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We love a good Italian Beef sammich, but XOCO's Torta Ahogada just might be the king of Chicago sandwiches. #boldstatements

Too solid of a day in the Chi to not be in it. Dare we say we're finally finished with the cold weather? #BoldStatements

Love ya more than mom jeans 👖 #BoldStatements

#BOLDSTATEMENTS on view @ruttkowski68 until July something

Filippo Minelli
Shape PT A/C
2015 Pigment print on Hahnemühle baryta paper, mounted on dbond, framed 165 x 110 cm Edition of 3 + 1AP


It is amazing what happens when you stop looking and focus on yourself. Don't ever feel like you have set your standards too high. Don't ever settle. The thing you dream of is out there somewhere. No one is perfect, but it is a matter of finding someone that fits together perfectly with you. Who puts you first. Who would do anything for you. It's a matter of finding someone who makes you forget you ever had walls up and manages to fill all the broken pieces of you without even trying. Someone you can trust and never have to doubt their intentions.

Bold statement earrings while in San Francisco today #newearrings #gucci #statementearrings #boldstatements #redlips #sanfrancisco #loveyourcity

Fed up of the drab dog bed? Want to add a statement piece to your room? Why not make it with this Frida Kahlo floor cushion size 95 x 95 suitable for large dogs? Available next day Cash on Delivery in Dubai. Cushion cover only AED 400 TAG A FRIEND WHO WOULD LOVE THIS #getyourcushionon #dubai #dubaishopping #littlebitofkind #cushionsdubai #floorcushion #dubaidesign #home #interiorgoals #dogslife #hugyourpug #spoilyoursharpei #sinkintocomfort

Part 2/3

Speaking to Stefan lately made me recall that day. But many other things remind me of that afternoon. Bella, Miss you daily❤️

But to understand this bit of the story, lets travel back in time. Period: 2004. Location: Pakistan

I was in middle school and for the first time, we implemented 'Gym Period'. And to teach, an Army veteran was hired. He started a mini ROTC program. I was THRILLED. But I was not a boy. Nor was I tall/strong/uniformed enough to be among them

I was NOT thrilled by the regulations and made a Very Strong Statement through my actions. I DID everything he made the boys do. Push ups. Run. Vocations. I was not allowed to be part of them but there were no rules to follow them from the other side of the roof (our gym)

I did not just do them. I was the best of them. He punished me by standing on the desk with my arms raised up among few other kids. And I never did get to join the military But I made a Statement I was proud of and..well so was the rest of the school. Turns out they would also remember me for it

Few days ago, I was reminded that that was not the last Bold Statement I'd ever make

And the recent Bold Statement I voiced, I'm hoping changes the course of my Being

Next time travel, Period: 2009. Location: USA. To be Continued....
#IfItDontMakeSenseNow #itllmakesenseoneday #in2years

Life is all about uncertainty. The only certain thing about life is its uncertainty. There are up’s and down’s. No matter what society, what culture, what place we belong, there will be such things in life and we have to face this, with all courage. This is probably the way of life saying us “Hey you, yes you, I will make you win, but first I will make you learn”. A MUST READ IF YOU ARE PASSIONATE, IF YOU ARE DREAMER. http://prolisma.com/things-to-focus-on-when-you-are-struggling-to-find-a-job/
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Ummm mainly because there's less rare & exotic wild #animals in the UK & more pigeons/bins/gift shops?? 🇬🇧🐦#BoldStatements #DavidAttenborough #advertising #fail

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