I was recently tagged by the lovely, @bookrackraider to do the #top10tbr tag!

1. Sanctuary's Fiend

2. The Handsome Girl & Her Beautiful Boy

3. Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

4. The Tribulations of August Barton

5. Juliet Must Die

6. Turtles All The Way Down

7. The Mermaid's Secret

8. Caraval

9. The Vampire Diaries (graphic novel) Vol. 1

10. The Book Thief

Enjoy the tag, everybody!

So all of the books that are on my top ten TBR list I'm really hoping to read by the end of this year. I'm not sure if I'll actually end up getting to all of them, but let's keep hope!
And since I'm planning on finally reading the Harry Potter series next year, I'm wondering if I should just read all of the Harry Potter books back to back or if I should go back and forth with reading one of the Harry Potter books and reading a different book and so on. What do you guys think?
I'm excited to finally read the Harry Potter books though. It should be fun! :)
• • •
QOTD: Have you read any of the books on my top ten TBR list?
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“You make things happen or they happen to you.“ - Leigh Bardugo
This beautiful Wonder Woman bookmark is by the talented @zwischenseitlich 💙
I got tagged to #meetthebookstagrammer and I am so excited because I love these kind of tags 😍😍 Thank you @booksmashed 😊
📚 Where are you from? Germany. 📚 When did you start your account? In February 2017. 📚 Would you rather be a publisher or author? Author. Ach that would be amazing. I am trying to write a book and maybe one day my dream will come true. 📚 Standalone or series? I like both, but series maybe a little more because I love to get to know the characrers better. 📚 Where in the world do you want to travel the most? Ireland 🍀
📚 Cats or Dogs? 🐈
📚 Favourite movie? Lucky Number Slevin, Ocean's Eleven, Batman the Dark Knight
📚 Biggest fear: Not being happy. ·
So that is it. I am tagging a few people, but feel free to do this tag. 💙
So now tell me something random about yourself. 😊😊😂
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Final picture for my Illuminae Files row 😝🙈 I’m really liking my Spring theme, it’s a nice change from my Winter theme. 😍
QotD: Do you like brighter or darker themes?
AotD: I like both, although I do tend to follow more people that have brighter themes 🤷🏻‍♀️
✨Tagged by @singprettyreadbooks for the #CoffeeTastedBooks tag
☕️Frappuccino (Summer read): A Work in Progress
☕️Espresso (Intense): Catching Fire
☕️Coffee (Children’s): Magic Tree House series
☕️Latte (Cozy): The Hearts We Sold
☕️Mocha (Best for reading in bed): Stalking Jack the Ripper
☕️Just Filtered Coffee (Book for all the time): The Night Circus 😍
✨Tagged by @shnikki_reads for the #BookSickness tag
🤒📖Chicken Pox (Book I’ll never read again): Fahrenheit 451
🤒📖Flu (Contagious read): Stalking Jack the Ripper
🤒📖Insomnia (A book you stayed up all night with): Illuminae
🤒📖Asthma (A book that took your breath away): The Night Circus
🤒📖Homesickness (A book about a trip): Caraval
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"When the Gods wish to punish us
They answer our prayers"
-Oscar Wilde 💥
(Book Journal is BACK!) I finished Dreams of Gods and Monsters by @lainit 💥 Feeling all the feels! 💥 I was buddy reading it with my friend @infinitewords_infiniteworlds and guess what? We loved this trilogy so much that we created a tag! 💥 Boom!💥
Say what??💥
I'm so excited to share this, we hope you'll like it!

