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i feel very empty today -🥀

It's weird how my arms look on their own in pics and when they are in a full body shot they are huge 🤔

I haven't been doing heaps great but I think the Rispiradone is helping a bit 👍

I've got quite a few things on my to-do list with zero motivation 🙌

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B: 121 calories (a large banana)

I should try to get some sleep but I'm not tired now. I've been up for too long 😪

My day was okay I didn't binge! I'm pretty proud of myself!!! But I was at a friend's house tonight and we had pizza...at least I didn't eat much and I also didn't go over my calories intake for the day!💪 #anabuddy #bonespo #analove #skinny #thinspiraton #blackandwhitephoto

- 22% auf alle meine Fettreduktions-eBooks 👀

Ja, ich habe Cellulite. Ja, ich entspreche nicht dem Bild eines Fitnessmodels. Ja, es ist einfacher, jemandem nachzueifern, zu dem man hinaufschauen kann, weil er oder sie so 'perfekt' ist.
Ich will aber nicht, dass mir jemand nacheifert, denn jeder hat seinen eigenen Weg: ich will helfen, diesen zu finden.
Ich will auch nicht, dass zu mir hinaufgeschaut wird, denn ich bin ein gewöhnlicher Mensch und ich will jedem hier auf Augenhöhe begegnen können.
Ich will auch nicht 'perfekt' sein - das erste Mal, als ich es versucht hatte, hätte es mich fast mehr gekostet, als ich zahlen wollte - meine Gesundheit.
Ich will nicht, dass ihr in Versuchung kommt, 'perfekt' sein zu wollen.
Ich will, dass ihr in Versuchung kommt, IHR SELBST sein zu wollen. 💞

Thrilled to be a part of the #ImpossibleStandards show @ruckusgallery and to have work in the same room as such amazing artists! Thank you for the support!! 💙Photo by @pyroscopic


¤NOT ME¤ Actual goals

¤NOT ME¤ @k80schmid

Checked boobs as no but I don't have em lmao

I'm home from uni for the holidays and honestly it's the shittest thing. I'm stuck in the house most of the time which means I'm constantly around food, it's so hard to resist. When my friends want me to go out I feel awful squeezing into clothes I used to be able to just slip into, I feel so fat and clumsy and dishevelled and useless. But I'm tired of living like this, I will lose weight, I'm determined. I don't want to spend the best years of my life being fat.

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¤NOT ME¤ I want an outfit like this when I am skinny enough



Legs 😍

i feel very empty today -🥀

¤NOT ME¤ I don't deserve to say I lost 14lb when my weight keeps on fluctuating. So when I come back from Germany, my SW will be that weight and I will count from there.

So it's 11:30 and I've already had almost 200 calls...woke up early and had coffee and eggs before going to church. But I worked in the back with the little kids so hopefully I burned a few cals running around?
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Good morning allll💘. I got a B- on my geometry midterm which i'm actually surprised about but ya know haha. What's your favorite subject in school??

¤NOT ME¤ Tartan is my aesthetic ❤

my goal is to be able to wrap my hands around my leg and still have room. my goal is to be able to roll out of bed in the morning, and not have to worry about what to wear because anything looks good on me. my goal is to feel weightless.
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