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New VLOG up on YouTube! ❁ I normally have SUCH a sweet tooth, but sometimes all I crave are salty, vinegar-y, savoury foods! ✓ My latest go-to when I’m wanting something as described, is avo toast. My fav toppings:
✧ red onion
✧ green onion
✧ chopped spinach
✧ diced tomato
✧ hummus
✧ artichoke
✧ dijon mustard
✧ small diced hashbrowns
Try some of these out and see how you like it! What’re your fav avo toast toppings? #vegan

Tonight we took a page out of @bonnyrebecca Carbolicious ebook.

We made sweet and sour veg and Luke whipped up some salt & pepper silken tofu 😋😍💕 The stirfry itself was so easy and quick to make, i think next time though we would add a bit more cornflour to thicken the delicious sauce. ...not sure why we added the capsicum, we both hate it 😂
#bonnyrebecca #sweetandsour #saltandpeppertofu #Vegan #Crueltyfree #Plantbased #Veganfoodshare
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This meal prep was so fun and quick to make!! Definitely a random mix of flavours, but each component is super easy and delicious 🙏🏼👅 pearl couscous, red lentil dahl and roasted veggies (brussel sprouts, chickpeas and potatoes)

New Years Birthday Cake & 1 year being vegan!🔹Chocolate cake mix,a tablespoon of ground flaxseed,frosting and
Sprouts Farmers Market chocolate sandwich creme cookies (substitute for 'Oreos').Simple & easy,It tastes good frozen too! 🔸Being vegan made me gain more empathy and sympathy.Made me want to research the truth,on so many topics,more.Although the truth can be hard to face,it's worth knowing and learning.Also,I went through different emotions/stages,going vegan.I felt inspiration and guilt in the beginning.Then I became really sad and didn't have much hope.I was getting misunderstood for being vegan.Now I've realized,I'm trying to do the best I can and other vegans are too.Also people who care about the environment.More people are becoming vegan.More animals are getting saved and justice is happening a little more.It's just best to focus on the positive,acknowledge the bad happening in the world but don't let it bring you down,let it make you stronger to become a better person and be the good change you want to see in the world.
I'm truly grateful I found out all this information,through so many inspiring people.They gave me a positive new mindset that made me want to live more and change for the better.
✨The man from "101 reasons to go vegan"
✨Ela Gale
✨Gary Yourofsky
✨Tim Shieff
✨James Aspey
✨Kristen Leo
✨Family Fizz
✨Ellen Fisher
✨Gytis from (Love The Climb) ✨Vegetable Police
✨Maddie Lymburner
✨Mic.The Vegan
✨Sustainably Vegan
✨Tashina Combs
✨Jon Venus
✨Boho Beautiful
✨Bonny Rebecca
✨Hitomi Mochizuki
✨Carly Vigers ✨People on the 'Vegan Amino App' too!
✨(My family too of course!)
🤓💕💛❤️☺️🙌🙏 #veganism #birthdaycake #food #101reasonstogovegan #garyyourofsky #veganaminoapp #jamesaspey #elagale #kristenleo #timshieff #fullyrawkristina #familyfizz #ellenfisher #vegetablepolice #maddielymburner #sustainablyvegan #tashinacombs #carlyvigers #bohobeautiful #bonnyrebecca #jonvenus #hitomimochizuki #happyandhealthy96 #micthevegan #gytisfromyoutube #inspiration #peace #veganyoutubers #love #🌍

I’ll be crafting a few perfect Black Bean Burritos tonight for sure 🌯🌯🌯@bonnyrebecca

Today I woke up and made some granola inspired by the lovely @bonnyrebecca. The ingredients in this recipe are soaked in tahini before putting in the oven, so for those of you who are looking at increasing your calcium intake this recipe is tasty and full of lots of the good stuff to get your day off to a great start. This recipe is slightly different to Bonnys only because I didn’t have all the ingredients but it is as follows:
1 cup of oats
1 cup of shredded coconut
1 cup of buckwheat groats
1 cup of slithered almonds
1 cup of puffed quinoa (which I didn’t have) . .
Add all these ingredients to a bowl and add enough tahini to cover the mixture. .

Bake this in the oven for 15-20 mins on 160 degrees, then take it out and mix it around. Bake for another 15-20 minutes and let cool. You can add in some extra stuff here. I added dry cranberries, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and cinnamon. .

Mix it all up and transfer to a container. I like to add fresh fruit to this in the morning with bonsoy milk 👌🏼

#bonnyrebecca #granola #sundayfoodprep #weekendvibes #nutritionbylisa #calciumhit #nutritious #tahini #breakfastidea

Throwback to that time I met @bonnyrebecca and fangirled SO hard 😝 It’s seriously amazing that YouTube can introduce you to role models and teachers from all over the world 🌍 I’ve learned so much from this little ray of Aussie sunshine ☀️ Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? Let me know in the comments ✌️💚 #vegangirls #nikkivegan

Coconut yogurt with homemade granola (receipt from #bonnyrebecca) #coconutyogurt #granola #vegan

T O F U S A L A D 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻#bonnyrebecca #delishbomb #saucetodiefor

My twist on @lonijane ‘s Bircha! 🌿 Ultimately, Bircha is a mix of seeds that can been soaked overnight to help activate them (breaks down the outer layer to help digest better - lots to learn here via google if you’re interested!) I changed up the recipe and made mine with oats, ground flax, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, coconut, chia seeds, unsweetened cashew milk, and a dash of maple syrup! I let it soak overnight and topped with a banana. So yummy to add to smoothie bowls, or to eat on its own! 💛 #VEGAN #GLUTENFREE

Bircher Breakfasts 😛 with dried apple, raspberries and coco yogurt 🥥
Mum and dad approved 👏🏼

Another twist on the mint- chocolate brownie bites! 🍫 These were such a hit last time I made them, so I made them again with a few tweaks! Instead of putting the peppermint extract in the batter, I used some in the melted chocolate to drizzle on top. Like before, I finished them off with some powdered sugar and some sprinkles! SO yummy! Like a little piece of cake in every bite! Recipe can be found in my feed. #VEGAN #GLUTENFREE

Pretty in pink 🌸 The usual smoothie bowl base made with bananas, mixed berries, and strawbs, and topped with granola, white chia seeds, coconut, puffed quinoa, cacao nibs, almonds, and mulberries! Tap to see where toppings are from 💕 #vegan #glutenfree

(very) important exam season comfort food 🍪🍪oil-free vegan choc chip cookies

Want to know about hair down there 👇 but you are too afraid to ask? Click on the link below and find out why #bonnyrebecca LOVES BODY SUGARING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XL8H_e5mg78 or check it out on my facebook page zenyu skin and beauty mornington #emmamayes #vegan #sugaringhairremoval #brazilian.
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This stuff though... 🤤

Chocolate smoothie bowl 🌸 The bananas I used weren’t super ripe 🙁 so I added a few dates and they sweetened it up perfectly! Topped with GF oats, chocolate covered quinoa, strawbs, white quinoa, granola, and almonds ✨ Tap to see where my ingredients are from! #VEGAN

MACA ENERGY BALLS 🌿 the best dairy free, sugar free & oil free snack on-the-go ✨
🌸 1/2 cup soaked dates (this helps to stick the mixture together)
🌸 1/4 cup coconut 🌸 1/3 cup cashews
🌸 1/2 cup oats
🌸 1 1/2 tbsp @connectfoods maca powder
🌸 2 tbsp sunflower seeds
✨ Blend all ingredients in a food processor! Enjoy!

I watch it every day :) #acefamily #bonnyrebecca #ellenfisher

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