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Don‘t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love you. 💙 #alopeciagesichter #snatchitoff

The sexy @annaleahlexx

ARE YOU RED-DY?👠 Picture this outfit with black heels. Still good looking, but just not as WOW as the red shoes, right? Friend, if you have not yet put red to work for you, now is the time! Red will take you from the shadows to the light, from shy to confident, from invisible to noticed.

And if you're thinking "But I don't want to be noticed..." you are believing a lie. Because you are beautiful, you are set apart, and you are here to love others. And we are supposed to love our neighbour AS ourself, right? So would you tell your neighbour to stay in the shadows and remain invisible to the world?
Bold is beautiful and the world needs you to be confident and courageus. It's time!

Join us at '123 Style Me' at LindaPaige to learn more as we get ready to launch our very first online course.
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The gorgeous @georgia_weir

Why did you place your community's honour in my vagina? I never did that.
Brilliant words by kamla bhasin. Do share and spread the word.

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Our very own beauty in the house @kimli_yan
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"If you're lucky enough to reach MIDLIFE, you've undoubtedly learned a great deal about yourself and others. You've navigated through life's challenges. You have grown immeasurably on the INSIDE, something the world is just beginning to value. With life experience comes wisdom. In a material world, its the most powerful thing we own that cannot be purchased but must be earned."
CatherineGraceO 🌟💫💫💫
My 💖is filled with gratitude for companies like @lovechicos who have taken the BOLD step of embracing the women of FOREVER FIERCE, women who understand the power of midlife and beyond 👛👗👒
Taking a stand, especially when it goes against the tide, isn't easy. CHICOS has courageously led the way, embracing our community with open arms 👭
I love hearing from women, "That's CHICOS?" As I proudly say, you bet it is👗👛👒
If you haven't ventured into a CHICO's store in awhile, you're in for a treat 👗
Chico's, thank you for making women at midlife and beyond look and feel beautiful💖
Oh...and YES, this is CHICOS http://liketk.it/2uhV6 #liketkit @liketoknow.it 👗👛👒

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