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Если бы существовал некий перечень детских книг, строго обязательных к прочтению, то книги Астрид Линдгрен однозначно составляли бы его костяк.
✔️Для меня Линдгрен и детство — слова-синонимы, её книги — такой же неотъемлемый атрибут взросления, как сбитые коленки, мороженое и выклянченная в парке сладкая вата)))

Честно скажу, я попыталась немножко
пробежаться впереди паровоза: мы попробовали почитать "Эмиля", заглянули в "Бюллербю", но 🤷🏼‍♀️рано, рано, а в случае с книгами Астрид Линдгрен я особенно сильно хочу, чтобы они не прошли незамеченными, чтобы всколыхнули какие-то струнки в душе Саши, чтобы весь их мощнейщий потенциал не оказался растраченным впустую.
📚Так что из всего творческого наследия великой шведки нами пока освоены лишь коротенькие истории про Томтена и "Лотта с горластой улицы", и именно с этой книги я рекомендую начинать знакомиться с творчеством знаменитой сказочницы.
Лотта — пятилетняя малышка, младший ребёнок в семье, шумный, громкий, непоседливый, добрый, отзывчивый, чистосердечный, хитрый, ловкий, настойчивый, самоуверенный и бесконечно обаятельный, словом, типичный ребёнок, в котором каждый юный читатель обязательно и непременно увидит свои черты🍭
В книге — три коротенькие истории о проказах Лотты, щедро и прекрасно проиллюстрированные, и соотношение текста и картинок так и подталкивает начать читать эту книгу ребёнку года в три, что я и сделала 😜 Рано! Оптимальный возраст для знакомства с Лоттой — 4,5-5 лет, тогда юный читатель сможет в полной мере оценить и юмор поступков главной героини, и прочувствовать её, не побоюсь этого слова, душевные терзания, и сопоставить её жизненный опыт со своим и почувствовать родственную душу.
⠀ 🏖А я хочу предложить вам маленький эксперимент! Напишите пожалуйста, какое литературное произведение вы вспоминаете ПЕРВЫМ, когда слышите имя Астрид Линдгрен, мне прямо бесконечно любопытно, кто же из её персонажей победит — ОН или ОНА😜
А я потом подсчитаю голоса и объявлю победителя)))


A perfect day capped off by a perfect dip in the lake.

I received an amazing package from @tijneyewear a couple days ago, you may have seen I showed both of my new sunglasses on my stories a few days ago, and I am obsesssssed 🙌🏻😎. I was looking for the perfect pair of reflective sunglasses and absolutely scored on both of the pairs I got. And they're both pink 🙊.

I'm a little over halfway through Little Fires Everywhere, and the story has seriously picked up and gotten SO interesting. Up until this point, I wouldn't say the story was slow or anything, but it didn't have any clear direction. And then all of a sudden, it snapped into place and I can't put it down 🙌🏻.

What did you read this weekend? .

🎉 Sale on now! 🎉 Get 20% off everything in store + free worldwide shipping for 10 hours! Link to store in bio, no coupon code needed ☺️ Be sure to tag a friend in the comments below who wouldn't want to miss out on this sale! .
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Yay for the next #SRC2017 feature: #AmericanFamily by Catherine Marshall-Smith! ✨ .
Here's the synopsis: Richard and Michael, both three years sober, have just decided to celebrate their love by moving in together when Richard—driven by the desire to do the right thing for his ten-year-old-daughter, Brady, whom he has never met—impulsively calls his former father-in-law to connect with her. With that phone call, he jeopardizes the one good thing he has—his relationship with Michael—and also threatens the world of the fundamentalist Christian grandparents who love Brady and see her as payback from God for the alcohol-related death of her mother. Unable to reach an agreement, the two parties hire lawyers who have agendas far beyond the interests of the families—and Brady is initially trusted into Richard and Michael’s care. But when the judge learns that the young girl was present when a questionable act took place while in their custody, she returns Brady to her grandparents. Ultimately, it’s not until further tragedy strikes that both families are finally motivated to actually act in the “best interests of the child.” 📖 .
Save this photo if you're adding AMERICAN FAMILY to your TBR list! Follow @Booksparks for more updates on the summer reading challenge! 🌞

