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Sooo I had ice cream four times today. Why? Because I was craving some. Aaand I had a lil portion of fries at work even though I already ate falafel for dinner. Why? Because I was still hungry. And no, I don't feel guilty at all! -------------------------------
If you're craving something you should eat it! Yes, even if you already ate something! Food is good and it's okay to eat. Really ✨
Today I met up with friends and we sat in the park and I had a lot of fun. We went and got falafel and when we walked past FroYo I just HAD to get some because I was craving it for weeks now. My friends didn't get any ice cream at that moment and usually I would freak out to be the only one to get something but not today. Not anymore. ☺️🙆🏻✨
So tell me about your day? Xx
Stay safe chickens and don't forget to take your medication if you have to take them! 🐥 Keep in mind that if you ever wanna talk my DM's are always open ❣️~ (please don't look at all the tags, some of them are triggering but I'm trying to fill them with positive things so if someone is going through those tags they might change their mind yanno☺️) #beatana #beatmia #edfighter #edrecovery #skinny #thínspiration #bonespo #anorexiarecovery #anamia #thínspo #dontworrybehappy #sad #triggering #legspo #hurt #bopo #worthless #depressing #bodyposi #posi #positivity #positivityfairy

I hate not knowing if I have a problem. Sometimes I think that I only ever do this for the attention and everyone including myself knows it. Then I want to never get better and hurt myself and get myself to a point where I prove that to myself I have a problem. But then some days I want to get better and think about my future. Then some days I just give up and think that there's no use in trying to be skinny. Then I remember that maybe then I'll be happy. I know starving myself is wrong. I'm not scared of food or anything. I just hate who I am

i wish my face was slimmer -🥀

Please stop reporting me ;-;

Taking pictures tomorrow but I love these girls body's #ana #size00 #eatingdisorder #bonespo

Kinda excited bc the eclipse goes right over my house so basically I get to look right at it, burn my retinas and go blind 😘

I should try to get some sleep but I'm not tired now. I've been up for too long 😪

I haven't taken selfies in so long so insta selfie spam 😁👽😋 #makeup #makeupjunkie #makeuplover #costumejewelry #anorexianervosa #anorexia #bonespo #jawline #oceanblueeyes


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