It's called ↪ #scuppiesforaday ↩ and consists in listing the things you would do if you had a scuppy necklace like Karou, for a day! Just a reminder, scuppies are the smallest wishes, and Karou uses one to make her ex itch while posing for a class😎

Here are mine⤵
💫 I would turn on the coffee Machine from my bed so that it's already hot when I get to it and I don't have to wait for my coffee like caffeineless zombie 💫 Silence glass bottles as I feel like I'm breaking the sound barrier everytime I throw them away in the big trash can. 💫 Make traffic light green when late (stealing this from Sara @infinitewords_infiniteworlds) 💫Keep water on the same temperature for the whole duration of the shower!!!🚿 💫 Prevent my glasses from fogging up when it's winter and I enter a warm building 🤓 💫 Have shiny hair, duh!👱 💫 Eliminate cat hair from dark clothes!🐱 💫 Make heels slightly less painful (so I could actually wear them) 💫 Karou had it right: make my ex and his girlfriends itch!!!😂 °

I made 9 wishes but you can make how many you want! And here come the tags! I'm tagging some old friends but also newfound accounts that seem to love this series as much as we do!♡

Hope you have fun!!!😀😘 °
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We were tagged by @linerature for #girlbehindthebookstagram ~ thank you so much for the tag! Here are our answers to the questions:
❖ What’s in a name? ❖
JANILLE: I don’t know what my name means to be honest, but I do know that my parents heard it first on a TV show called Falcon Crest (I can’t say I ever watched this show!). It was spelt “Genille”, but they decided to change the spelling to help out with the pronunciation.
CAMILLE: Funny story – when my parents named me Camille, they were picturing that I would be a tall painter and have long, dark hair. Perhaps they were picturing the girl version of Camille Pissarro?
❖ What are your strengths? ❖
We’re going to answer this question about each other because we both find it really hard to answer these sorts of things about ourselves…
JANILLE: One of Camille’s biggest strengths is that she is considerate. She has such high emotional intelligence and is very empathetic!
CAMILLE: Janille has so many strengths – it’s so hard to pick one! She is very hard-working and I think that stems from the fact that she is a very intrinsically motivated and passionate person.
❖ What is a quality you would like to acquire? ❖
JANILLE: I’m going to copy @linerature with this one…definitely patience!
❖ Who is your favourite fictional role model? ❖
JANILLE: Clare Abshire from The Time Traveler’s Wife
CAMILLE: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Veronica Mars
❖ What is your biggest dream? ❖
JANILLE: It was to get married, but that one has already come true…so probably now, to have a child with my husband (one day)!
CAMILLE: To write a book!
❖ Something you love besides books. ❖
JANILLE: Getting to know other people!
CAMILLE: My boyfriend – haha!
❖ Describe yourself in 5 words. ❖
JANILLE: Girl with a Green Heart 💚
CAMILLE: Okay, so I asked my boyfriend to answer this one about me and after some thought, here’s what he came up with (LOL!): cuddly, delicate, easy-going, understanding, youthful. 😼

⚜ “A goodbye.”
recently I was rearranging my bookshelves - again - and I found a tiny old book by one of the greatest poets of Polish Romanticism, Adam Mickiewicz. it's smaller than my hands (and these are already miniscule) and has wonderful brown pages. it's about 60 years old and still holds on together pretty well! none of the pages has fallen off. and the smell... I used to not like it, because I associated this scent with library and not owning books I read at the time, but now it's different ✨ if you're curious, I found it looking through some old books my uncle was giving away. real treasure!
🌻q: do you prefer old books or the fresh ones?
#tellmeaboutyouchallenge by the lovely and talented @rapretzelreads ! feel free to do it or not ✨
🌻 favorite animal // dog
🌻 celeb crush // dylan o'brien, jeon jungkook
🌻 favorite city // my hometown and Rotterdam
🌻 favorite tv show // twin peaks, teen wolf, friends, riverdale, strong woman do bongsoon
🌻 scared of // dying, losing my loved ones, being a crush for somebody (pls don't laugh at this, but that's actually a fEAR FOR ME)
🌻 country to visit // UK, USA, South Korea
🌻 era to live // either now or the 1980s
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These little magnetic, unicorn bookmarks were a Christmas present and I love them. The second one in from the right is my favorite.

