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"Va, gue jatuh cinta sama Eza,"
(hlm 12)
Sebuah kenyataan yang membuat Eva ingin engah dari dunia. Ternyata, orang yang ia cintai beberapa tahun terakhir, mencintai adiknya sendiri.
Sejak saat itu, Eva berusaha melunturkan cintanya untuk Raskal. Mama dan Papanya pun memilih membantu Eva dengan jalan perjodohan, yaitu dengan seorang CEO Perusahaan yang bernama Rayhan.
Setelah pernikahan, bukan bahagia yang didapatkan oleh Eva. Rayhan sama sekali tak mencintainya, bahkan ia mengaku bahwa dirinya telah dipaksa menikahi Eva oleh seseorang yang ia cintai. .ㅤㅤ
Bagaimana kelanjutan rumah tangga Eva dan Rayhan? Kita lihat besok ya...
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So I thought I might do a book review every once in a while starting with this one because it gets a lot less love than it deserves. Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman is the second book in the Arc of the Scythe series. The series is set in a world where humans are immortal and ruled by an "all-seeing" AI and it deals with the issues that arise. There are so many plot twists in this book and the writing is so engaging that it was very hard to out down. I love all the protagonists and I can't wait for the third book.

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"O ódio é isso. Alimenta você e ao mesmo tempo o faz apodrecer."

Quando terminei delírio fiquei super ansiosa pra dar continuidade a história, o final me prendeu e me fez querer devorar Pandemônio. Logo no começo me veio várias questões.

Como foi triste e dolorido ver todo aquele amor ser tão bem colocado no primeiro livro e sumir em uma continuação tão importante da história?

Mas com o desenrolar do livro todo o meu amor renasce! E não conseguia largar o livro até terminar.

Pandemônio foca na luta dos rebeldes que tem como principal alicerce a descoberta do amor. E a perda dele.

"Existe um lugar para tudo e para todos, sabem. É esse o erro que eles cometem lá em cima. Acham que só existe lugar para algumas pessoas. Que só certos tipos de pessoa pertencem a algum lugar. Que o restante é lixo. Mas mesmo o lixo precisa ter seu lugar. Senão entulha, acumula apodrece."

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The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer

What does feminism mean to each generation and can it really be intergenerational? Is there a right way to be a feminist in the modern world...and if so, what is it? Greer's feminism is awakened when she's assaulted by a frat brother in college and the school refuses to take action against him. She later meets and goes to work for famous feminist Faith Frank, whose brand of feminism is somewhat outdated but is still a charismatic power. The novel also explores ideas of feminism through other characters: a shady male venture capitalist in love with Faith who funds her feminist foundation, Greer's lesbian best friend who affects small community-based change, and Greer's boyfriend who gives up a promising career to take care of his family when tragedy strikes. Power is a big concept here as well, and women sometimes use it to do bad things to each other...without ever coming off as victims. The book ends in a time of "big terribleness" without specifically naming the Trump Era but also allows hope for the future as Greer interacts with the next bright young generation of feminists.

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In a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware

I loved this one. Ruth Ware's books just get it right for me. They give me the drama, the thrill, all of it.

Nora is invited to her former friend Clare's hen party. She hasn't spoken to Clare in ten years but at one point in her life Clare was her best friend. Nora decides to go and everything goes wrong.
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This book is everything I didn't know I needed. It has it all. Action. Intrigue. Romance. A secret police force. If you haven't read it yet, you must. The Glow Cloud demands it.
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😱😱😱😱 Wow I am shocked and in love with this!! If you haven’t yet, you should pick this up! 4.5/5. #bookreview #finalgirls #rileysager #booksofinstagram #bookstagram #areaderlivesathousandlives #bookworm #booknerd #thriller #mystery #wow

I love a good children’s bible story that covers an event in the Bible that isn’t a typical children’s bible story. So I loved this book about Silas and Paul and the prison miracle in Philippi. It’s a beautiful rhyming story with vibrant illustrations and a beautiful message. There are also three other stories in this series (pictured in the third photo) but this one was our favorite! And we love that it’s written by a talented local author. #bookrecommendations #bookaholic #bookreview #childrenslit #childrenslibrary #childrensliterature #readabook #readaloud #raisingreaders #christianchildrensbooks #biblestories

