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I was talking to my boyfriend last night about getting my iud out. I’ve gained 40 pounds since I’ve gotten it in December. I look and the mirror and cry. He doesn’t get it. I have tried to lose the weight healthily I’ve tried diets and exercise. I used to be able to lay down and feel my ribs I could feel my hipbones look at my thighs and have a tiny gap. Just enough to make me feel good. And now I feel like a huge slob. It disgusts me. I need to go to my obgyn and talk about something else that won’t interfere with my psych meds. #anorexiarecovery #hipbones #ana #anorexicrecovery #bulimiarecovery #bulimiafighter #bulimiarelapse #thin #thinspo #skinny #thighgap #bonespo

My week long fast just started <3

I hate myself

being depressed for the past few days. i'm sorry

Note: the actual pic isn't mine, I just added the text.
I gave myself a mini 'binge day' yesterday and now I have to make up for it. Even though I've technically already started fasting, the likes/comments will go into affect at 11:45 AM EST. Only likes/comments from today (March 24) will apply.

i lost another 1.2 so that’s good

Slow progress is still progress ❤️❤️ (swipe)

today is going to suck! i have work and then the last night of our show. our principal was really mad at me for walking out when our school had an assembly to mourn parkland (i walked out because that day was SUPPOSED to be a walk out) but he finally acknowledged me last night after the show, after two weeks of refusing to say hi to me, so that’s good. anyway, i am going to weigh myself after i shower. i ate about 610 calories and drank like 210 because of coffee creamer so. today i’ll do better.


Heyy, hoping you are having a great day! 🍓🍼 I'm so damn stressed for my trip and I'm sure I'll not be able to sleep well tonight even though I have to get up at 4:15 am tomorrow (actually 5:15 but time changes so it's like 4) :'( Also, please view my story, I have some poles I'd be glad if you answered! ♡

Hey Leute, momentan gehts mir nicht sogut... ich hab gestern Abend voll viel gegessen aber hab jetzt so ein schlechtes Gewissen das ich am liebsten nur fasten möchte in den Ferien. Ich hab mir Eintöpfe, Hähnchenbrust und gekochten Schinken gekauft. Halt auch noch so Hafer Milch ich hoffe das schmeckt :D.
Naja mal sehen.
Wie läuft es so bei euch?
#wannabeskinny #bonespo #abnehmen #skinny #depression #hotpans #thinspo


i want to look good in big fuzzy jumpers but my legs are too fat i’ve been trying so hard to get thin but i think i’m not restricting enough so i’m gonna put down my intake and fast more often i just want to be happy with my body

I weighed myself just right now & I weigh: 123.8 lbs !! I’m kind of happy I guess...still dead asf inside tbh...

I'm going to mentally prepare myself for this diet then go to sleep, again, If anyone wants to fast for a whole week with me starting tmrrw dm me tonight <3

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