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@aloyogastores Class signup link is in my profile :) *
There is no clever quote, no motivational words, I'm just in complete awe and overjoyed today!*
I'm not sure which to be happier about, that I have over 10k followers that support and appreciate me on a daily basis OR my new partnership with a company I've had nothing but complete admiration for, a company I've loved ever since I first saw their moto leggings 2 years ago.*
@aloyoga @aloyogastores thank you for inviting me into your family! That was my biggest goal of 2017, to teach a Pilates class at your studio.....CHECK!*
I'm ecstatic to announce I'll be permanently teaching at @aloyogastores Beverly Hills, the last Sunday of every month. My next #pilateswithashlee Mat Pilates Party will be APRIL 30th 1:30pm 😊 More details to come very soon and as always each month we'll have new giveaways, fun challenges, and of course a class you don't wanna miss! Thank you thank you to EVERYONE! @ashalannin for all the love, @thejasmineadele for supporting my first class, @barregirlsocks for sponsoring each event, @the_3bshop for being the best ambassadorship ☺️ and so so many others.*
I look forward to seeing all of you very soon! ❤️ #pwa4life #happiness #aloyoga #matpilates #3bshop Photo: @buraineium
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Talking about it or trying is not enough, we have to actually make an effort and practice!
Of course it´s not easy, why do we even think it´s going to be like that? On our mats, in our practices we´re going to face our biggest challenges. That´s the nature of the practice, to show the structure and the resistances of our own minds.
We all have our stories and challenges, the challenge might even be to actually get on the mat. Something that I still struggle with sometimes, as routine has never been easy for me ;) But I´ve learned to not buy into that stories of my mind, I´ve experienced that on these days I even often have the "best" and most focused practice. Those situations offer a great opportunity to focus, to observe our mind´s reactions, and to take control of our actions again. Don´t feed the monkey mind! 🍌🙊😉

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