌻
e s p.
Hola mi gente molongui presiosooona! Cómo estáis? Espero que genial!
Aquí mañana es Thanksgiving y estoy super emocionada porque voy a cocinar tortilla de patatas y no podéis imaginaros lo bien que me salen😏.
Y nada, como ayer dije tengo cinco días libres así que AGÁRRENSE porque os voy a spamear las fotos y a daros mucho lof que os debo. .
💡Cuáles son vuestros planes para estos días? Estáis en plan a tope de exámenes o más relajad@s? Deciiidme🤓💛
Por cierto, desde verano que llevaba sin chafurrear con el photoshop, y como el prox semestre tengo una clase de diseño pues ale, he vuelto a cacharrear. Esta foto soy yo feauturing mi cocina😍
Pasad un día im-prezionante🌻

🎉 SORTEO 🎉 📚📚📚 Ya somos ➕ de 2000 en esta linda plataforma y estamos de festejo 👏👏 Antes que nada queremos agradecerles a todos la buena onda de siempre 🤗. Como verán, finalmente develamos el misterio ➡️ A pedido de muchos, sorteamos la saga Lux de @jennifer_l_armentrout 😁😁😁 ¿Qué tenés que hacer? ☝️ Seguirmos en Instagram.
✌️ Etiquetar en esta foto a tus dos amigos más lectores. ¡Y listo, ya estás participando 🤗🤗! Tienen tiempo hasta el 29/11/2017 ➡️ sorteamos el miércoles próximo a las 18 hs. 🔸Enviamos al interior y es sólo nacional. ¡Mucha suerte para todos! 😉😉 #sorteo #sagalux #book #books #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramarg #instabook #booklover #bookaddict #libros #librosenespañol #bookshelf #bookish

I tackled another book from my DNF (did not finish) stack this year. Pride and Prejudice! I “read” the majority of P&P while listening to an audiobook of it while I crocheted my giant doily rug in July. Of course I loved it. I already knew I loved Pride and Prejudice...I just hadn’t finished reading it for whatever reason.
This entire stack ended up as DNFs out of sheer reading laziness. Years ago, my drive to read always fizzled out rather easily and I never set reading goals to keep me on track. These casualties are the result of that alone and not, I repeat, NOT because they weren’t good books.
Which book should I rescue from my DNF stack next?
Books recently rescued from DNF status:
Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, of course!
Did Not Finish (DNF) • #fanaticalbirdnov
Height • #ampersandnov17

I am going to be the proud owner of a pair of glasses soon! Yes, you guessed correctly, this bookworm no longer has healthy eyes. I blame trying to read in the dark because I was too lazy to turn on the light.
I am determined to read more classics next year and A Tale of Two Cities is going to be one of them. I am going to conquer my fear of Charles Dickens’ dense writing and plough through a few of his books. .
Who is an author who you’re afraid to read or you are intimidated by? ✨
P.S can we take a small moment to appreciate how beautiful this teacup candle is? This is not an ad, I bought this candle with my own money and I am so in love 😍 @witchywicks is absolutely incredible!

Penulis : @nikmatus.solikha
Penerbit : @falconpublishing .
Haihai... Selamat hari kamis. Hari ini kita lanjut lagi #ObrolinBuku #KalauBaperMakanDulu bersama @tourianpeekybook, ya.
Makin kepo kan???
Cusss... Langsung aja yuk...
Aksi stalking Yuna terhadap Leo semakin meningkat. Dari yang tadinya cuma lewat FB sekarang secara langsung si Yuna ngebuntutin Leo. Sayangnya aksi itu dibuyarkan sama kedatangan Lika yang mengiterupsi dan ikutan numpang kepo sama Leo (Isshh... KZL!)
Cewek impian Leo yang menyerupai Emma Watson dan cewek kelewat kece yang menjemput Leo di sekolah bikin Yuna makin kepikiran. Sampai akhirnya dia me-lonjong-kan keputusan untuk mulai diet. Bahkan nggak cuma Yuna yang diet, tapi juga Rino (adiknya) yang ikut terseret dalam aksi mengurangi makan itu.
“Terima diri lo apa adanya, Yun. Baru orang laon bisa nerima lo apa adanya.” Begitu kata si Rino menasehati sang kakak yang lagi galau urusan diet dan cowok. Ada benernya kan omongannya Rino. Selain itu Rino juga ngasih Yuna ide untuk bisa masuk ke hati Leo, yaitu lewat perutnya alias kasih makanan yang enak-enak buatan Yuna. Emang cemerlang otaknya si Rino kadang-kadang!
Terus apa sih Yuna batal diet karena udah dikasih ide sama adenya? Tentu tidak! Yuna tetep melanjutkan aksi dietnya bahkan menolak makan siang di kanton sekolah. Yuna juga mogok masak di rumah sampe si Rino ikut kelaperan dan semakin lebay menasehati dia.
Gile banget pokoknya pengorbanan Yuna demi bisa mendapatkan tubuh langsing ala Emma Watson. Yuna bahkan rela membuang jam hangout-nya untuk nyoba olah raga, meski akhirnya dia malah jadi tontonan adeknya yang rese itu. .
Tapi kira-kira berhasil nggak ya program diet Yuna?
Kira-kira kuat nggak dia menahan godaan makanan enak yang disodorkan sama Lika yang licik?
Tungguin lanjutannya besok yaa... 😘😘😘
#PeekyBookTourian #CeritaBikinBaper #TeenFiction #falconpublishing
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“Semua perjalanan hidup adalah sinema. Bahkan lebih mengerikan. Darah adalah darah. Tangis adalah tangis. Tak ada pemeran pengganti yg akan menanggung sakitmu.”
(Supernova KPBJ, Dee)

