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Ganda ni Miss Shaina.
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Stato mentale: libertà
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So excited to announce we are working on our next book!! Get ready it's going to be BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you @jillcohenassociates and @rizzolibooks for helping me tell the story of beauty! #book2 #beautifulbook #makeitbeautiful #moretostack 📘📘

Excited for my book 2: Whisk :) il be whipping up more exciting recipe like this Cocoa Caramel Crunch Cake Jars. #book2 -#chefclyden #recipebook #whiskbychefclyden

"Alina" thought she could run from her past and escape her destiny. She can't.
"Mal" hoped he'd done enough to protect the girl he loved. He hadn't.
"The Darkling", more powerful than before, is hungry for revenge. He needs "Alina".
Soon "Alina" must choose between her country, her power, and the man she loves - or risk losing everything to the oncoming storm.
الجميع يعرف انه الجزء الثاني من اي سلسلة يكون مخيب للآمال، ولكن في هذه السلسلة الجزء الثاني كان ابداع بمعنى الكلمة.
الشخصيات الجديدة في قمة الروعة و دخولها للقصة كان بسلاسة وليس بقوة وعشوائية. "Alina" أصبحت أقوى وعاقلة، أما بالنسبة ل "Mal" صح انه يحب ألينا وهي تحبه بس كل ما يجتمعون لازم يصير بينهم مشادة كلامية على أتفه الاسباب والسبب طبعا مال. .
ومن الشخصيات الجديدة الاخوين "Tolya and Tamar" اكثر شي عجبني في شخصيتهم الاخلاص، كانوا مخلصين لدرجة انهم مستعدين للتضحية بحياتهم.
صح انه القراءة خذت وايد وقت مني لين انهيتها بس واااايد استمتعت بقراءة الجزء الثاني. و قريبا راح ابدأ بالجزء الثالث والاخير في هذه السلسلة وان شاء الله تكون احلى من الاول والثاني.
التقييم 4.5/5

An oldie but a goodie. From my first book: Yoga Girl! A New York Times Bestseller. I couldn't believe it when I got the call. A bestselling book? Me? I've always loved to write but going from journaling to writing Instagram captions to blogging were big steps enough. Writing a book seemed impossible, daunting, overwhelming. I wrote Yoga Girl in less than 4 months while traveling. The words poured out of me in airports, in yoga studios, in hotel rooms. The book was already there, waiting. I'm writing my second one right now and it's so much harder. Not just because of baby but because I'm writing about grief and pain and it means every time I open up my computer to write I'm scratching at a wound I've been trying to heal for years. With every chapter, I cry. The words aren't pouring out of me but this time around; I'm squeezing them out. It's so, so, so hard. But with every line I write I feel lighter. It's like I'm shedding skin. Like a snake. It's uncomfortable and at times I wonder what life is going to be like when I'm done. Writing is healing. Healing is writing.
This book is taking shape. But of course... I'm saving the hardest parts for last. @ahlaluna#writing #book2 #grief #healing

🍃 one month. #book2 #torontolife #grateful

My favorite #treehugger @nturnerdesign || had so much fun running around #northerncalifornia helping him with #book2 || stay tuned!!

The second book #thereptileroom #aseriesofunfortunatevents #book2. Not completely finished. #lemonysnicket


🌆 ● ● 🌜 Summer Evening Read 🌛 ● ● 🌆

Need some summer evening reads?
Sit back and relax while reading, Mondays with You
by @kjlewisbooks
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Cover reveal day!! So in love with it! #coverlove #fallingforyou #novella #comingsoon

Now it's time for a cuppa and finish off 'Siege and Storm' (The Grisha: Book 2)
I've really become invested in this series (like I do every book series I read at the moment) and I can't put this book down!! Let's get this one finished and begin 'Ruin and Rising'!
I'd recommend Leigh Bardugo's books to anyone looking for a young adult fantasy novel/series, the writing is incredible and both this series and the 'Six of Crows' duo are brilliant!!
Is anyone else looking forward to her book 'Wonder Woman: Warbringer' as much as I am!! A story with my fave superhero written by one of my favourite writers, IM SO EXCITED!! It comes out 31st August and I can't wait!!
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Study now and will bake later... 🍰

Thanks to Kuya Leelet and Ate Putin for the books... 😉

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[book2 chapter12]
korra practicing airbending😍
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Book 2: Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan
( SPOILER ALERT if you are like me 😉 )
There are books in which the title speaks for the whole content of the book. But there are books that picked our curiosity as to why they are entitled that way. Moreover, there are books that the title has never been mentioned in the book while some of them do with explanation too!
So it is one of the many fun challenges I have for myself when I read a book: Find the title or the meaning behind it.

For Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, the title was mentioned at almost the beginning of the book. So far the story revolves around the bookstore and its mysterious Waybacklist and patron. Curious Clay begins to decipher the secrets within the shelves of cryptic books.
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