I'm too serious about a lot of things that I actually don't even care about.
Too serious to give a darn!
Guess I'm ideal-ly carefree.
#Nerdyphotograpber #boldwriter

Step up,
as you have countless times before-
still with love inside
and pour it back into this world.
Never do so gently or timidly.
Give it to all who deserve it,
those yet to have earned it,
and remind us all once more
why you have always been worth it.
Please visit @j.raymond Insta page. His work is honest, raw and real. This is a custom piece he wrote for me. It is worth every penny I spent on it and every tear I shed for how beautifully he captured my heart.
Thank you Jack.
Thank you for getting me.
#instapoet #jraymond #wordsman #poet #boldwriter #touchedmyheart #touchedmysoul

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