Herkese Günaydın!!! 😍❤️
Game of Thrones paylaşmadan duramıyorum 😂 Varımı yoğumu koydum fotoğrafa, sergiliyorum hepsini 😍🙈 Fotoğrafı sağa kaydırmayı ve kalp bırakmayı unutmayın 😍❤️
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📷 Shelfie Sunday 📚

There is never a bad time to post a shelfie 😍 I wish I could post a full shelfie but I always struggle to photograph them and fit them all in. I hope to get a decent full shelfie soon. I love my bookshelves but I do shudder when I think about if I ever have to move, as these would not be fun to box up! They're not just filled with books, they're also filled with bookmarks, mugs, candles, funkos and so much more. I own over 100 candles now!!! I HAVE A PROBLEM! And the four bookshelves I show aren't even all my bookshelves, I have four more that you never see that are filled even worse with books.

Anyone else shudder at the thought of having to move their shelves one day?

I had a bad day today. I was supposed to be having a great picnic with family today. Instead I ended up fainting at the park almost as soon as we got there and had to be driven home. It sucks as I had been looking forward to today all week. I am glad everyone else had a good time though. I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.

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Welcome to my happy place where I don't have a care in the world and I'm covered in books 😂😂😂!!!! .
Society6 is at it again with the sales! Today they have 20% off plus free shipping so if you have been eyeing anything now is the time to go get it! One of my favorite shops is @eviebookish she has such stunning designs and the pillows here in my picture are from her shop!!! .
What is your favorite thing to get from Society6??? I usually buy mugs or pillows but I want to get a phone case and a few other things eventually!!! .
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“I'd never met coffee that wasn't wonderful. It was just a matter of how
wonderful it was.” ☕️ ― Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake
This is how I'm feeling this morning. I did not sleep well. I've been up since 4:30 and I just couldn't get back to sleep so matter how hard I tried. So, I'm up. Showered. Dressed. And about to head down to the lobby for breakfast. And coffee. Lots of coffee. Especially since I'm supposed to stay awake today. #qotd Do you have trouble sleeping when you're traveling?

#ObrolinBuku #Sophismata #Day1

Halo teman-teman, selama 4 hari ke depan, saya akan mengulas novel yang sudah banyak dinanti-nantikan oleh para pecinta buku. Dengar-dengar saat PO kemarin banyak yang tidak kebagian ya? Tenang, sekarang buku ini telah beredar di toko buku kok 😊
Nah, untuk hari pertama saya akan mengulas tema yang diangkat oleh Sophismata. Sesuai yang disampaikan dalam blurb, novel ini mengangkat politik sebagai tema utama dalam cerita. Tokoh utama dalam novel ini adalah gadis bernama Sigi yang bekerja sebagai staf anggota DPR.

Kisah dimulai dengan kegelisahan Sigi yang tidak juga diberi kepercayaan oleh atasannya untuk menjadi Tenaga Ahli karena belum bergelar S2. Ia seringkali merasa posisinya sebagai satu-satunya perempuan dalam tim hanyalah untuk mengurusi hal-hal remeh seperti mengatur jadwal, memesankan makan siang, mengecek media massa, dan hal2 non akademis lainnya.
Melalui Sigi, penulis menyampaikan realita yang sering dialami oleh perempuan jika bekerja dalan tim yang didominasi oleh kaum pria. Diskriminasi gender.

Hal lain yang diangkat oleh penulis adalah tidak semua penggelut politik adalah orang-orang yang berhati licik. Melalui sebuah tokoh bernama Timur, penulis menyampaikan bahwa politik hanyalah salah satu kendaraan untuk mengabdi kepada negara. Masih banyak politikus yang bersungguh-sungguh memikirkan kepentingan masyarakat dan membuat perubahan.

Selain politik dan isu diskriminasi gender, penulis memberi pemanis pada tulisannya agar kesan berat politik tidak 'menakuti' calon pembaca. Adalah Timur dan Sigi, dua pemuda idealis yang dipertemukan oleh politik. Meskipun romantisme hanyalah bumbu, saya sangat menyukai sosok Timur yang berusaha untuk menaklukkan hati Sigi.

Bagaimana kisah mereka akan berakhir?

