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#qotd : comment "😏& #34; if you knew this and "😱& #34; if you didn't .
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Yay or Nay? 💖✨
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Do you have any pets?

I'm miss Wizarding world so much right now. My favourite bit is the badges stall and they have the most beautiful collection ever! I love collecting pins and ornaments. What do you guys normally collect?

my parents got a white bedspread & im trying my hardest to be aesthetic but it's not entirely working.. 😂🙈

Something I read today that struck me...I wanted to read it to you. #sunday #sundaymood #thevoiceofknowledge #Donmiguelruiz #reading #books #deepening #excusethewind 😂😂🌈🌈💜💜🙏🏽🙏🏽🌟🌟

Love this cozy shot! It's pouring rain here and I am gazing out my window, dreaming of sunshine.
📚 Just a reminder that there's only a few days left to enter our rep search! Find our original post a few posts back for all of the details on how to apply. We'll be picking 10-15 bookworms to become reps!
📚 Thank you so much to everyone who has already entered. I can't wait to go through all the entries!
📚 photo by OwlCrate rep @thebookranter

From 'Keep Me Wild' by @raquelfranco.poet //

Reading is dreaming with your eyes wide open 📖📚 Follow 📸: flowerboi on WHI for some stunning art & photography! #WHIHeart #books #reading

The average price of each book you see in this picture is $2. I visited this bookstore on my short trip to Bombay (I refuse to call it Mumbai 🤓)
➡️Are you on Goodreads? Add me if you're there, just search 'theguywiththebook& #39; and you'll find me 😊
➡️Also, we have a group on Goodreads, search 'Bookstagram& #39; - it's a great hangout for booklovers and you can start your own topic too 😊
➡️In any case leave your Goodreads name/handle in the comments below, I'm sure more bookstagrammers would love to connect with you as well 🙂
Update: found the address, Hill road, Bandra behind A1 bakery
28th March 2017.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

It rained the whole day today which meant three things: book + tea + candles of course! Seen here is @frostbeardmpls' New Paperback scented candle that is reminiscent of that new book smell, different from the sweet old book smell but just as exciting on a deep inhale. Why does book paper smell so good? 😉 (its science but ok moving on) You can use my code "crimeofrhyme10& #34; for 10% off your @frostbeardmpls orders!

Anyone? (Shirt link in profile)

🇬🇧Im so happy you follow and support me all the time. Guys you're amazing 💕-------------------------------------------------🇪🇸Eternamente agradecida a todo el que me sigue, me apoya y me escribe 💕----------------------------------------------------Dentro de poco tendréis nuevo vídeo en el canal y SORTEO por los 80k 🎥👠👙👚👕👖

Trying to squeeze in some reading time between school and school😫😂 March is coming to an end and I managed to read about 5+ books!💪🏼
I actually finished a book two weekends ago - I picked up 99 Days and was utterly disappointed by it😕 I won't go into much detail, but if you'd like a review do tell! I'll be sure to write one up🤓
My book sleeve is from @bookwarriors_ ! You can use the code 'bookishsmaug10& #39; for 10% off of your order💕

Do you agree or disagree?

Send me your confessions about the harry potter series⚡️

Thank you so much for 2k!🥀 ~A

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Legitimately thought I might need emergency services to help me down 😂

Snug Falls, Tasmania

Geriye dönemediğin an içinde bulunduğun an'dır ..
Geriye dönmek isteyeceginiz anlar yaşayın ama hic geri dönmek istemeyin.

this makes me v uncomfortable considering i've had like 6 hamsters (that's a long story i'll save for another day :)
also the longer you look at the list the worse it gets ahah

Canada’s own YouTube superstar, Lilly Singh, drops her debut book today. Get it in-store or online, and spoiler alert: it’s bawsey! Click #linkinprofile to shop. @iisuperwomanii #IndigoFaves #IndigoBooks #books #bookstagram #LillySingh #Bawse

QUESTION: who here loves New Adult books?
Today over at @oftomes we revealed the cover for #BloodRose by @droseauthor which is set to release June 21st.
It's a NEW ADULT paranormal story following a witch who gets tangled up with the very creatures she is sworn to destroy.. vampires.
A story filled with action, elemental control, steamy romance and more.
Literally one of the best new adults I have ever read! Oh and shhhhh it's only 0.99 to kindle preorder and also paperback preorder! Go go go!

