One of the best two-sport pro athletes to ever do it. Bo Jackson ran a sensational 4.13 40-yard dash time at the NFL combine coming out of Auburn. He was originally drafted by the @buccaneers in 1986 but refused to play for them. The following season he re-entered the NFL draft & was picked up in the 7th round by the @raiders. The rest is history. Bo is the only athlete in history to be named an All-Star in both pro baseball and football, and one of few to do so in two major sports. #BoJackson #tbt #nfl #boknows #raiders #mlb

The GREATEST ATHLETE OF ALL TIME, in my personal opinion anyway!! Mr. @bojackson!!! I used to love to watch this guy play football and baseball when I was a kid. I mean, just look at how this man threw the ball flat-footed from DEEP in the outfield to third base!! Seriously, thats just insane to me! Plus, he’s actually one of the nicest guys on the planet as well! I was blessed with the honor and privilege to work alongside with him in a Cheerios commercial many years ago when I just a kid, and he was SUPER COOL. He was very respectful towards my mother and everybody else on the set. He wasn’t pompous or arrogant at all towards ANYBODY. He treated everybody with respect and that left a major impression upon me. He even blessed me with free Bo Jackson’s at the end of the shoot and signed a baseball for me which unfortunately I lost a while back during a move to another city. Smh.. I’ll never forget my experience of meeting him though. And that’s why I’m STILL a fan of Bo Jackson’s after all of these years. So, S/o to Bo Jackson!! Great dude and an AMAZING athlete! #tbt #BoKnows

1990 Three stooges “Moe knows hoops” t-shirt 🏀 tagged large. DM to purchase.

Nike Bo Jackson’s, Jams, and Leonardo...Circa 1990 #TBT #TMNT #Nike #BoKnows #Jams

Rip Cholly Atkins. Choreographer for Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and many, many more.✊🏾✊🏾 #boknows #icons #dancers #uplift #inspire #motivate

Taking over Jax’s dog bed! #boknows

TBT: The time I got to ride with, err near, Bo Jackson, Lance Armstrong and Brett Favre @bobikesbama

#TBT heres a #Throwback of me in my Throwback, standing next to a Throwback picture of Bo Jack! Son🤣... on the South Side of #Chicago at the #WhiteSoxStadium where it was freezing like a MF! #BoJackson #BoKnows