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­čŹé­čŹüThese fall vibes are getting too strong ­čŹü­čŹé I got my nails done in black and orange today ­čśČ.... Who's with me?! What do YOU love about this upcoming season? ­čĹëI can't wait for hot cider, bold lips ­čĺő, apple cinnamon candles, scarves and boots, spiced red wine, apple picking... ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ #lipsense #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #makeup #therealjenroesly

Have wondered how easy #LipSense is to put on!? Well here it is. #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #therealjenroesly #makeup #lips

Wow!! Isn't this the truth! But also the truth is, you HAVE to feel passionate about what you are doing. I can honestly say, this company has put a fire in me that I haven't felt in a long time! I'm having fun, meeting amazing people, working with the best ladies ever and not feeling like a failure because I'm not reaching goals that others have set for me.
Here's the thing ladies, YOU should be setting your own goals! Yes it's good to be pushed a bit but in all reality, this is YOUR adventure. Don't try living someone else's adventure! #therealjenroesly #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #makeup #roeslyadventures­čĺÄ­čĺÄ #ibelieveinme
Much love,
Jen ­čĺő


YES­čĺő­čĺő. Place your order before Friday and receive this amazing special!! Boy do I love ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ this adventure that I'm on!!! #glossbabesandmakeupbyjen #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #therealjenroesly

My fellow SeneSisters are creating some fun looks for ­čÄâ Halloween ­čÄâ with our products!
ThereÔÇÖs nothing worse than a dripping/sweaty, cracked/flaky paint job that rubs off on EVERYTHING for you or your kiddos on Halloween... SeneGence/LipSense products arenÔÇÖt going ANYwhere ­čÖî #glossbabesandmakeupbyjen #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #halloweenmakeup #lipsense

I'm looking for 5 more ladies to join me on this amazing journey! I won't be disappointed! Message me for information! We are now coming into our busy season and I would love to rock this business with you!!! #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #glossbabesandmakeupbyjen #therealjenroesly

Make today count! The possibilities are endless! What an exciting time­č弭čĺő #glossbabesandmakeupbyjen #theresljenroesly #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #positivevibes #love

Good morning! It's a great feeling to wake up and believe in ME ­čĺő­čĺĽ #believe #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #glossbabesandmakeupbyjen #therealjenroesly #flexyourface

I fail as a mom sometimes. I don't always say the right things. I don't have an amazing figure. I'm not the most beautiful woman in the world, but I'm me. I love to eat! I have a slick mouth. I have secrets I'm ashamed of. I have scars because I have a history. Some people love me, some like me, some don't. I have done good. I have done bad. I go without make up, & never shaving my legs, & I don't get dressed up most days! I'm random and silly. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I am who I am, you can love me or not. And if I love you, I do it with all my whole heart!! I make no apologies for the way I am. I AM ME!
Ladies, I dare you to put this on your status with a picture of yourself if you're proud of who you are! ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ­čśŐ #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #glossbabesandmakeupbyjen #therealjenroesly

Help!! Which should I wear with an outfit similar to this!?!? #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #therealjenroesly #lipsense #glossbabesandmakeupbyjen

Your skin tone is important when choosing your lip color! I'd be happy to help you! #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #therealjenroesly #jenniferroesly #glossbossandmakeupbyjen #lipsense

This picture is more than just a football game. It's a picture of love, determination and many more adventures! Caleb decided to play football this year (as a Junior) and I couldn't be more proud! His determination to get better everyday is something that many young men just don't have these days. He's putting in the hard work and focusing on the goal he has! I'm beyond proud of Caleb! Love you kiddo! Keep pushing forward! #proudmom #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #bonusson #football

This is where I live and love ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ it! God's surely the best artist!! Happy Friday! #therealjenroesly #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #jenniferroesly #flexyourface

What a deal ­čĹç­čĆ╗ Find 7 people who want to try the $55 starter collection ( color, gloss, Oops Remover) and YOU earn $200 in FREE product! ­čÖî­čĆ╗ Anything your heart ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ desires! ­čÖő­čĆ╝ Message me for details! ÔÇö feeling excited. #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #LipSense #laborday #makeup #therealjenroesly #jenniferroesly #entrepreneur #mlm #moms

Who has heard of LipSense? If not, Who wants 4-18 hours of BEAUTIFUL, kiss proof, waterproof, sweatproof, and smudge proof lipsÔüë´ŞĆThatÔÇÖs right!! Up to 18 hours! You apply ONE time and you are done! Perfect lipstick ­čĺäwhile you eat, play, hike, swim, work-out, sleep, etc. Sounds too good to be true, rightÔüë´ŞĆ In the month of September, I'm offering many specials!! Read them over and pick the one that works best for you!! ­čĺőOrder before September 4th and receive 15% off your order! And remember my products are 100% money back guarantee! ­čĺőAfter September 4th, receive 10% off your order! ­čĺőHost a Facebook party (you invite your friends) and I do the rest! Receive a minimum of 3 orders and receive a FREE Color! ­čĺőHere's the BIGGEST one! You have the choice to pay $55.00 and receive 50% off a minimum order of 300PV for yourself OR become a Distributor and profit 50% off of orders more than 300PV!! It's a WIN/WIN!! Please don't hesitate with any questions!! #lipsense #bombshellbeautiesbyjen­čĺő­čĺä #therealjenroesly #jenniferroesly #mlm #canada #australia #moms #makeup #entrepreneur #unitedstates

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