Anyway, @shelvesofya tagged me to do the #hsm book tag thing, so here we go! The High School Musical films were never my favorite, but my best friend adored them. For years, I knew them inside and out.

🎶. Now or Never: What was a book (series) you started and couldn’t finish? // Answer: The Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo.
🎶. The Boys Are Back: What’s your favorite romance? // Answer: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
🎶. Night To Remember: What’s your favorite scene from a book? // Answer: The entire chapter from Percy Jackson and the Olympians when they’re at the Hoover Dam, making “dam snack bar” jokes always cracks me up.
🎶. Gotta Go My Own Way: What was one book you used to love but are now no longer fond of? // Answer: The entire Harry Potter series.
🎶. We’re All In This Together: What is your favorite book squad? // Answer: The seven demigods from Heroes of Olympus.
🎶. Humuhumunukunukuapua’s: what’s the weirdest scene, book, or character you’ve ever read? // Answer: There was this one explicit scene in Empire of Storms with Rowaelin that really weirded me out.
🎶. Walk Away: What’s one book you absolutely hated? // Answer: Every book centering around Ana Steele and Christian Grey by E. L. James.

I really liked doing this. 💜. It was fun. I tag @bookcoma, @biblionatic, and @coffeestainedbook.

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HAVE YOU SEEN THESE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS CANDLES FROM THE SUPER TALENTED @quackercandle_books? and the scents omghh 😍 I also now officially have a candle for each of The Illuminae Files. Don't judge me. 😂 | which fandom can you simply not stop investing in?✨
BookTags |
#novelbeanapril : #flatlayfriday
#booksqueensapril18 : book that surprised you
The lovely @woodsandbooks tagged me in the #readingbookhabits tag, thank you sweetie!!
✨ Do you have a certain place at home you read? sofa or in bed! I'd love to create a reading nook in our soon-to-be home 💛
✨ Bookmarks or not? DEFINITELY.
✨ Can you stop at anytime while reading or do you have a specific chapter/word count? I stop anytime, although I prefer to reach the end of a chapter!
✨ Do you drink or eat while reading? I do, but then I don't recall what I read 😂
✨ Reading out loud or silently? Silently. I can't breathe otherwise 😂😂
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So for today I’m gonna do a tag because I have a lot going on. The final exams are coming up... so yeah. Well that basically means I haven’t been reading a lot lately. Also I’m in a slump:( Today I’m doing the #littlemermaidsongbooks by the amazing @fictionalmemories ♥️ ———————————————————————-
💧Fantoms Below (a book with a hidden city): City of Bones - by Cassandra Claire 💧Daughters of Triton (a book with sisters): One - by Sarah Crossan
💧Part of you’re world (world you would love to live in): Red Queen - by Victoria Aveyard
💧Under the sea (a book with sirens/mermaids): Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - J.K Rowling 💧Poor Unfortunate Souls (character who’s an unfortunate soul): Genevieve from P.S I Still Love You - by Jenny Han

The ones tagged in this pic are welcome to do it, but if you’re not tagged feel welcome to do it anyways.

I was tagged by the adorable @Inkymoments for the #Girlbehindthebookstagram 🤷🏻 Meaning behind my name

So, my name's Imane and it means Faith in Arabic !
My bookstagram is just a play on words with my name and the fact that just became an avid reader. IMANE + NEW READER = I AM A NEW READER => IMANEwreader
I'm pretty proud of that ! (I used to use it with other words like Imanewtmas, Imanewshipper) 💪 Strengths

I don't give up easily, I am loyal and trustworthy. ✌🏼 Weaknesses

Jk, I am really sensitive. I cry a lot (mostly because my eyes produce too much tears.) 👸🏻 Favourite female character

