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Day 25 of birthday month #MayBorn this is me walking through the frame of upcoming movie: 102 Not Out.. The entire set is sooo pretty 😍 Its gonna be a cute movie #BollyLife #PositiveNarcissism

Best kind of cardio :) #Bollingtom #Bollylife #Countryside #Peaceful

These hills do nothing for the leg doms #bollylife

Backstage craziness before #showtime at #Asiafest2017 #bollylife #leggooo #infusedperformingarts Call us for classes & bookings at 724-638-7338

Coming from the expert himself. @karanjohar
Follow us to know who all were there at the @talentnext launch 🚀

#talentnextlaunch #castingcall #auditions #bollywood #bollylife #karanjohar


Coming from the expert himself. @karanjohar
Follow us to know who all were there at the @talentnext launch 🚀

#talentnextlaunch #castingcall #auditions #bollywood #bollylife #karanjohar

The golden trio of bollywood ; Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Dev Anand in the late 50's were the pioneers of charisma in the hindi cinema but today its about the one who with his scarves and colourful appearance was a debonaire. He was full of life and his movies, full of love. Yes, I am talking about Dev Anand .
Dharam Dev Pishorimal Anand; born on 26th September 1923, in Pakistan, after completing his education came to Mumbai as he aspires to become an actor, influenced by Ashok Kumar's performance in 'Achhut Kanya' and 'Kismet' of Bombay Talkies. But reality hinders every dream; getting the role in a film was not a doddle. Anand had to work in the military censor's office at Churchgate to earn his bread butter. Later, he joined an accounting firm. Usually time turns when one does something beyond one's thoughts.
Anand, would have never thought before that he would gatecrash into the office of the man who gave him his first break; Babu Rao Pai of Prabhat Film Studios. Later, Babu Rao mentioned to his people that 'this boy struck me because of his smile and beautiful eyes and his tremendous confidence.' Anand debuted by the film 'Hum ek hain' of Prabhat Films.
Anand was offered his first big break by the legendary Ashok Kumar. He spotted Anand and picked him as the hero for the BombayTalkies production Ziddi (1948) which became an instant success. Then Anand became an epitome for charm, love and enthusiasm.After getting established in 50's he emerged as a romantic hero in 60's in films like Manzil, Tere ghar ke samne, Asli Nakli and many more, can't forget to mention 'Guide'; his first colour film with Waheda Rehman which was Indo-Us-Co Production and was shot in both hindi and English, Though Guide couldn't get that appreciation that time but now it is considered as a classic.
His life couldn't be comprised in my words or to be precise in anybody's words.
In 3rd December 2011, he left us but his charm is still in the hearts of everyone.When he was asked about his philosophy for life, his words were "मैं जिन्दगी का साथ निभाता चला गया, हर फिक्र को धुएं मे उडाता चला गया."❤#oldbollywood#classicbollywoodsongs#Devanand#Bombaytalkies#bollylife#gloriousbollymemories

Do what you love and stick with it. Being passionate about something is one of the best feelings in the world. It can help you get through good and bad times. In my experience happiness is... expressing yourself freely 💃🏾🌟 #imabollystar .
**Watch these 13 videos, whenever you’re feeling upset or alone. (playlist link in bio) 💚❤️ #13reasonswhynot #mentalhealthawareness .
Shoutout to @dancewithaarti for putting these videos together and thanks to everyone who collaborated on this project: @ltrdance @learnbhangraapp @laveshpritmaniofficial @saffatt @itsnatashab @esrasharmatic @aka_naach @vishakasaraf @mouniboggala @nikeeta90 @nidhikumardance @komalrabadia @kingdarshan16 @shivaleetalatidance @dancewithaarti @iambollygirl

It was an unforgettable experience with the best entertainment crew on the high seas #alaskacruiseshow #infusedperformingarts #bollylife #slayedeveryday #masalacruise

Jab Harry Met Sejal trailer: While many love it, some slam Anushka over Gujarati accent
The trailer of Jab Harry Met Sejal, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma, is being appreciated as well as criticised.😃
Beech Beech Mein song poster from Jab Harry Met Sejal
The much-awaited trailer of Jab Harry Met Sejal is out. The 2-minute 32-second video has been receiving diverse reactions from viewers, mostly positive though. Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma, Jab Harry Met Sejal is a romantic comedy drama.
The trailer shows SRK's character Harry as a tourist guide who comes across a Gujarati girl Sejal played by Anushka. She is in search of a lost ring given to her by her fiancé. 😊
Directed by Imtiaz Ali, Jab Harry Met Sejal appears to be quite a different kind of love story with some quirky dialogues and plot. While Shah Rukh and Anushka's chemistry has always worked, fans expect this flick, too, will repeat the magic.😄
Many reactions have been pouring in on Twitter as #JHMSTrailer started trending on the micro blogging site. Most of the public reviews of the trailer are positive but there are some who are criticising Anushka for her Gujarati accent in the movie.😀
Many found the actimgs' Gujarati accent to be inappropriate. Some are even slamming the plot of the movie, saying "which girl would take so much trouble for just a ring?" as suggested by the trailer. However, most of the people on Twitter gave a thumbs up to the trailer claiming it to be another blockbuster of the star pairing.
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This is the coolest edit EVER!! 😍 Check out what @babaglassfactory did with my Gimme That Kamli video (song by @sriharipotter )!! 🙌🏽 Make sure to check out the dance tutorial (YouTube.com/iambollygirl or link in bio) - looking forward to watching other #bollystars KILL this dance 😉💃🏾🌟 #imabollystar #babavfx

whether its the first song or the last song the lyrics depicts the same obsessive love with the same passion, Mr. Yash Chopra's direction had immensely affected the mind of audience that 'Darr: A violent love story' became the Blockbuster not only in India but even in the overseas, It is one of the classics of Yash Chopra. At the time of the making of this movie Shahrukh Khan was not the 'King of Bollywood', so his name wasn't enough, the stardom was awaited. This role was not of a hero but of a villain which was then passed to many actors like Sanjay Dutt, Sudesh Berry, Ajay Devgan, Amir Khan but nobody could fit in the role due to the circumstances. Later, Shahrukh played the role of 'Rahul' and got his stardom from here.
Sunny Deol as 'Sunil' has also made justice to the role by being a protective husband, Juhi on the other hand was flawless in both, whether it's her beauty or her role as 'Kiran'.
Rahul being a psychotic lover of Kiran wants her to be his and Kiran without any hint of this kind of love by Rahul is head over heels in love with Sunil, who loves her too. By hearing the news of Kiran getting married Rahul led his journey of realising Kiran his obsession for her. Kiran by the fear gets on the verge of losing her senses but Sunil promises her to protect her from everything, but Rahul meets them as their old friend and kidnaps Kiran, at the end Sunil as being a hero kills Rahul and the last words Rahul could hear was "kill him Sunil, kill him" by Kiran which breaks Rahul's heart and he dies.
The most beautiful song "Jadoo Teri Nazar" sung by Udit Narayan of this movie comprises all the obsession of Rahul in just few lines; "Tu kisi aur ki ho na jana, kuch bhi kar jaunga mai deewana, tu haa kar ya na kar, tu haa kar ya na kar, tu hai meri kiran, tu hai meri kiran."
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