Ended up never posting this, but this bae is leaving me soon😢 for her Army career(why isn’t there an army emoji??), so here is a little appreciation post: Meet Morgan -humble, intelligent 🤓, open-minded, accepting of my weird humor, and owning the most beautiful hair gal I met in my chem class. I wish we got to spend more time and go crazy together, but now you are a National Guard👊🏻 so go kick everybody’s asses and show them you da best🤗 P. S. Thaks for swiping for my laundry P. P. S.”#boobshake it’s like a handshake but with boobs#

Do You Like These ( . Y . ) DoubleTap #boobalert 😍 #boobshake #boobbounce #Tittytwerk MODELS: @ilexismarie @vltreasures @danielledereknew

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