All the female MC of The Lunar Chronicles series. Especially Cinder and Scarlet. 🖐🏼✌🏼 7 things I love besides books - Are mangas and manhwa considered as books ?
- What about fanfictions ?
- Tea
- My bed
- Makeup
- Shoes
- My OTPs
📸 // @kh_shinminka
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Hello mindenki! 💕 új poszttal és egyben egy kihívással érkeztem ma 😁 hozzátenném eddig ez a kedvenc képem, amit csináltam. Az utóbbi időben nagyon sok kihívást kaptam, amiket igyekezek megcsinálni 😄
A mai kihívásra @bookofdream hívott ki, innen is köszönöm szépen ❤️ a kihívás pedig a #bookishcolor tag, és az én színen a lila lett.
Na akkor jöjjenek a kérdések 😋
💜 Egy könyv, ami a tiéd, de még nem olvastad - Kristen Callihan-Idol 💜 Egy könyv, amit a barátaid szeretnek - Penelope Ward - Legdrágább mostohabátyám 💜 Egy könyv, amit megvettél leírás alapján - (ezt igazából kaptam, de csak azért mert felolvastam barátnőimnek a leírást 😂) Borsa Brown - Az arab 💜 Egy könyv, amit a szeretett íród miatt vettél meg - Sarah J. Maas - Tüskék és rózsák udvara 💜 Egy könyv, ami a kívánságlistád elején szerepel - Most éppen nincs ilyen könyv, mert mindent megvettem az elmúlt időszakban, amit szerettem volna 😅
A jelöltjeim a képen vannak megjelölve, és az ő színűk pedig a hófehér lesz 😋 sok sikert mindenkinek 💕#bookstagram #purple #white #theselectionseries #theone #thecrown #book #bookish #könyv #könyvmoly #gabokiado @gabo_kiado #tag #bookishtag #mutimitolvasol #favorite

When I first made my bookstagram I wanted to talk about books, but I didn’t realize that I’d make so many friends or that I’d have fun plotting and planning bookish photo shoots. I spent so much time today taking photos and trying new things. ☺️ I got the best photos inside because it’s a mess of melting snow out there. I have more photo plans for tomorrow—I love feeling this creative and inspired!
#AlltheBooksApril: #TBT Fave Book Photo
And now I shall finish Unravel Me! 😄😄😄💔
Guys, what do I read after I finish this series?!

Happy Friyay guys🙋.
Catching up some tags!
#3bookishthings tagged by @yuniadamayanti . Here we go:
💧Favorite authors:
- J. K. Rowling.
- Rick Riordan.
- Kasie West.
💧Favorite books quotes:
- "It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."- J.K. Rowling.
- "Not all those who wander are lost." - JRR. Tolkien.
- "So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned." - J. M. Barrie.
💧Favorite books of 2017:
- Clockwork Princess.
- Geekerella.
- Tentang Kamu.
💧Weirdest things you used as a bookmark:
- Money.
- Paper.
- Pen.
💧Books you binged:
- Harry Potter.
- Percy Jackson.
- The Infernal Devices.
💧Characters you hate:
- Dolores Umbridge.
- Queen Levana.
- Voldermort
💧Favorite characters:
- Percy Jackson.
- Hermione Granger.
- Will Herondale.
💧Favorite book covers:
- One *Indonesia vers*
- The Sun Is Also A Star.
- Warcross.

#videogamebookishtag tagged by @booksanthem. Here it is:
💦 Super Mario/classic: Persuasion *the only classic I finished*.
💦 Kingdom Hearts/most anticipated reads: Ready Player One and Warcross.
💦 Final Fantasy/all time fave series: HARRY POTTER, duh!
💦 Pokemon/fav bookish creatures: Phoenix.
💦 Lego/book recommendation: any book by Kasie West and Morgan Matson.
💦 Rock Band/a book with music in it: Maybe Someday.
💦 Skyrim/book with adventure: Stardust.

