on a really important day in march @celia.shoots.on.film #bombaybeachbiennale

Oh hey girl. Need a ride?
Had @bombaybeachbiennale on my mind recently. 📷: @leilaryndak #bombaybeachbiennale #bombaybeach #shaguar

Posted @withrepost@skloborg “The dance can, with the aid of music, rise to the heights of poetry. On the other hand...”
‘Credo1877’ with @balletrusse set to the words of #bournonville some 140 years later at The Bombay Beach Opera House designed by @jamesostrer #bombaybeachbiennale #kloborg

throwback to a couple years ago at @taoruspoli #bombaybeachbiennale.
this place is the oasis of the new world, yet tucked away to preserve it’s fine nature and ability to grow. one day I’ll make it back to this wonderful land, until then, i excite myself with pictures of the past. Where are you planning your next trip ? •




Relaxing after a hot trip to Salton Lake #saltonlake #bombaybeach #bombaybeachbiennale #saltoncity

roads? where we’re going we don’t need roads.

#brotrip #bombaybeach #bombaybeachbiennale #bombaybeachruins #bombaybeachdrivein

Something about this place that made me feel 100% freedom and purity

Have you ever been to Salton Sea? From a famous tourist spot where Frank Sinatra and The Beach Boys would visit, to now a dying lake with toxic dust filling the air.

Getting back in the groove. Days 7-13: Bombay Beach + Salton Sea | Cupertino. Saving the Modernism shots for Mondays to come

¡Feliz Viernes! A ver, ¿qué preparamos para ir con nuestro #Malbec clásico de Agrelo?
Happy Friday! What do we prepare to pair with our classic Malbec from Agrelo?

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