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Конфликт √4 " Конфликт Самооценки"
Конфликт присутствует, когда попытки признать собственное достоинство проваливаются в настоящем или имели провал в прошлом. Часто слышится : "Я больше ничто" ,- человек всячески демонстрирует собственную ненужность, при этом его сопровождает чувство стыда. Либо человек проявляет яркую самоуверенность, как попытку справиться с собственными страхами, но "псевдосамоуверенность& #34; легко распознается в общении, что приводит к ярости или гневу, так как ставится под сомнение позитивно- нарциссический образ себя.
Материалы из руководства "Операционализированная психодинамическая диагностика ОПД - 2"

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#middleearthmarch • Today's prompt is Saddest Moment. Theodan's death always hits me hard. What's yours?
Hail, King of the Mark!" he said. "Ride now to victory! Bid Eowyn farewell!" And so he died, and knew not that Eowyn lay near him. Always gets me in the book. Not so much the film. -
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Would you rather have an arranged marriage to a royal you've never met, or fall in love with someone only to find out they're an assassin?

Day 28 of #springbookishflowers17 is for blue to purple ombre.

Day 28 of #frenchiefantasymarch is for favorite series. This is ONE of my favorite series. And I'd you haven't read it...I demand that you do!

Day 28 of #squeakybookishlibrary is for...finding you can change, learning you were wrong. That plot twist in book one 😳
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The cutest picture books in the galaxy 🌌

Work in progress. 🙃

Ich würde euch heute alle gerne mal ein bisschen besser kennenlernen 💗 Schreibt mir also gerne irgendeinen Fakt von euch in die Kommentare! Egal was - was ihr gerne macht, esst, wo ihr gut drin seid, irgendwas besonderes an euch,... ich freu mich drauf! 😊 Etwas über mich: ich schreibe zwar mit links, mache sonst aber alles mit rechts (schneiden, werfen, Sachen heben und so weiter) 🤔🙈 |
🇺🇸 Go comment something about yourself in the comments below, I'd like to get to know you all better! ♥️ { #marielu #legend }

Herkese melabaa arkadaşlar 🙌 Yine ben geldim ve bir çekilişle geldim. Bu çekilişimde kazanan arkadaşımız görselde bulunan Yalancılar kitabını ve benim belirleyeceğim sürpriz bir kitabın sahibi olacak. Katılım şartları ise ;
🎈 Beni takip etmek,
🎈 Bu görseli beğenerek, yorum kısmına 5 arkadaşınızı etiketlemek,
🎈 Ve eğer bir katılım hakkı daha istiyorsanız hikayenizde beni etiketleyerek çekiliş görselini paylaşabilirsiniz ( Bu madde zorunlu değildir).
Katılım şartları oldukça basit. Kargo bana ait olacak, yurt dışından katılımlar kabul edilmeyecek ve 16.04.2017 tarihinde son bulacaktır. Herkese bol şans diliyorum. Ve lütfen ama lütfen ne zaman açıklanacak tarzında sorular sormayın :)
Not: Yalancılar'ı bir kez ben okudum. Ancak hiçbir hasarı yok. Bunu bilerek katılın arkadaşlar :)
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Guess what is finally out in the world today??? Strange the Dreamer by @lainitaylor hits shelves today and I can't wait to get a gorgeous finished copy!!! The book sounds amazing and the cover is 😍😍😍!!! If you haven't preordered this one make sure to go pick up a copy today you will not regret it!!! I'll put the mysterious synopsis below so you can see what it's about!!!
💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛 Want to Read
Strange the Dreamer is the story of:
the aftermath of a war between gods and men
a mysterious city stripped of its name
a mythic hero with blood on his hands
a young librarian with a singular dream
a girl every bit as perilous as she is imperiled
alchemy and blood candy, nightmares and godspawn, moths and monsters, friendship and treachery, love and carnage.

Welcome to Weep. 💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙
Also I'm featuring my awesome @bookbeau if you don't have one yet I highly recommend you change that


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