Okay, that's it! Thank you for tagging guys!! It's so fun and I tag a few people, but feel free to do it or not😊

" 'Right' is whatever the people who’re standing at the end say it is. ‘Right’ is decided by the people who win."
- Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff, Obsidio
THIS QUOTE. These words are so true, and must have been spoken many times throughout history. It definitely makes me reflect on what is considered right/wrong by this society. Don't you think?✨
BookTags | #novelbeanapril : #hardcover
The talented @wildfireravens tagged me in the #currentlyreadingtag! I know I've done this one before, but hey, different read, different answers! 😁
✨ Current read : Daughter of Smoke and Bone
✨ Genre : YA Fantasy
✨ Why did you pick it up : I've heard sooo many good things about this book, and I was looking for an emotional roller-coaster ride. I've been told this book will definitely deliver! I started it yesterday and I have a seriously hard time putting it down 😂 (also, props to Book Depository for selling this book cheaper than the ebook!)
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Oh La La Romance!
❓What are some of your favourite book romances?
One of my favourite BOOK romances of all time is between Diana Bishop and Matthew de Clermont. I remember the first time that I read him confess his love for her to his best friend ... I had chills. The strength of their bond is amazing, and added to an already wonderful series. The electricity between them made for amazing tension and steamy scenes! ❤️
❤️#ACourtofPrintandLove: Fave Male Royalty ~ Prince Hamlet
❤️#IAmSweetApril: Fave Powerful Character ~ Feyre, Diana Bishop, Juliette
I hope you a good night, my bookish loves!

❓How bad is your TBR pile? You’re seeing mine...
The series of books I haven’t read but want to continues 🤦‍♀️
But they have such pretty covers! #sendhelp
Thanks to the lovely @larissaglamourbooks for the #videogamesbookishtag 🍄Super Mario (classic)- I agree with my tag sponsor, Alice in Wonderland
🍄Kingdom Hearts (most anticipated read)- SEA WITCH 🧜🏻‍♀️
🍄Final Fantasy (all time favorite series) Arc of a Scythe and Star Touched Queen
🍄Pokémon (favorite bookish creature or pet) Idk! Cheshire Cat! 🍄Record Against War (a character that changed alliances) Lady Pinkerton (Heartless) love man. It’s real! 🍄Skyrim (book with adventure) Caraval
🍄LEGO Games (a book you recommend) Scythe- read it!!! I have problems...
🍄World of Warcraft (you were forced to choose sides) Three Dark Crowns
🍄Dragon Age (favorite fantasy realm)- ACOTAR. It had to make an appearance!
#amillionjunes #hedgehog #hedgehogsofinstagram #hedgehogs #bookish #book #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #pixistix #bookishtag

ya girl has got some unpopular opinions 😬💁🏽‍♀️ link in bio!

Witzig und klug: Der baskische Autor Fernando Aramburu im Gespräch mit Res Strehle im Kaufleuten Zürich. Aus dem Roman gelesen hat Ariela Sarbacher. Nach diesem ersten Eindruck ist mir klar: Dieses Buch werde ich lesen! Zum Abschluss des Abends ein Zitat frei nach Aramburu. Auf einen Rechtsschlag soll man nicht mit einem Linken antworten, sondern mit einer Umarmung. .

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Happy #humpday everyone! 🐫 Today's post features these absolutely gorgeous bookmarks from @bibliophile.belle's boutique. I absolutely love them, I think my fave is the one with a Hermione quote because.. HP! 😁💛 | which bookmark captured in this photo is your fave?✨
Use my code FRECKLED15 for a 15% discount as you check out! (the rep discount used to be 10%, so honestly DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER to grab yours!!! 😁)
NOTE : this photo is inspired by my lovely fellow rep AND #bookstabaddie, @thehookandtale! I loved her idea of creating an amazingly beautiful photo with bookmarks only! 💛
BookTags |
#novelbeanapril : #bookmark
#booksqueensapril18 : #becauseofbookstagram, I have the opportunity to rep for this amazing shop!
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