No último domingo, dia 18, diversas celebridades marcaram presença no "Governors Awards 2018", que aconteceu em Hollywood, nos Estados Unidos. O evento celebra os nomes mais talentosos da indústria do entretenimento e ainda entrega "Oscars" honorários aqueles que não receberam o troféu na última edição da premiação, realizada em março deste ano. Vale lembrar que grande parte dos artistas que compareceram possuem chances de indicação ao Oscar 2019. Os pombinhos Rami Malek e Lucy Boynton, estrelas de "Bohemian Rhapsody", marcaram presença no evento, assim como Chadwick Boseman, de "Pantera Negra" e Lady Gaga de "Nasce Uma Estrela". Confira mais fotos da premiação no @portalestrelando (📸 via Reuters)⠀
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Bohemian Rhapsody (2018|USA-UK|English)
My rating – 7.8/10

It’s always a gamble to attend a Bryan Singer film but this thoroughly paid off.It was fresh and in Karaoke style making it an interactive experience.Though it largely followed the stereotypical Musician film structure, the 20 minute performance at the end was as close to experiencing a Queen concert as we can get today.The concert gave me goosebumps and displayed the phenomenon that Queen was and will create fans of new generations. Though the original Live aid performance happened later in the day,with the concert lights having more influence,Singer decided to keep the colour scheme in shades of light colours and whites.This was probably to symbolize acceptance and peace.
It was direct in what it wanted to convey and rarely used subtly.However,the script had a great structure despite it ironically using the formula, something Queen was not fond off. It might have played with the timeline and not fleshed out characters, but overall was a good biopic.
Rami Malek was a revelation and gave us one of the great performances of 2018.Despite not fully capturing Freddie’s charisma, he still showed his versatility.The supporting cast was good, and no one was over the top. 
It often maintained great soft lighting with a contrasting light present in the background.The shots were apt and direct.The camera work complimented the story and helped it achieve its final goal, enhancing the mood. 
The film was well structured.The decision to keep the entire 20 minute finale concert was a good one.It created its own rhythm and the scenes blended so well into each other,that despite change in space and time it was difficult to notice. 
It perfectly mimics, not only it’s period but also the real people.Everything was beautifully recreated and often added to the characters subtly.Costumes,wardrobe and makeup were flawless. 
Never has the soundtrack been so interactive.It used only Queen’s track placed them at perfect intervals and added subtext. The sound design and edit was impactful.Apart from the tracks, the audio and lip-sync of the film was very well done.



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Let's talk about Brian's hands and how beautiful they are. Anyway, I hope y'all doing alright today.
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"Круче их музыки только их история."

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Monday is a time for not thinking about it being Monday. Casting my mind back to better days here - by myself in the honeymoon hub of Zanzibar, I spent my time here wondering whether my butler (I know) was my friend, or just doing his job. In hindsight, I realised he was just doing his job
Fun fact: Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar so if you want to know what the new film did not tell you, see my blog in the link in my bio all about it. .
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