I love my Italian chef pasta serving spoon 🇮🇹 👨‍🍳 🍝

Today’s hack is super simple but highly effective. If you are boiling pasta, potatoes, etc, place a knife or wooden spoon across the pot to prevent the water from boiling over and making a mess. 🍝
I had never heard of this tip, until @kimcankickit shared it recently. I put it to the test for the first time last night, and it worked like a charm. My pot never boiled over, and I didn’t have to stand there adjusting the heat, or stirring down the bubbles like I usually do. 🙌 If you use a knife instead of wooden spoon, just remember that the metal gets hot, so use a hot pad or towel to remove it.
Yay for little things that make life easier! ✌️- Jess

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Novità di Newform al Salone del Mobile: il miscelatore da cucina che eroga istantaneamente acqua a 100 gradi!

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