Ngomong-ngomong ttg “tak ada pemeran pengganti yg akan menanggung sakitmu”, aku teringat gadis kecil pernah berkata padaku, “Kau harus bisa sendiri, mandiri. Tak selamanya kau berjalan dgn orang lain. Tak selamanya kau dapat mengandalkan orang lain. Mereka punya perjalanan dan hidupnya masing-masing.”
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Ada banyak sekali hal yang tak bisa kuutarakan, maka kutuliskan saja. Semua perasaan yang tak tersampaikan, hal-hal yang mungkin terasa menyakitkan, perihal kamu dan dia yang rumit, atau catatan-catatan yang tak pernah kukirim langsung untukmu, tetapi kutulis dalam sedihku. Semua perasaan itu akhirnya membuatku mengerti arti jatuh dan cinta.
Aku–atau kamu–akan selalu punya alasan untuk kembali bangkit. Meski banyak perjalanan yang pernah terasa begitu sulit. Maafkan jika beberapa hal dariku terasa menyakitkan. Aku hanya ingin kamu tahu, bahwa ada bagian yang terlalu sulit dikatakan, tetapi harus tetap kukatakan.
Sulit untuk kutolak, tetapi tetap harus kutolak. Sebab, aku harus tega membunuh semua rasa yang hanya akan mempersulit bagian-bagian hidupku. Perasaan yang jika kuturuti tak juga baik untukmu.
Semoga kamu mengerti, bahwa tidak semua hal baik bisa dilalui dengan menyenangkan di dunia ini.
_____( .......•Jatuh dan Cinta - Boy Candra•...... )______

👉Kalo dengar kata-kata Bang Boy Candra pasti bawaannya baper mulu😀
Dari kata - kata yang sangat puitis pas banget buat kids zaman now yang lagi galau sama doi nya wkwk.
Novel ini juga banyak banget quote nya yang bikin tambah baper lagi lagi dan lagi, Huaaaa hiks hiks😂😂😂 Hashtag:
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Hey Book Buddies!! How you guys doing?!
I made some Hot Coco today and thanks to my new Coco Bar, I made it in 60 sec ( which is 1 min, but that's not the point here ) It's effing sooo delicious.
1 Chocolate bar, unsweetned
1/2 Cup cream
1/2 Cup Milk
Nut Meg
My secret- little bit of Fondant Icing ( I added it accidentally one day and doing it since then )
Happy Reading

Добро утро,сладури! Бях тагната от @pearls_books да направя #spellthemonthinbooks за което искрено благодаря.
Н-"Нека ти разкажа" Хорхе Букай
О-"Обсидиан" Дженифър Л. Арментраут
Е-"Елинор и Парк" Рейнбоу Роуъл
М-"Мост към Терабития" Катрин Патерсън
В-"Властелинът на пръстените" Дж. Р. Р. Мартин
Р-"Разум и чувства" Джейн Остин
И-"Индор и Братството на Почти Пълната Луна" Б. Н. Добрев
Тагвам @bibliophiles_ed3n 😚❤🙆🎩 #bookworm #bookstagram #booklover #bookish #booknerd #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeature #bookphoto #bookstagrammer #book #read #books #vscobulgaria #vscoballkans

Dear stack of books I promised to read and review - I know I've been spending more time with work than with you, but I want you to know I haven't forgotten you. You always have been, and always will be, my one true love. I'm working hard for us. Promise to see you soon. 💜❤💚💙💛 your # 1 fan, me