Besok... Saya akan membahas kedua karakter ini lebih dalam lagi.
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"The right way was his way...and though after the fevers of her father's set this was to her immensely helpful, was it really a good thing? Didn't it cut one from growth?...Wasn't it frankly, rather like death?" ||| This novel starts off as a romantic encounter between our grieving characters - the young Lucy who just lost her father and the much older Everard who recently lost his wife. Lucy's vulnerability made her cling and depend on Everard and soon, she fancied herself in love with him. But, not everything is at it seems as Lucy learns that Vera, Everard's wife died suspiciously. We soon realise Everard's emotional manipulations and machinations that will drive Lucy into a trembling mess. Many of you who have read Daphne duMaurier's Rebecca will find this plot familiar. duMaurier is said to have been inspired by this novel. If Rebecca's strength lies in it's strong atmospheric setting, Vera's is a strong psychological thriller. Von Arnim lets us in on the heads of her two main characters - Everard's emotional blackmail but more interestingly, she lets us in on the mind of the victim. Lucy made excuses for Everard's behaviour and his childish actions and second-guessed herself. I highly recommend this book especially if you love character exploration. #bookreview #Vera #elizabethvonarnim

Kids bored of the summer holidays already?! Well here are my top three favourites for 5-8 year olds this summer, guaranteed to keep then busy and laughing out loud! ~C
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Some #motivationmonday for 1st day of #shiftshop

Lucky book. A beautiful girl reads you in Italy. Do your Italian affere💛
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Happy Monday, all! 🌿


Thank you Ally @the.imperfect.library for giving me the #10thingsIwouldneversay tag 😘

1. I hate bread.
2. I love alpha male possessive archetypes.
3. I'll never read again.
4. Snacking is silly.
5. Jaime Fraser is a terrible human being.
6. Catching public transport is my favourite thing ever.
7. Why have pets when you can be alone?
8. I live for teen angst.
9. Window shopping is the best.
10. I hate tea.

How gorgeous is this candle from @kozy.korner? It smells divine and burns like a dream. Save 10% on your next order with my code: SOFIA10. ✨

Hallo meine lieben Bücherfreunde!💕
Auf dem Bild seht ihr mein derzeitiges CR "Tintentod". Es gefällt mir sehr gut und ich bin auch Schönauer Seite 213.💍
Ich habe heute lange geschlafen weil ich einfach nicht so gut geträumt habe. Dann war ich mit meiner Oma mit meinem Hund spazieren und dann habe ich ein bisschen gelernt. Jetzt gerade gäbe es Essen und ich werde jetzt ein bisschen in meinem CR Weiterlesen und dann wieder lernen. Meine Oma und mein Opa werden mich aber jetzt gleich allein zuhause lassen weil mein Opa meine Mutter von Spital abholt und meine Oma in ihre Wohnung fährt.😘
Ich hoffe ihr habt alle einen schönen Montag💘
Küsschen Ani💋

"Kitaplarda yalnızca içten olan konuları ararım; ya da öğrenmek istedigimde, yalnızca kendimi tanimami, nasıl iyi yaşanacağını ve olunecegini öğreten şeyleri çalışırım." Montaigne, Okumak Üzerine / Denemeler
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I just got BOOKMAIL 😄🙆🎁🎉💖 Look at these gorgeous bookmarks from @nerdienifties 😍 I can't take my eyes off of them 😄

Also this is my very first Rainbow Rowell book! I'm very excited for it! 😊

I've been hearing nothing but great things about 'Poison Study', so I have high expectations there 😆

And I have no idea what to expect from 'Darkfever'. I've had it on my TBR for ages ☺

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

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Book 25/50 Yay I'm half way through my challenge. Little bit behind schedule but still believe I can do it. This book is quite different to my usual picks. It's called #greatesthits by my friend @laurabarnettauthor. This is the follow up to the fabulous #versionsofus. It follows a veteran singer as she relived her life while trying to select tracks for her greatest hits album. Laura's writing is beautiful and so vivid and best of all there is also a soundtrack of the original songs that feature in the book by @kathwilliamsmusic I also love the bright blue pages. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 #50bookchallenge #instagram #amreading #books #reading #50bookchallenge #50booksin2017 #novel #bookworm #amreading #books📚 #booknerd #bookophile #bookophile #novel #instabook #instagram #instahappy #instagood #reading #readinglist #readingbook #readingbooks #readingblogger #bookbloggerlife #bookporn #music

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