Gray Wolf Island by @traceyneithercott —————————————
I love a good ensemble cast with secrets to hide and this book did not disappoint. The setting, the story, the characters, and the beautiful writing all work together to deliver an island adventure you’ll be happy to get lost in, and truths you can’t wait to uncover. And who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? ———————————————
Pairs well with: {Earl Grey Tea ☕️ {A favorite blanket {Cloudy days {A sense of adventure
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I’m too tired to write a video game review but let me tell you, this book is great.
Neil Gaiman really takes centuries old myths and brings them to the modern era. I have read the “Myths of the Norsemen: From the Eddas and Sagas” by H.A. Guerber and “Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes” by Edith Hamilton but nothing compares to these tellings of the myths the way Neil writes them.
Now don’t get me wrong it’s not a retelling or the Norse gods in the modern era, it’s the old gods and their stories told with a modern tongue. Neil is known for the #Sandman series and #AmericanGods and I feel that he truly captures the essence of the myths in a way that I can read and reread for years to come! If your a fan of Norse mythology then I really recommend this book!
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This. Book.
Wow. #thepoetx by #elizabethacevedo is perfection. A #versenovel, it’s lyrical and tragic and hopeful. Xio is one of the most real characters I’ve read in a long time. (I also wish I were teaching so I could offer up I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter alongside this one.)

This is my beautiful friend and biz assistant, Brooke. She’s such a wonderful supporter of my creative work! I’m so grateful and I love working along side this awesome gal. We’ve got many adventures coming up with my novel, Above The Star! www.AboveTheStar.com ⭐️
"Get ready to be lost and then found in a world of intrigue, suspense, and love. Time will stand still as you travel through dimensions to the far off land of Jarr-Wya and engage in a battle between good and evil. You may just discover Naiu inside of yourself as you fight alongside the heroes of Above the Star to find a cure and a way back home."
— Donloree Hoffman, Author of If I Die, Please Bring Cheesecake to My Funeral @donloree 💕
A mesmerizing, stay-up-all-night adventure of three unlikely heroes, Above the Star reminds us that even the smallest act of bravery can transform our lives and the fates of the worlds around us.
My novel is called Above the Star and it’s book one in The 8th Island Trilogy. The official release date is June 5, but you can pre-order it now wherever books are sold.
www.AboveTheStar.com 📚💕
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Have you seen my new blog post? I l reviewed ‘You Are A BadAss’ & I must say I absolutely loved this book. Go read my review! Link in bio!

“Why her?” She is so successful in her business and I’m on struggle bus alley. “Why her?” All I want is to be successful. “Why her?” She has the perfect life and mine is falling apart. “Why her?” She is so confident in herself and her abilities and I’m ashamed of mine. ⠀

Did any of those sound familiar? I’m guilty of thinking these very things. Comparison is something all of us struggle with, yet rarely do we ever talk about it. Especially for those of us in the church, this is a topic that is hard for us to discuss. We seem to sweep it under the rug so we can appear like we have it all together (I am one of them). ⠀

Even though this is a hard topic, @nickikoziarz beautifully tackles it in her newest book, Why Her. She candidly and gracefully talks about her own personal struggles with it, give practical and applicable Biblical truth to combat it, and eloquently tells the story of Leah & Rachel in the Bible and how their struggle is similar to ours. My review of it is up on the blog *finally*. ⠀

Note: if my website is down, I am sorry. My husband is actively working on it trying to fix some issues we are having, but hopefully it will work! *fingers crossed* ⠀

P.S. thanks for sticking around in spite of my busyness! Your loyalty makes my heart sing ♥️⠀

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I'm calling this one "in which I light every candle in my house to showcase a fiery series."
Sister warriors unite!
Kalinda is back with a vengeance in The Rogue Queen, the third installment in @emily_r_king 's Hundreth Queen series. Fans of the other two books definitely won't want to miss this one! Seriously, guys, this book touched on so many things that have been weighing on my heart right now: women's rights, prejudices, relationships vs what's "socially acceptable." I think I cried at least a dozen times. It felt like Emily had written those words especially for me because she knew I needed to hear them. Like she was saying "yes, you are a woman, and yes, you are worthy of equal treatment and happiness." "Yes, you can stand up for and speak out about what you believe, and if there's retaliation, you can take it, because you're not alone." "Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks or says and listen to what your heart is saying."
Plus, the love triangle between Kali, Deven, and Ashwin that started in The Fire Queen gets hotter in this book. Kali has to struggle to regain her inner soul-fire after being poisoned by the demon raja. (A very find-yourself-again underlying message here that, again, resonated with me. Did I mention that this book was everything I needed right now?) And the big fight scene at the end was the MOST EPIC and WELL-WRITTEN fight scenes I've read in I don't know how long! Needless to say, I definitely give this book 5 stars. 😀⚔🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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Starting off the week with these two reads. To see what else I’m reading, click the link in the bio for What I recently finished and what I plan to read this week. What are y’all reading?

