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My crazy bunso and my make-up expert panganay @gianna.bettina and @iceeejercito . Missing my @peacefromgabbi who's in the farm with Papa. Love my girls so much!! #gerrigabbidiaries #proudmom #sisters #bonding #gbesummervacation2017 #ilovesummer

from @kittykat_keds - Learning to co-feed my twins! I definitely need an extra set of hands to get everything and everyone set up. Thanks to my husband we finally made it happen today. Thought I'd share the magic. If it makes you uncomfortable just keep scrolling. #cofeed #twins #normalizebreastfeeding #nursing #bonding #wombmates #myheart #myboobs @firstlatch - ##fashion #style #styleblogger #ameriesblog

​Awww! #MahershalaAli's latest project is also the sweetest: bonding with his baby girl. 💜💖 (📷: @mahershalaali)⠀

There are moments that pass you by and then we have moments that smack us right in the heart. ❤😍💛💚💙💗💙💚💛💜❤ Today felt like Ezra 👶and I 👨took the next step in bonding. He is a little over 👶3 months old and finally fell asleep in my arms just rocking him whilst singing. ☀🎶On a side note it was steps - tragedy. They are making a comeback. Who remembers the dance moves🤸☉🎶 Anyway back to the serious stuff, I have said it loads before how I struggled with bonding with Etta to start with and how we are completely best friends now and I was so worried with Ezra.
I think the hindsight and clarity of not expecting it to happen straight away helps. To start with both of them didn't have much interest in me and that's probably because I lack a lactating function. But I just wanted to put it out there for all new and expectant dads that if it doesnt click straight away then dont sweat it.

After Etta I felt like a pro but still had massive anxiety about holding Ezra right and eveery dad feels a prize tit when yiu hold your little one and they scream straight away.
Facts of life mean that if mum is breastfeeding then you can feel a bit part player.

Anyway tag any new dads or expectant dads, give em a hug as sometimes we find it hard too.

Thank you to @megan.o.bennett and @camman357 for taking such good care of us this week while mom and dad bond with #byronblairgressley - we get to meet him on Friday! @goodbyepictures @stephanie.gressley @kevingressley #cavfam #ckcs #cavlife #baby #babysmell #bonding

Even though I didn't have the first night with Mael I feel so connected with him. Spending the first hour with him at our home made the imprinting immediately. Unfortunately there was no possibility to breastfeed him before I had to go to the hospital because we were fighting for my life. I passed out twice because I lost two liters of blood. But all of this didn't terrify me. I was not ready to die at all. Of course it was tuff for all especially for Benni but I think all of us deeply inside knew everything was going to be alright. The hospital did an amazing job and everyone was blown away by our home birth story. No one could believe it: with the feet first. The problem with the loss of blood was caused because of my last c-section. The placenta grew into my scar so it couldn't come out. This happens in 1 % of all cases.
The day after I was in the intensive care I just saw my relaxed baby staying with Benni all night. Breastfeeding worked out immediately and we are the best team 😍
Obwohl ich die erste Nacht nicht mit Mael verbracht habe fühle ich mich so verbunden mit ihm. Die erste Stunde nach der Geburt Zuhause mit ihm hat scheinbar gereicht dieses Band so zu festigen. Leider gab es keine Gelegenheit ihn Zuhause anzulegen, da wir um mein Leben kämpfen mussten. Ich wurde zwei Mal ohnmächtig, da ich so viel Blut verloren habe. Aber all das hat mich nicht in Panik versetzt. Ich war nicht ansatzweise bereit zu gehen. Na klar es war verdammt krass für alle Beteiligten, besonders für Benni. Aber ich glaube, dass tief in uns alle wussten, dass alles gut wird. Das Krankenhaus hat einen fantastischen Job gemacht und alle waren fasziniert von unserer Geschichte: mit den Füßen zuerst auf die Welt. Der Grund für meinen hohen Blutverlust liegt darin, dass die Plazenta sich mit meiner Kaiserschnittnarbe verwachsen hatte und somit nicht heraus kam. Das passiert in 1 % der Fälle. Nach der Nacht auf der Intensivstation habe ich mein super entspanntes Baby mit Benni vorgefunden, der die ganze Nacht mit ihm war. Wir haben direkt angelegt und das Stillen hat auf Anhieb super geklappt! Wir sind das beste Team 😍


Daddy supladito with mommy oinky 😂 #bonding

Woohoo...... What a surprise!👧🏻😍🙆🏻Thinking of growing and exploring the world with my little sunshine, we gave this machine a try together for the first time. And, we got it🎉🎈🎊💃🏻Ok, I was way more excited than her😂😂😂
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