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Started this buddy read this morning! It's not at all what I expected but it's really good so far! I'm trying to get through all of the upcoming movie adaptation books for this year, and I think this one is going to be a good one!
Have you all read a book along with someone else?
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net olarak söyleyebileceğim tek şey bu romanın "kusursuz roman" tanımına uyan tek yapıt olduğudur.
hem okur, hem yazar hem de eleştirmenler için keyif alınarak okunabilecek ender yapıtlardan biridir. bilindiği gibi genellikle okurların beğendiğini eleştirmenler beğenmez, diğerinin beğendiğini öteki beğenmez. ama bu anna karenina için geçerli bir önerme değildir tüm zamanların en güzel açılışına sahiptir bu roman: "bütün mutlu aileler birbirine benzer. her mutsuz ailenin mutsuzluğu kendine göredir." #annakarenina #tolstoy #russia #bookstagram #booklovers #bookworm #kitap #kitapkurdu #kitaplık #kitapönerisi #art🎨 #art

This mug always gives me such happy feels. 💜 You can find it at the link in my bio. 🙂Happy weekend! What will you be reading this weekend? It’s going to be a bit warmer in Minnesota this weekend, which is nice. I’ll be reading Hard Contact (buddy read with my brother) and starting The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse by Louise Erdrich (book club). Probably going to have a little repeat of the Vikings-themed weekend from last week, too, considering I’m still watching the show and my team will be playing again this Sunday! What are you up to this weekend?

Hoy hace 209 años nacía Edgar Allan Poe.
Conocí a Poe con Corazón Delator, cuando era muy chica. Me pasaba horas y horas leyendo el mismo cuento una y otra vez, porque me encantaba. Podría decirse que empecé a leer con Poe. Durante años quise comprarme más cuentos de él, y el año pasado tuve la oportunidad de comprarme este libro con todos sus cuentos. Espero amar sus otros relatos como amo Corazón Delator. ¿Ustedes leyeron algo de Poe?¿Les gusta? ~Alexx

Cloud Lands

Read "Letters From New Zealand", now available on Amazon
(link in profile). . "At some point or another, most young adults will leave home to find their fortune. Some might move to a flat down the road, and some will move a continent or two away, making visits scarce and connections tenuous. Unless, your dad is an observant, witty and prolific storyteller and letter writer. This is the case with Letters from New Zealand. A delightful and sometimes poignant collection of letters written by New Zealander David Murie to his son Michael who moves to The US."
. .

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На самом деле мы всегда знаем, как поступить правильно. Трудность же заключается в том, чтобы именно так и поступить. 🥀 #sarahjio #thelastcamellia #booklovers ❤️

📚💕 #anonovotbrnova 📚💕
Oie Booklovers 😚❤️ Como ainda estamos em Janeiro, resolvi responder essa tag que consiste em elencar os livros que pretendo ler esse ano 😍🙏 assim espero 🙌😄 .
💜 1 - Série/Trilogia que pretende começar:
Corte de Espinhos e Rosas da Sarah J.Maas 🌹
💛2 - Série/Trilogia que pretende terminar:
As modistas da Loretta Chase e As Quatro estações do amor da Lisa Kleypas 👒🎩.
. 💙3- Um livro que pretende ler por indicação: nossa, são tantas indicações literárias maravilhosas, mas escolho o livro Beleza Perdida. .
💕4- Uma sequência que pretende ler em 2018: o último livro da série Os números do amor da Sarah Maclean 🎩👒.
. 💖5 - Um(a) autor(a) que pretende dar uma chance:
A autora Maya Banks.
❣️6 - Livro único que quer ler em 2018: Amor e gelato (acho que é único 😄).
💟7- Livro único ou série que gostaria de ter lido em 2017, mas ficou pra 2018:
A série dos quatro elementos da Brittainy.
💝8- Indique um livro para alguém ler em 2018 e marque o amigo:
As batidas perdidas do coração da Bianca Briones e eu indico para minha amiga Marília do ig @sonhos_de_leitora 😚💕
Ameiiiiii responder essa tag 😍😍💟💟 espero ler todos esses livros maravilhosos nesse ano 💝💝🙏🙏 Espero adquirir eles no formato físico tbm 📚🙌 tô aceitando de presentes de aniversário já 🎁 (é só em Maio 😄😄)
Eu vi essa tag no lindo ig @virgulasdobradas 💜

Snuggle up! 😊 It will be a cold weekend and we have plenty of reading to do 🤗
This month at #poppylovesbookclub we are reading #AllTheLightYouCannotSee by #AnthonyDoerr 💡 You can join our local worldwide Book Club and live online conversation! 🌍❤️ Look at our website!
Pick up your copy from your local independent bookshop or library! 📚
Join our online group and take part in our discussions at the end of the month! It's the last Wednesday of every month. Link is in our bio. 😉☝🏼
This 📸: @booknaticos10

Foxes are my favorite animal. 🦊
I love The Too-Clever Fox poem from Language of Thorns. Plus the artwork is beautiful!!

Time for literacy adventures...the weekend is here.

How long do you usually give a book before deciding to DNF it?

I never used to DNF but since beginning to book blog I've become more + more okay with the idea of leaving an unsatisfying read unfinished.

I usually wait until the halfway mark to make a decision but I started #BesideMyself by Ann Morgan today + right away I'm not sure whether I like the writing style...I'm only a couple of (very short) chapters in so I'm going to stick with it for a bit to see how it goes. If you've read this, I'd love to hear what you thought of it!

How I feel 💁🏾‍♀️! People of color are the MAJORITY and that’s a fact.

Таалагдаж байна уу? 😍Хайртай бүхнээ тэврээд сайхан амраарй💤💤#booklovers

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