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Ada pepatah paling terkenal, simpel tapi mengena. "Cinta dan benci itu beda tipis". Hubungannya sama cerita ini?
Ada deh. Ada hubungannya pokoknya. No spoiler. 😝 Terus aku mau jelasin apa?
Sang Kepala Redaksi Editor yang baru ternyata adalah Arfat. Pak Arfat itu masih muda dan menurut Rengga, beliau itu berkarismatik. Yang mengejutkan, ternyata ada satu fakta yang akan jadi patokan untuk masalah berikutnya.
Apa hayo?? Main tebak-tebakan yuk! 😄😄 Ada hubungannya dengan Nuna, Rengga, dan Arfat.
Ternyata, ehem ehem gitu. 😂😂 Salah satu harus mengalah, sampai-sampai ada yang pergi ke luar negeri demi meraih cita-cita yang tertunda.
Kepo, yak? Baca Kuy! Di iPusnas ada!
Ide cerita aku suka banget, nget, nget! 😍 Diluar ekspetasi utamaku yang kukira ini nonfiksi. 😂 .
Konflik yang dibangun adalah konflik yang sudah umum tapi pengemasannya unik. Tentang kebimbangan dan usaha.
Amanat yang aku bisa ambil adalah "Terus semangat untuk meraih mimpi, meski pekerjaan saat ini bukan pekerjaan yang diimpikan." dan "Jangan ragu dengan perasaan. Jika yes; maka kejar, usahakan, dan pertahankan!".
Full review besok, yak!
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Giveaway!!!!! 🎉📚🎉
Win these two sweet rhyming board books. 🐵🐨🦉🐬🐙
They are great reads for toddlers and preschoolers, and they’d make a great baby shower gift. Check the blog, #linkinbio , for more details on the books and more chances to win.
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Prometo Perder (Pedro Chagas Freitas)
“Porque só quem ama corre o risco de perder; os outros correm apenas o risco de continuar perdidos”.
Perda. Todos corremos o risco de perder alguma coisa. Perder um ente querido, perder algo de valor material ou imaterial, perder a memória, perder a infância, perder uma amizade, perder um emprego, perder uma pessoa amada, perder um amor. Mas em algumas vezes (senão, na grande maioria delas), é através da perda que saímos ganhando. Ganhamos a chance de recomeçar, ganhamos coragem para continuar seguindo os sonhos, ganhamos a vontade de jamais deixarmos nossa criança interior morrer, ganhamos a possibilidade de um amor verdadeiro, ganhamos uma segunda chance.
“O otimismo não é ver o copo meio cheio; é estar constantemente enchendo o copo”.
Ah, como eu amo a escrita do Pedro! Com muita poesia e um toque sacanagem (afinal, se a vida nos sacaneia, vamos no embalo), o autor nos presenteia com uma série de contos e crônicas onde o foco é a perda, tanto as que nos causam dor quanto as que nos livram dos encostos da vida.
Os contos narram as situações mais diversas aos olhos dos mais diferentes tipos de personagem. Isso me encantou desde o primeiro livro que li do Pedro. Alguns deles me deixaram um tanto incomodada, onde demonstram formas doentias e abusivas de amor; já outros me deixaram suspirando e alguns ainda me deram um nó na garganta.
Não sou uma pessoa muito ligada a contos e livros assim costumam ser um bocado lentos para mim, mas é incrível como eu não vi o tempo passar ao ler cada página desse livro. Indico a quem aprecia esse tipo de leitura e está aberto a ler sobre situações que pode ser que não gostemos, mas que se pararmos para reparar, elas existem de fato, senão conosco, com alguém que conhecemos.
⭐️ 4/5

I bought this for myself for Mother’s Day. If ever a day you can buy yourself a book, it’s Mother’s Day. In saying that, my kids were predictably screaming and I couldn’t really choose a book with any thought. I’m not going to lie, I don’t have a particular interest in Yugoslavia. And I suppose this memoir about Yugoslavia didn’t interest me especially. It was semi-engaging learning about a part of the world I’m not terribly familiar with, but I kinda didn’t think there was a whole book here, partly because it ends when the author is about 22 and that’s a pretty short portion of life. I’d definitely read it as a shortened Guardian article.
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