¡NOVEDAD! "Fernando, era el mejor cerrajero del reino. Una mañana, mientras trabajaba con un hierro al rojo vivo, tres soldados entraron en su taller. Tenía que ir urgentemente a ver a su Rey: ¡Necesito una de tus llaves! —le exigió el monarca—. Una llave que abra la jaula de oro donde está encerrado el corazón de la princesa..." LA LLAVE de Susana Peix y Cristina Serrat, una historia de amor entre un aprendiz de cerrajero y una princesa ya disponible en castellano y catalán: https://goo.gl/8lqmWh #tramuntana #editorial #lij #publisher #ilustracion #leer #libros #books #illustration #infantil #tiendaonline #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #childrensbooks #illustrationoftheday #illustrator #illustrationartists #libro #drawing #drawings #kids #mami #booklover #booknow #bookaholic #booknerd #bookaddict #cuentos #hoyleemos

Ieri sera ho completato una lettura bella bella, di quelle che ti riempiono l'anima. Si tratta di #comeseiofossite di #andreacaschetto
Andrea è un giovane uomo, mio compaesano, che ha un dono.
Il suo dono è il sorriso, ma la cosa essenziale è che lui non lo tiene per se. Va in giro per il mondo a regalare il suo sorriso a chi non sempre ha motivo per sorridere, e lo fa con spirito allegro e bambino. Entra subito in contatto con la gente di qualsiasi nazionalità o età o sesso e si dona a loro in maniera pura e disinteressata.
Nel suo precedente libro "Dove nasce l'arcobaleno" raccontava del suo viaggio nel Sud del mondo in giro per orfanotrofi. In questo nuovo testo ci parla di diversità, ha fatto un viaggio in Argentina "a bordo" di una sedia a rotelle dal nome Azzurra.
Azzurra è un'amica di Andrea che sulla sedie a rotelle trascorre la sua vita e che aveva il desiderio di visitare l'Argentina. Così Andrea le ha regalato il sogno viaggiando per lei. Il libro è pieno di storie di gente comune che ha vissuto, sofferto e amato. C'è chi ce l'ha fatta e chi no. Ma tutti si raccontano e affidano ad Andrea e Azzurra le proprie emozioni.
"Un modo piuttosto che un altro di raccontare le cose può cambiare un punto di vista. Io lavoro perché le persone siano felici della vita. Da qualsiasi punto di vista la si guardi. Da un aereo, da un'amaca, da una sedia, con o senza rotelle.

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Ice Spines ❄️

There is no way - no way, I say - I will get over that ending! Strange the Dreamer broke my heart and wrecked my soul 😭 And I can’t seem to stop mentioning it because this is my absolute favorite book that I have read this year (and possibly in the years ahead) 💙
So please excuse me while I cry in a corner. Only I can’t yet because I need to go to a meeting with my school to discuss which courses I will start with in January. Wish me luck! 🙊💚

Me to my non-bookstagramming sister: "hey do you think this photo matches my theme?" Sister: "isn't your theme just I'm-big-nerd-here's-some-books?" Me:
Me: "so...is that a yes?" Whooo I'm SO EXCITED to have Eliza and Her Monsters AT LAST. I'm hoping it's a bit Fangirl-ish because if you don't know anything else about me, you should know I love Fangirl. And that I once met Rainbow Rowell and made awkward eyecontact as she was trying to drink her soda and I asked her a question but she was still drinking soda and that's what I think about at night before I fall asleep. I hope she's forgiven me. Anyhoo...

Do you ever feel personally targeted by bookstores? I feel like Vivien Leigh is staring out at me from this shelf 😍 There are two posters of Queen Viv in my room and this edition of GWTW just calls to me...⠀
I'm trying to resist buying long books at the moment because I'm so busy, but some of my favourite books are epics and so somehow my TBR is crammed with books like Vanity Fair, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and A Little Life. Do you have a strategy for long books - do you read nothing else until they are done, or do you dip in and out of them and read other books too?⠀

#qotd: "Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home."
Edith Sitwell

I can't believe is almost December...when had the time run out???
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Collecting The Pieces by L.A. Fiore

What a great read!
I really enjoyed this book, there was tears, laughter, suspense, sexy time, smiles and all the feels.
I sometimes feel like books moves too slow and the characters fall in love way too quickly. So I like this one was more fast but not insta love fast.
It’s a great second chance kind feel good book. If you’re look for a romance that keeps you guessing with a good ending.
This is the book for you!
Easily 4 stars from me 😍
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